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The Ambassador's Daughter

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Sparks fly in this sci fi novel when Inari spoiled daughter of an interplanetary ambassador meets her match in the form of Rand

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Her to heel by any means necessary even if that means putting her over his kneeWill she end up hating him or feel something el

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Barany the bodyguard charged with protecting her And when Inari's willfulness puts her at risk Rand has no choice but to bring Wendy Knits Lace: Essential Techniques and Patterns for Irresistible Everyday Lace charged with protecting her And when Inari's willfulness puts her at risk Rand has no Down In Texas choice but to bring

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    This was a nice easy read Sci Fi is not my thing but I enjoyed the unusual background in an otherwise familiar plotBodyguard watches over and tries to corral feisty brat Yet our h is not so bad She goes into the inner city and helps the less fortunate and thwarts everyone's attempts to keep her close despite threats her ambassador father has been receiving Enter Rand the bodyguard who doesn't put up with any nonsense from our gal That another threat to her looms just out of sight makes for an interesting twist that keeps you guessing until the end Rand is a strong no frills guy Would have liked to have seen him fleshed out a bit better but since it's a fairly short read you get the gist The spankings are decent and there are enough of them to keep the average spanko interested

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    This is a very good sci fi book about an Ambassadors daughter who is spoiled and used to getting her own way So when her father hires a body gaurd for her due to threats against her she makes it her mission to antagonize and never listen to him He finally has enough and spanks her soundly Incensed she goes to her father for help but instead he tells her gaurd he can take her in hand whenever he feels the need This comes in handy when they are on the run and she still refuses to listen Even though he spanks she still finds herself slowly but surely falling in love the man

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