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    This book combines an interracial love story with the trafficking of Asian women into the UK It's a story of sexual obsession neatly interwoven into a thriller storyline that ultimately allows the lovers to escape the violent materialism of today's world through insistent compulsive yet rapturous lovemaking of Tantric proportions

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    “The void into which I was being drawn was unbearable but every time I became afraid of it Natalie exploded in my mind” A coup de foudre or a spiritual awakening – however you choose to read it this is a gripping account of a man ambushed by love and sex who abandons family and security for a beautiful Thai prostitute Natalie herself is a wonderful creation Does she love Jim or just want his money? Will they escape with their lives from the dangerous men who exploit her? Are she and Jim heading for tragedy or for safety? You have to read on to find out and there’s steamy sex and some great comic set pieces along the way

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Natalie author Paul Lyons

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Jim and Natalie meet on a freezing London sidewalk He is hurrying to a business meeting The beautiful Thai woman is shoplifting a bottle of Listerine With no way of communicating but sex and thirty words of English their love must surely destroy them as Jim’s financial judgement deserts him and Natalie becomes entangled with the gang that trafficked her to EnglandShock Kundalini awakenings can be devastating physically and personally As Jim struggles to understand what is happening to him and Natalie’s claim to be a “big Buddha woman” puts her at greater and greater risk their love seems doomed unless sex itself can become a path to transcendence The erotic classics such as Tristan and Isolde and Madame Bovary speak of a love.

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F a man and woman who stumble upon Kundalini at a time and place that are unpropitious and in a way that must surely destroy them morally and physically Erotic legends and classics like Tristan and Isolde and Anna Karenina speak of a love that is necessarily tragic because it defies convention and breaks taboos Are there any conventions left to defy or taboos left to break in the early twenty first centuryYes and they are powerful ones the conventional materialism of our day and the taboo against opening the transcendental plane Speaking about Kundalini in personal terms is difficult because Kundalini takes us beyond the personal Paul Lyons presents his experience of Kundalini in the form of an erotic thriller that is also a love son.

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That is tragic because it breaks social conventions and defies moral taboos Jim and Natalie defy the violent materialism of our age and break the taboo against pushing consciousness beyond its everyday limitsAsked if his book isn't just pornographic Paul Lyons replied Pornography aims to titillate and frustrate When Kundalini awakes in the sexual act both titillation and frustration are bye passed as the erotic energy rises up the spine and opens out into a transcendent state The sex scenes in Natalie A Kundalini Love Story follow this rising and opening out process They are episodes in a real life love story as well as being a passage through the different sensory worlds of the chakras That’s not pornographyNatalie is the story o.

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