A Fatal Twist of Lemon Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries #1 Free read ☆ 5

A Fatal Twist of Lemon Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries #1

review A Fatal Twist of Lemon Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries #1

Cops drink coffeeThey don't belong in Ellen Rosings's Victorian tearoom But when her opening day thank you tea ends in the murder of the president of the Santa Fe Preservation Trust the pol 35 stars rounded up because I enjoyed it than 3 stars' worth despite nigglesWhen I saw this on two friends' shelves and noticed the Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries series title and then discovered it was set in Santa Fe I knew it was a must read As it happens I ended up liking it despite the tearoom than because of it which was surprising The tearoom which is a huge part of the story being both the place where the murder occurs and protagonist Ellen's life pretty much is kind of everything I hate Aside from the actual part where they serve tea of course It's expensive elegant Victorian style COVERED IN CHINTZ and the kind of place where mismatched china would be an unthinkable gaffe They take reservations For a tearoom I mean a tearoom that's NOT in a swanky British hotel which is a totally different thing I like casual friendly and mismatched without the chintz thanks Also the real killer is that one time Ellen mentions making the pot of tea for the party who have a reservation before they get there That doesn't make any sense and not only because of the fact that a tearoom should offer different types of tea Anyway that may have been unnecessarily harsh but it shows how much I enjoyed the Santa Fe part to have gotten over the tea not being my kind of tea stuff The other criticism I have is the potential romantic interest for Ellen the detective who comes to investigate the murder He has a massive chip on his shoulder about wealthy Anglos grabbing up exclusive Santa Fe property which is fine except that he's so unprofessional I don't think he'd have survived long in the police force Of COURSE he's going to treat everyone there as a suspect and of course that involves not taking Ellen's word for things and maybe being cold and suspicious to her However I couldn't get over his yelling at her for pulling the necklace off the victim's neck to try to see if she could be revived That's beyond ridiculous When he finally apologises he admits to having acted unprofessionally and from then on I was much happier with his character and the very slow development of the friendship between him and Ellen The following paragraph is entirely skippable as it's got nothing to do with the book I've loved Santa Fe since visiting as a child with my mother when we stayed with a friend of hers She was a fibre artist NOT a gallery owner blow in mind and I got to go with her to an embroidery workshop we visited the Monastery of Christ in the Desert which is astonishingly beautiful Taos a festival on a reservation even went to the opera and I fell in love with everything Also had my first ever panic attack possibly in part because of the altitude but hey We went back when I was pregnant with younger daughter and had a wonderful time again with 3 year old Becca becoming very fond of going into churches of all types Go figure We almost moved to New Mexico though it would probably have been Albeuerue the following year but opted for Tucson instead Oh well All that rambling is just to say that the setting was going to work for me if it was done in any way that evoked a sense of the place which this absolutely does It worked a lot better because the author highlighted the problem which sadly it is of race relations in New Mexico rather than ignoring them which she could have done The tearoom is very well its staff is diverse but the clients are so not mostly older and always Anglo women which makes sense with the kind of place it is Hot detective Tony may be out of line in allowing the injustices done to his family in the past cause him to behave both unfairly and unprofessionally but it doesn't mean the injustices themselves don't need to be s

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Ice invade her haven Enter Detective Tony Aragon attractive and unsympathetic with a chip on his shoulder that goes beyond the murder investigation and Ellen's delicate bone china cup is fu Once in a while I enjoy a mystery but I prefer cozies I like humor atmosphere a light touch romance and justice served even though things start off with a corpse in this case found in a brand new tea house This book has all the things I like Setting her mystery in Sante Fe New Mexico Greenwood paints a delightful picture of the neighborhood and peoples it with interesting characters I especially liked the sparks between Ellen and the detective as they both legitimately misunderstand the other but try for fairness I don't care for suabbling hero and heroine all the way through especially when thirty seconds of adult conversation would solve the brangleThe mystery was fun and Ellen's drive to turn detective was believable I hope Greenwood is going to write of these

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Ll Is the murderer one of her honored guests or the ghost rud to haunt the building Will Ellen solve the mystery or will the Wisteria Tearoom's premiere turn out to be its and Ellen's final A Fatal twist of lemon By Patrice Greenwood is the first book in the Wisteria Tearoom Mystery series At a thankyou tea at the Wisteria tea room prior to opening the Santa Fe preservation society president is found strangled with her necklace of lemon agate heishi beads A nice introduction to this series although a lot of information about setting up and running of the tea room rather than the murder which was easily solved uite a slow paced light and cozy mystery A lot of nice descriptions of various delicious sounding dishes as well as beautiful scenery and possibly a resident ghost

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