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Raggedy Ann and Andy School Day Adventure

characters Raggedy Ann and Andy School Day Adventure

T lost Will the dolls be able to find their way back in time before the children return from lunc

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Raggedy Ann and Andy are thrilled to learn they'll be spending the day with Marcella at her schoo

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L But when the dolls take a ride through the hallways with their new friend Mac the truck they ge

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    Marcella brings her Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for her show and tell presentation at school Once the kids leave the classroom Ann and Andy escape with some other toys and explore the schooland all at once they discover they are lost and can't find their way back It is a good thing that Andy 'put on his thinking cap'Used for Show Tell storytime October 2010

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    I just love Raggedy Ann and Andy And this modern story has some of the same feel as the originals A perfect book to read with my soon to be kindergartener because it showed a classroom with cubbies and other typical kindergarten features

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    This book describes a mischievous day for Raggedy Ann and Andy as they go with Marcel to school

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