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Love and Triumph Coltrane #8

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Rd would pursue Marilee's elusive heart as she set out to reclaim her lost heritage And together they'd fulfill a remarkable destiny triumphant at last in the rapturous glow of a magnificent lov.

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All Russia was being consumed in the terrible flames of war as the centuries old Czarist dynasty crumbled A prisoner in the midst of chaos and destruction beautiful Marilee Coltrane Mikhailonov.

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Feared for her life at the hands of bloodthirsty revolutionaries But the dashing blue eyed counterspy Cord Brandt would allow no harm to come to his bewitching captive Across a vast continent Co.

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    This was a great book the ending to a lovely saga This story is Marilees abductions and in finding her father Drakar and her love Travis and Valeri get married Jade almost get kidnapped