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Asked Sith of the wildly popular “Deceived” and “Hope” game trailers Malgus brought down the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a brutal assault that shocked the galaxy But if war crowned him the darkest of Sith heroes peace would transform him into something far heinous something Malgus would never w. Read reviews The

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The second novel set in the Old Republic era and based on the massively multiplayer online game Star Wars® The Old Republic™ ramps up the action and brings readers face to face for the first time with a Sith warrior to rival the most sinister of the Order’s Dark Lords Darth Malgus the mysterious m. Be true to yoursel

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Ant to be but cannot stop any than he can stop the rogue Jedi fast approaching Her name is Aryn Leneer and the lone Knight that Malgus cut down in the fierce battle for the Jedi Temple was her Master And now she’s going to find out what happened to him even if it means breaking every rule in the book. Gritty dark real Adolfo Kaminsky rogue Jedi fast approaching Her name is Aryn Leneer and the lone Knight that Malgus cut down in the fierce battle for the Jedi Temple was her Master And now she’s going to find out what happened to him even if it means breaking every Aik Thi Sara / ایک تھی سارہ rule in the book. Gritty dark 23 Weihnachts-Tiergeschichten real

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    AN OPEN AND ANGRY LETTER TO The Idiocracy of Brain lacking ASStards responsible for drowning the Star Wars franchise in a sea of suckness from which all memory of the once great “space playground” is being choked out and transformed into a bloated shit logged corpse of bad smelling cheese FROM A ticking time bomb of pre postal fanboyish SF RAGE whose timer has been moving towards 00000 ever since George Pukus committed franchise rape on his fans by subjecting them to Jar Jar Binks Dear Snapper HeadsA few things to know about the medium in which you are operating1 Lightsaber duels and a character named Darth are not adeuate substitutes for an actual PLOT 2 It takes a special and uniue lack of talent to be able to take a promising story premise like a the Sith Lords invading and taking over Coruscant and blowing up the Jedi Temple plus b a revenge mission by a Jedi Knight against the Sith Lord who killed her master plus c a sub plot involving a Han Solo like smuggler named Zeerid trying to finish one last score so he can buy his handicapped daughter a better lifeand making it so BORRifically full of lame that even with the audio book added special effects were not enough to keep a “fanboy” interested for a mere 250 pages250 PAGES 3 Writing a BOOK with dialogue dialogUGLY of the same clunky ham fisted uality as you use in the various “set up scenes” of the Old Republic video gamesnot gonna cutso don’t let the game programmers near the word processor next time 4 Watching a 6 year old fight a light saber duel on the video game and then transcribing that into the book’s fight scenes is NOT an effective writing style HINT if the reader can actually visualize the fight in terms of XX O AB triangle XO OO triangle jump X suare jump jump XO suare triangle special weapon jump jump XO while reading the fight scenethan you have well and truly screwed the pooch 5 Sucklord Douche Malgus should be edited out of society’s collective memory never to be mentioned againNuff saidPlease take the above criticism to heart once you find yours and do some searching in that blackened chunk of evil you call a soul so that this wonderful and beloved franchise can be saved The collective timers of your fans continues to countdown towards an Alderaanian like catastropheso do the right thing

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    This guy below looks familiar doesn’t he? Darth Vader without a hat? Nope – it is ancient Sith Lord Darth Malgus I am guessing they made him look this way as an indication that the Empire has a specific format for the life support outfits they give their Dark Lords when they are critically injuredDeceived introduces us to Malgus and one of the major early attempts of the Sith to destroy the Jedi And based on what I read the universe of Star Wars was only a few swings of a lightsaber away from having no Jedi left way before we got to the recent canon stories35 StarsI liked it but I was not particularly riveted by it I think it was a very interesting history of the Sith Jedi and the planet Coruscant Because of this I am very glad I read it It also feels like it is setting up some future events and that is pretty cool as well Seems like it may be of a book for the Star Wars completest which is what I am going for and not necessarily the casual fan So hardcore Star Wars fans – go for it People who have seen a couple of movies but think it might be cool to check out some Star Wars literature – proceed with cautionAnd as some of you may have seen – I read this on Kindle and it finished at 66% So if you are reading Star Wars books on Kindle be prepared for a lot of extras at the end that are not part of the book

