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Strangers on a Train


Ile Guy is a successful architect in the midst of a divorce Bruno turns out to be a sadistic psychopath who manipulates Guy into swapping murders with him “Some people are better off dead” Bruno remarks “like your wife and my father for instance” As Bruno carries out his twisted plan Guy is trapped in Highsmith’s per. Find all of my reviews at order to prove that NO I DON’T ONLY READ PORNOS THANK YOU VERY LITTLE I begged Steve to pull me out of my downward spiral and buddy read this one with me When my husband asked his nightly uestion “what are you reading” I was so very proud to say a classic rather than smut I also jumped at the chance to say it was a book written by the author of The Talented Mr Ripley and that this novel became one of my favorite Hitchcock films It was at this point my husband pointed out that in the course of our 20 year marriage there has been an annual Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon on Turner Classic Movies and that he was pretty sure the winner of first place in my heart was He also pointed out during said movie marathons that no interaction with me was permitted during And And And And Either So basically me saying “a favorite Hitchcockian masterpiece” pretty much amounted to diddly shitIt was at this point I reminded him exactly what this story was about Guy Haines meets Charlie Bruno on a train and shares a meal with him in order to pass the time I know what you’re thinking WHY THE EFF WOULD ANYONE DO THIS WHEN THEY COULD JUST READ A BOOK Who knows It was a different time when men wore hats and ladies had to worry about stuff like whether the seam on their stockings was straight Basically people were cray Anywho over the course of this dinner between strangers shudder Guy shares that he’s an architect sitting on the cusp of making it big has a real beaut of a gal he’s planning on marrying and that the reason he’s on the trip is to finalize a divorce agreement with his first wife Bruno’s story is pretty much that he’s a drunk with an Oedipus complex who would like someone to off his dear ol’ dad Which leads us to the offer of a murder swap and Bruno mistaking a clearly stated no for YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS leading to turnabout being fair play and Guy getting blackmailed into fulfilling his half of the bargain as well Sounds like a real winner don’t it Yeah It definitely could have been if it were about 100 pages lighter There just wasn’t much to this one aside from the stabby stabby or in this case the strangley shooty The majority of the book was just “meh” page filler with little character development aside from each respectively losing their marbles The Hitchcock film on the other hand Magnificent Please remember however that this is the man who could sniff out something so brilliant in an itsy bitsy little 14 pager ORIGINAL REVIEWBuddy up with my pal Steve

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Ilous world where under the right circumstances anybody is capable of murderThe inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1951 film Strangers on a Train launched Highsmith on a prolific career of noir fiction proving her a master at depicting the unsettling forces that tremble beneath the surface of everyday contemporary li. Architect Guy Haines is on a train to Texas to see his estranged wife Miriam to discuss their divorce Before long Charles Bruno a rich n'er do well sits down opposite him Haines talks about his problems with Miriam and Bruno talks about his hatred for his father Before long Bruno makes a suggestion the two men should exchange murders That is Bruno should kill Miriam and Haines should kill Bruno's dad and having no demonstrable motive neither man will be suspected Haines strongly opposes this scheme refuses to participate and goes on his way Before long however Bruno tracks Miriam down and murders her He then proceeds to stalk Haines and insert himself into Haine's life at every opportunity pressuring him to carry out his part of the plan To say any would be a spoiler The book is a well crafted psychological thriller with believable well rounded characters I wanted to jump into the book and shout at Haines to get that nutcase out of your life but of course that would have spoiled the plot I enjoyed the book And Alfred Hitchcock made it into an excellent film as wellYou can follow my reviews at


The world of Patricia Highsmith has always been filled with ordinary people all of whom are capable of very ordinary crimes This theme was present from the beginning when her debut novel Strangers on a Train galvanized the reading public Here we encounter Guy Haines and Charles Anthony Bruno passengers on the same train But wh. When Guy Haines and Charles Anthony Bruno meet on a train they discover they have one thing in common each of them has someone they would be better off without When Haines' estranged wife winds up strangled he finds himself caught in Bruno's psychotic alcoholic webYeah that makes the book sound really gripping It wasn't The Hitchcock film Strangers on a Train is legendary so I thought I'd give the book that inspired it a shot I would have been better off watching Throw Mama From the Train againThe setup is classic noir two men two murders no complications The problem is that neither man is all that interesting Guy Haines is too by the book and Bruno is an alcoholic mama's boy sad that anything elseIt may have been a case of wrong book wrong time but the engine just didn't turn over for me with this one I was pretty bored for the first half After that I was just ready for it to be over The first murder was boring the second was kind of illogical considering how flimsy things were and the rest was just running out the clockI will say that Patricia Highsmith like Jim Thompson writes a very believable alcoholic psychopath From her Wikipedia entry I'd say a lot of it came from experienceI'm going to paraphrase Roger Ebert I think here Strangers on a Train is a gripping short story sueezed into 280 pages Two out of five stars

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About the Author: Patricia Highsmith

Claire Morgan plus a work of non fiction 'Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction' and a co written book of children's verse 'Miranda the Panda Is on the Veranda'She latterly lived in England and France and was popular in England than in her native United States Her novel 'Deep Water' 1957 was called by the Sunday Times one of the most brilliant analyses of psychosis in America and Julian Symons once wrote of her Miss Highsmith is the writer who fuses character and plot most successfully the most important crime novelist at present in practice In addition Michael Dirda observed Europeans honoured her as a psychological novelist part of an existentialist tradition represented by her own favorite writers in particular Dostoevsky Conrad Kafka Gide and CamusShe died of leukemia in Locarno Switzerland on 4 February 1995 and her last novel 'Small g a Summer Idyll' was published posthumously a month laterGerry WolstenholmeJuly 2010