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Come Morning

Characters Come Morning

E fireman Jeremy Slade is drowning his sorrows in liuor after blaming himself for the death of a young mother When a brutal hurricane ravages.

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After an accident takes the life of her young son lovely photographer Brianna Morgan retreats to Nantucket to grieve In the next house handsom.

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The island and helps them come to terms with their pasts Brianna and Jeremy must decide whether they can create a beautiful new future togethe.

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    COME MORNING is a likable but predictable romance Two tortured souls meet as new neighbors Each has had something terrible happen in their life There is some mild suspense a couple of TSTL moments and lots of heart wrenching angst If you love tear jerkers get the box of Kleenex ready

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    Good Writing BUT Why not proofread??? The author developed her characters came up with a good plot and then the publisher puts out an edition where most of the time that comes out as mat punctuation is sadly lacking and one chapter begins Vitting on the have mercy

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