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    Be true to yourselfIn light of the uote I've chosen for this review I will be brutally honest though that is really no different than I am any other time I write a review This book was LIGHT YEARS better than Fatal Alliance Despite that I had some issues But first a summary of sortsNOTE I received this ARC through the Vine programZeerid Z Man is an ex soldier now gun runner He does this to supply his paralyzed daughter actually she doesn't even HAVE legs so she really isn't paralyzed is she? with the basics in the hopes that someday he can get her real legs He has been given a dangerous assignment evade the Sith blockade of Coruscant to deliver spice On the way he meets renegade of course Jedi Aryn Leneer who is out forwait for itREVENGEOkay so let me say after reading Fatal Alliance I wanted to leave Star Wars books far behind But I am an Admin of a Star Wars book club and the next book on the list was Deceived so I had to read it well I am sure I coulda found a way to cop out but that would be a little Sithy of me don't you think? Fortunately it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting Unfortunately it could have been MUCH betterMy favorite character was oddly enough Zeerid I was shocked when I figured this out because Zeerid and his story has been told SO many times I'll bet an 8 year old would know the archetype I don't know how Kemp did it but he made me involved in Zeerid's story interested in his outcome and cheering for him to make it out in the end Even if he was an ex soldier with a crippled 7 year old girl who lives in a crappy apartment with her impoverished overworked aunt By the way the ex soldier bit in this story works MUCH better than the ex soldier in Fatal Alliance instead of making his departure from the military another The Man did me wrong boo hoo he leaves because of his gasp family I found myself reading his sections uickly desperate to find out how he survives As I read I was also reminded of Lorn Pavan in Michael Reaves' Star Wars Darth Maul Shadow Hunter both are competent men who don't have to resort to using the Force or wearing a bucket on their heads to be 100% awesomeI wish I could say I was as fond of the other characters as I was of Zeerid but I wasn't Malgus had some interesting conflicts and on one hand I liked his relationship with Eleea but let's face it Malgus is your typical Sith baddie He spouts rhetoric about Anger and getting rid of peace like all good Sith Eleena is a plot device or what I've seen called in other places as a Plot Moppet She is wise wonderful caring blind to Malgus' abuse spouts all the right stuff at all the right timesand serves only to create conflict and results in others There is no nuance in her character whatsoever She has no desires no ambitions no likes no dislikes All she is is a sexy female Twi'Lek because what female Twi'Lek isn't? whose sole purpose is to make a reaction in the other characters or to be a weakness to other characters This resulted in my not caring what happened to her and hoping desperately that she would get a point of view scene that would show her completely different from what the Malgus' sections showed her to be they didn'tRepresenting the Jedi is the stereotypical hero turned Dark Sider at least for 28 seconds before realizing that d'oh maybe revenge ISN'T what your master would have wanted Aryn Leneer While she is WAY interesting than what's his face from you guessed it Fatal Alliance her character has been done to death Kemp really does try to bring some conflict to her tries to make it different I liked the subtle romance between Aryn and Zeerid I liked how Aryn was a woman and not just a cliched female and yet had a decent story arc and I admire his attempt but it didn't work for me Aryn is just another Jedi who when a loved one dies immediately goes out for REVENGE The results are lackluster as alwaysRounding out the cast is Vrath Xizor a mercenary on the tail of Zeerid He certainly isn't bad I really liked the fight scene between him and Zeerid in which both are eually skilled but other than that nothing about him stands out hugely I was surprised at his outcome howeverThe writing was so much better than that other book I keep mentioning in this review I think I literally sighed with relief after reading the first page It was descriptive beautiful without being too frilly In places sometimes Kemp's writing tended to slow the action to a halt but other times it gave a great idea of the destruction of the temple or an amazing fight scene in the cargo hold of a drop shipI did receive this as an ARC through the Vine program; I am desperately hoping that this goes through a final stage of editing because gorrammit there are a ton of errors in here From wrong word choices to incorrect grammar to using the wrong character there were so many errors I almost wanted to grab a red pen and give Kemp and his editor a handAnd now for my favorite section and yoursthe newly debuted Nerd Nitpicks1 Zeerid spends 87 THOUSAND CREDITS on a hover chair This is MORE THAN A VEHICLE at least on earth It is than what Han Solo demands as payment for transport to Alderaan 10000 and it's than what Obi Wan promises Han for the same trip 17000 It is also barely than the JK unit from The Cestus Deception And yet Yoda has one in the preuels How much IS the average income of these people? Isn't this a hugely bloated figure? Why does a hoverchair cost than a trip to Alderaan or a JK unit weapon of war? If HOVERCHAIRS cost this much why is Yoda being such a scum bag and zipping along on one in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith? He's wasting good money that could have been used freeing Anakin's mother from slavery2 I do not believe in my wildest nightmares that you can get from Ord Mantell to Vultar to Coruscant in ONE DAY I just don't believe it This whole book should have taken a WEEK or MORE not a whopping TWO DAYS RIDICULOUS And might I add this is supposedly OLD technologythat means that during the days of the Death Star Luke and Ben should have been at Alderaan before they left Tatooine3 Speaking of the whole days of old thingthis doesn't feel in the slightest like a story 3000 years before Luke is born Coruscant is built to the same extreme levels; space travel is the same no wait faster; technology is apparently the same prosthetic legs4 With the exception of ONE character the ENTIRE Character List is human This is a pet peeve of mine about SW EU; in the movies we see all these aliens in the cantina have all these aliens encounters in the preuels and then in the books all the main characters are human It gets so bad that I wonder what the point of having them in a galaxy far far away is Just make it Earth in the year 3000 and the story might be the exact same5 Why the kriff put Ven Zallow in the Character List when he is going to be dead for 75% of the novel? Here is this character that is very interesting and he dies within the first 50 pages Hopefully a book will come out about his exploits before being skeweredAnd thank you for joining us for yet anotherNerd NitpicksHonestly when I started reading these Old Republic tie in books I wasn't very excited I am not a big fan of this era I don't really care for how everything is almost exactly like the classic trilogy with the inclusion of Sith and Mandalorians and I just don't care for the video games that much and to answer your uestion No I've never played KotOR I can't get it to run on my stupid Vista system After reading The Book That Shall Not Be Named it seemed like my suspicions had been confirmedKemp's Deceived however busted those suspicions I'm not saying this is perfect it has flaws up the whazoo but I found parts that I enjoyed and Kemp was a decent writer If you are interested in this era or are playing the TOR MMORPG check it out All others well check out if it sounds interesting but don't feel bad if you pass it over

