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    I know these books will have happy endings but I was still turning the pages thinking will it all be okay? not what I usually read but I really enjoyed this

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    This was such a good inspirational book

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    A very sweet story of how first loveremains years later forever love

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    Nine years ago Ben Blake broke up with Sofia McCray on prom night The next day Sofia and her mother packed their bags and moved to California taking a tiny secret with them Ben's son Sofia is back in Montana to care for her father whose cancer diagnosis has given her a reason to return A journalist Sofia is assigned to ride along with one of the town cops Imagine her surprise when that cop turns out to be her wild undisciplined ex boyfriend Ben Before they have a chance to settle into the business partnership Ben discovers that not only does she have a son but he's 8 years old Could this possibly be his son too?Ben and Sofia's relationship is filled with landmines her father's cancer diagnosis followed by his arrest by Ben for DUI his mother's ambush of Sofia and Jack in the grocery store Ben's guilt for his feelings for Sofia which overshadowed his marriage Can the two of them get past their past to create a future as a family?

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    Ben had no idea the life he was losing when Sophia walked away nine years ago But when he discovers the secret she's carrying he feels a lot of emotions and promises he'll do the right thing As he gets to know his son Ben must also come to terms with the past dealing with the death of his wife and childOne thing I did not like was Sophia's saying You don't know my son like I do I have very little tolerance for women who do not inform the father that he has a child for fear of rejection I was rejected when I told but at least he had a choice to walk away I really liked the emotions in this book surrounding Ben and his son and Sophia and her grandfather I also enjoyed watching the romance develop between Ben and Sophia

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    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway thank you I had never heard of the Inspired Love Series by Harleuin didn't know they had such a thing I'm glad I won this book glad to have read it What a wholesome read very realistic not perfect people but a perfect God who takes the fragmented pieces of our lives and makes something beautiful with the people we connect with Jack was a great kid I wish Ethan could be Ben's foster son and Sofia and Lisa could've met lol Ben's mom got on my nerves Sofia's dad was just broken and her mom a casualty of that brokenness Okay I'll stop there

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    Note I received a free copy of this book from Goodreads GiveawaysIn short this book was everything you expect from a Love Inspired novel A sweet romance with just a bit of conflict thrown in to make it interesting I thought that Johns treated both the awkward situation with the reveal of an unknown son and the realities of domestic violence with appropriate tact and careOverall a nice romance that gives you all the warm fuzzies and for those who appreciate it a dose of faith I will be lending this to my mom and grandma who will both love it

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    The Lawman's Surprise Family by Patricia Johns When Sofia McCray graduated from high school she left town because her boyfriend was a rebel and he had left her in the parking lot where the prom was being held She returns to town nine years later to take care of her father who has cancer Sofia's boy is 8 years old and Ben Blake the father doesn't know about Jack his son They work at an arrangement to make things easy for their son Jack A good read about past and present relationships

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    I loved this book The characters were believable well developed I can't wait to read books by Patricia Johns

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    Secondary storylines which address difficult issues alcoholism and domestic abuse are well integrated The characters are genuine and will hold readers’ attention 4 stars RT Book Reviews

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Isn't the rebellious teen she left behind Ben Blake is a widowed cop who's been through heartbreak and he wants their child in his life When her next assignment throws Sofia together with the handsome. Ben had no i

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Their Secret Child For eight years journalist and single mother Sofia McCray kept her son a secret from his maverick father But when she returns to her small Montana hometown her high school sweetheart. This was suc

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Police officer in his suad car she discovers just how much he truly cares about his community their sonand her Now Sofia must learn to trust her own heart to reunite a family that's meant to be together. Note I recei