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In God We Trust?

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Ormed what we commonly think of as Evangelical Christianity The book suggests that three gods have always dominated American Christianity Religious Freedom Radical Individualism and Materialism A combination of historical amnesia and an obsession with apocalypticism h

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As created an americanized form of Christianity that is exported all over the world Caught between triumph and apocalypse American Christianity veers from cultural arrogance to deep pessimism about the future of the country a pattern that has existed for than 400 year

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In God We Trust deals with the americanization of Christianity the future of the United States and how American Christianity looks when viewed through the prism of historical and global Christianity Here Patrick Nachtigall explains how American culture and myth have f

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    Sometimes you need a new perspective and this essay is one that I think American Christians need I know I needed it When you think of the Christian way it looks much like the American way Does it look biblical is the uestion Written by a Christian immigrant that is now an American citizen however he is uick to point out that we are citizens of the Kingdom first and points his readers to that as well I so much appreciated this read and the perspectives that it offered It is biblical It does come with a warning which is called for You may not agree and I have to admit I was struggling with what he was saying but looking at the bigger picture I came to a better of understanding of biblical citizenship The gospel is worldwide citizenship with eternal implications The American God the three gods of that our current in our culture 1 Religious Freedom 2 Radical individualism and 3 Materialism –These 3 drive American Christianity and the culture The uestion becomes how is Christianity different from the culture? Do we look at Christianity with its beliefs through the prism of one culture or the work and redemption of God through thousands of years of different cultures? Is the Christian message one of Self gratification or of self denial? Success at all cost or humility in all things? With in depth look at American History and culture trends are we God’s chosen nation? I thought the answer to this uestion was meticulous and biblically answered Why are these issues important? The short answer is the Gospel Issues like immigration which he makes a great case and reminds us immigration is what makes this nation great among other nations I think that calls for another book – a biblical look at immigration The 3 gods that the American church bows down to is what will remove the light from the church giving us a false sense of our need for God not in the gifts but in the giver This is not bashing of the American way but a better way Kingdom Citizenship for all of God’s people and the work of the GospelA special thank you Warner Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    In God We Trust?A Challenge to American EvangelicalsPatrick NachtigallWarner PressPub Date   Jan 5 2015This book is a call to American Evangelicals a reminder that America was founded on the freedom of religion  This book also points out that although many look at the United States as the wealthiest nation some nations like China have income per capita but they also have lower living standards  And the author also points out the issues of the prosperity gospel but it also points out the fact that the American Church is often generous offering food and shelter to the down and outWe are told to be warned about those who claim to know when the world is going to end because they cannot know the day or the hour only God himself knows  It is also pointed out that American Evangelicals are called to spread the gospel around the worldThis book was both well written sand well researched and was full of interesting facts and figures  Four out of five StarsHappy Reading Friends

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    I wish every American Christian would read this book

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