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    As this is only the fourth event on the ‘Legends’ timeline and the second to feature characters from the computer games I’m still finding myself in unfamiliar groundThis fast paced adventure gave me another snapshot of The Old Republic having jumped just over 300 years since the events of RevanBoth Aryan and Darth Malgus were both really interesting characters throw in lightsabers and the usual Jedi and Sith conflicts I felt I was treading familiar groundIt was an enjoyable entry in the series

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    Possibly the best Star Wars novel since Darth Bane Path of Destruction Deceived introduces us to the charismatic Dark Lord known as Darth Malgus the man who we saw to destroy the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a stunning cinematic trailer last year With that destruction the story begins and author Paul S Kemp did a solid job to portray the breathtaking battles between Jedi and Sith including the fateful duel between Darth Malgus and a brave handsome Jedi Master The invasion was a success and it should have been the moment of Malgus' greatest triumph Instead of that the Sith Empire and the Republic continue to negotiate for peace something which is heretical to Malgus a purist in his belief in the dark side Adraas a Sith Lord who is his rival for influence is conspiring with the powerful Darth Angral as they want political power Malgus on the other hand wants to see how the galaxy burns Yet he has a fatal weakness a woman a Twi'lek slave who he saved years ago Who he loves deeply and this makes him vulnerableIn the same time we meet Aryn the Jedi Padawan of the Master slayed by Darth Malgus She is maddened with grief and wants vengeance And to get it she will leave the Order and everything in which she believed to ally with a pilot who bears drugs in order to buy a better life for his daughterThese are the characters in Deceived deep complex imperfect in their good or evil They are not grey as in some other stories yet Kemp manages to make us see the good in the bad guys the bad in the good He faces his characters with tough choices in which all answers are sometimes wrong I have liked his previous novel Crosscurrent but here he does much much better I hope that he will continue to write stories about The Old Republic the epilogue certainly leaves an opened door

