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The Dark Gate

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Who seems fascinated with her Washington DC detective Jack Hallihan has one mission find the man who is assaulting young women But the police have no clues no leads and no witnesses And Jack has a deadly I don't give spoilers so if you want to know about this novel read it Nicely written fantasyparanormal romance Smooth transitions good pace and likeable characters Descriptives were excellent and the conflict of emotions between the hero and the heroine kept me reading nonstop The only negative thing I can say was the ending did feel a little rushed AS Johnson author

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Larsen Vale has a secret she sees things Terrible things Deadly things And her latest vision features a strange albino manand her own death Haunted and afraid she trusts no one not even the handsome cop This was better and worse than I was expecting It actually had a good plot A man was killing and raping people with multiple witnesses every time but no one could ever remember what happened Jack was the cop on the case but he had his own problems He heard garbled voices in his head He met Larson and her touch was the only thing to uiet the voices Larson had her own issuesAs Jack and Larson learned about the murderer they realized they were in way over their heads because what they learned didn't seem possible They learned a lot about the world around them and themselves while working on the case The world building was the best part The murder mystery was okay There wasn't much to figure out there other than his motiveThe romance was where the story was lacking It did have its strong points It wasn't all about sex The sex was minimal and wasn't described in detail I didn't feel a strong connection emotionally between Jack and Larson They went from lust to love uickly without really knowing much about the other person Neither of them revealed their secrets until they had no choice It might have seemed like love if they had decided to trust each other with their deep secrets rather than being forced to divulge them

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Secret of his own a secret Larsen holds the key to Time is running out If Larsen and Jack can't learn to trust their attraction to each other the Gate will be opened and the world will be forever change Don't even bother reading the back cover This one's a stinker

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