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George Washington Smith

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George Washington Smith is a full length monograph that surveys the work of the father of the Spanish Colonial Revival style Beginning with the building of his own h

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Y balconies cool tiles and bubbling fountains make up the Spanish Colonial Revival style and it was perfect for the warm Mediterranean like Southern California clima

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Ouse in Santa Barbara Smith created his signature designs based on centuries old Andalusian structures he saw while traveling through Europe Enclosed courtyards shad

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    George Washington Smith was one of the most influential architects in one of the most influential styles Spanish Colonial Revival in one of the most influential cities for this style Santa Barbara in the 1920s This book combines biographical information as well as a breakdown of specific works over his surpisingly short career of a decade Trained as a painter with some architectural background in the Beaux Arts traidition Smith did not set out to become an architect After visiting southern Europe however he designed a Spanish style home for himself Impressed by his home's design Smith's friends asked him to design similar homes for them Smith's buildings offer a historically informed climatically appropriate style for Southern California with a tasteful amount of restraint and understatement Most of his works were modeled on rustic Spanish village and farmhouses although Smith's versatility is evident in his exploration of Italian Norman and even one Byzantine inspired home I was also surprised about how influential his collaborators were especially Lutah Maria Riggs There is a wonderful appendix of every home that Smith designed From the authorFrom his first house his own to his final house the Culley House George Washington Smith left us fine examples of revival architecture that transcend their traditional mode becoming works of art in their own right and remaining completely at home in their garden environments In his ten years of architectural practice he left a remarkable legacy Many of his buildings are considered masterpieces and any single structure would perhaps have been enough to provide him his well deserved place in architectural history He maintained an exceptionally high level of uality in all his work Smiths' buildings have a serenity and charm that rest on a balance of the masses fine proportions and use of details that transcend their own time p149

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