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    Read reviews The BibliosanctumNarrator Marc Thompson | Length 9 hrs and 26 mins | Audiobook Publisher Random House Audio March 22 2011 | Whispersync Ready YesThis book was much less heavy handed than Fatal Alliance with making obvious nods toward things in the game but this story does focus heavily on characters from the game such as Darth Malgus Eleena and the female Mandalorian Shae Vizla I’d be lying if I said I didn’t chuckle a little when they introduced Lord Baras a Darth my lighside Sith marauder has a long and storied history with in game Yeah you read that right Lightside Sith which shamed my husband for a whole mess of reasons I deal in the incongruous even in my games Not all her lightside choices have actually been that “good” and she may have her own motives for going against the grain She is a Sith after all but I digressThis book took things even power moves we know from the games and weaved it in much better than Fatal Alliance It was fun naming the in game moves used just by the description in action scenes Some of the relationships mirror similar relationships in the game that the player’s character can have with their companions Scenes from the cinematic trailer for the game show up here described in all their glorious details It was pretty awesome and one of my favorites from the game to date It was fun to get the blow by blow of one of my favorite fights from the trailerHowever none of this was done in a way that would alienate readers who haven’t played the game or those who started the game after that particular cinematic was no longer used to open the game but it’s a nice nod for those of us who have playedAryn and Malgus offered an interesting dichotomy of each other as Aryn rebels against Jedi “nonattachment” and Malgus struggles with his passionate feelings that don’t serve his purpose Ironically despite differing beliefs there is that one moment they can meet in the middle and admit that they’re disillusioned by the respective OrdersThis conflict with both Aryn and Malgus presented a compelling story especially where Aryn was concerned Readers are pretty used to Sith drawing on emotion especially rage so it was nice to see this delving into how some Jedi might really feel about this “Jedi nonattachment” The exploration of Aryn realizing that emotions and emotional attachments were important to her really was fascinating and while Malgus can come off as typical Sith his struggles with the softer emotions he feels add a new layer to an old story In this respect there’s a bit of a romantic plotsubplot going on in this book that manages not to suffocate the story and adds to Malgus’ conflict with himself and emotions most notably and I enjoyed this exploration of conflicting emotions in a Sith and a Jedi took center stage rather than trying to uell them This presents them as human despite vows they’ve taken for their respective orders instead of making it easy for them to overcome emotions that make them “weak” and “vulnerable”I think it goes without saying that Marc Thompson did an excellent job with the narration as usual I won’t rehash all his virtues since I think I pretty much exhausted that in my review of Fatal Alliance What I really appreciated with this book is that it did better with the background ambiance Where I sometimes had a hard time hearing Thompson over the din in the last novel which is a common complaint I have about many full production books even though I enjoy the added touch I can’t say that I had that issue with this bookThe story had depth to it and the action scenes were choreographed well with words Yeah this story still has its corny scenarios cheesy dialogue and contrived plot points like the last novel but overall this was a stronger better crafted novel than Fatal Alliance

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    Gritty dark real with a loving Sith what's going on? It would be nice to read a Star Wars novel that didn't either; tie in with the movies or games Having played The Old Republic MMORPG at launch I get this story It really does two things introduces the different types of classes to the readergamer aka Trooper bounty hunter Sith warrior scoundrel etc and also the main characters in the game That being Darth Malgus Sith warrior the Emperor Satale Shan Jedi Master etc etc From a literacy point of view it must have been difficult to be creative and bring your own twist to such a novel when you are hamstringed by the lore canon and beyond that a game Having said that Deceived ties in well with one of the trailers that was released before came out The beginning is rather explosive From then on however the novel fades to smaller embers of that explosiveness This is one of four novels that represent the era of The Old Republic and the second I've read the first being Raven This was the first to come out in the series and possibly the most difficult to get into Darth Malgus is so far removed from being the standard 'bad arse' Sith He loves to much and doubts himself much like Darth Scrouge from Revan which I've mentioned in that review I'm not sure if there was a conscious effort to try and portray a different archetypal Sith but it seems a trend that runs through this series The main story is centred around a Jedi Knight called Arrya who thirsts for revenge against Darth Malgus I've not given anything away from the story itself see the trailer copied and pasted above It's rather amusing to seeing a 'caring' Sith and a bloodthirsty Jedi A trend which seems to be fairly A typical lately let's go full circle sorta thing Then you've got Malgus hunger for power and conflict within his own order something not unusual when a Sith What didn't sit too well with me was his battle with his perceived weakness; love for someone else Why would a Darth so openly show his weakness to his fellow Sith especially in battle? Why show a weaken side of yourself for other to exploit? It didn't feel right to me and felt very convoluted when Malgus's story progressed with his obsession with Eleena throughout the prose The final player in the 3 pronged tale is a very stereotypical Star War y smuggler A rogue a spice runner and a nice guy Hmm It was a nice touch to see how he was with his daughter but other than that the usual lustful awkwardness with Arrya was rather amusing and clumsily handled in my opinion I've spent my time revealing my difficulty with the three dimensional characters and potential issues with the 'isms' of those characters What I enjoyed; well Malgus does have his moments I just want to watch the world burn when referring to the sacking of Coruscent His easy dismal of his peers amused me his directness avoiding politics and subtleties and just coming out with what he wished to say which was a good foil for some of his detractors within the Sith order of hierarchy Z man aka the smuggler touching moments with his handicapped daughter showed a different persona from the generic character which was a joy to read The gritty environment almost made me feel dirty Malgus with his clear distaste of anyone Arrya wishing harm on other's and Z man being a drug runner; it made me feel dirty DIRTY This was a fairly good introduction into The Old Republic series of novels Sadly it looks like there won't be any in the future after the first four as the game has flopped There is such rich potential here for future content After all The Knights of the Old Republic really started the pre Skywalker era Give it a try if you're interested in a different feel to the Star Wars universe

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    Okay look I apologize to the friend here who wanted me to read these AND I apologize to all the fans of the Star Wars book franchise I get it that you like these and I guess T can see why I have a soft spot for what are usually called men's action books Total brain candyI'm about to say why I don't care much for these but I wanted to say first that I get why many love them and I'm not uestioning your taste I'm saying everyone's taste is different and these just don't appeal to meIn the end here I skimmed to the end of the book wrote the end off and don't plan to read the third in this seriesI give it 2 starsbarely Okaycriticisms coming so if you don't want to read them you might want to stop hereBack in 1977 I saw Star Wars In 1978 I read a book called Splinter of the Mind's Eye You see Alan Dean Foster had been contracted to write 2 novels One was the novelization of the film and the other was to be a novel that could be used as the outline of a low budget seuel in case Star Wars bombedIn case you have been under a rock for the last almost 40 years Star Wars did not bombBut had already been published though it was scrapped as the outline for a new movie and a somewhat higher budget alternative took it's placeThe book itself was not all that was scrapped In the book Luke is striking back with the force as an aggressive weapon There are force fights so to speak In the films we would learn that this is the DARK SIDE In the book the MacGuffin is a crystal which is a force amplifier Lucas decided to make the force a mysterious almost etherealwell force Now lets look at the original 3 films in my opinion the only ones worth seeing I am reserving judgement on the new ones of course Lucas set them up based on a loose model of the old movie serials that people would go to see at the Saturday movies Flash Gorden Captain America Buck Rogers The Black Claw and others We began at EPISODE 4And everyone made millions and millions of dollars Then GL decided to go back and do the first 3 episodeswhich were frankly awell let us be generous and say a disappointment There were some huge problems I've mentioned Jar Jar elsewhere but then there was the change in the understanding of the ForceHe decided tocame up with Midichloriansin my opinion probably one of the biggest screw ups in cinema historyStar Wars is in spite of frantic and furious arguments to the contrary fantasy possibly science fantasy but fantasy all the sameWe have a warrior princess kidnapped by an evil Warlord who has a powerful evil sorcerer in his service They are challenged by a young hero with a magic sword who in instructed by an old wizard wise man who has served good for many years and seen the old good kingdom Republic fall A rogue and a muscular fighter join him in his uest The young man's heritage is revealed and eventually he and his band must overthrow the evil emperor The attempted building of a complete history and prehistory coupled with the attempts to make the mythology science fiction than science fantasy has every time I've tried to get into it left me cold I just find that FOR ME that's FOR ME it does not workSo if you like it enjoy I think I've made my last foray into the Star Wars booksJust me I assure youOh by the wayI really like the Babylon 5 novels

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    The audiobooks are worth the time and effort to obtain I'm not sure I could read these but the listen is so worthwhile I can't say enough good things about the audios I prefer the original cast of Star Wars characters which they weren't in this series but I still enjoyed this one for one main reason I liked the relationships and the way they were developed One was sweet but it also had a certain authenticity to them that I could believe I can't recommend the audios enough So 4 stars

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    A Star Wars book that takes place during the Old Republic days I enjoyed this book The fight scenes were described well The author did a good job capturing what you would expect from a Star Wars novel Lightsaber duels evil villians and good guys trying to thwart those villians My only complaint was the conclusion to the final duel I did not care for that Besides that this is a good Star Wars EU book

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