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Fear The Last Days of Robert Mugabe

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S but also churchmen and diplomats putting their own lives on the line to try to stop the carnageTHE FEAR is a book about the astonishing courage and resilience of a people armed with nothing but a desire to be free who challenged a violent dictatorship It is also the deeply personal and ultimately uplifting story of a man trying to make sense of the country he can't recognize as hom. This is my th

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Journalist Peter Godwin has covered wars As a soldier he's fought them But nothing prepared him for the surreal mix of desperation and hope he encountered when he returned to Zimbabwe his broken homeland Godwin arrived as Robert Mugabe the country's dictator for 30 years has finally lost an election Mugabe's tenure has left Zimbabwe with the world's highest rate of inflation and the. Seeing what p

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Shortest life span Instead of conceding power Mugabe launched a brutal campaign of terror against his own citizens With foreign correspondents banned and he himself there illegally Godwin was one of the few observers to bear witness to this period the locals call The Fear He saw torture bases and the burning villages but was most awed as an observer of not only simple acts of kindnes. Brilliant boo

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Peter Godwin was born and raised in Africa He studied law at Cambridge University and international relations at Oxford He is an award winning foreign correspondent author documentary maker and screenwriterAfter practicing human rights law in Zimbabwe he became a foreign and war correspondent and has reported from over 60 countries including wars in Angola Mozambiue Namibia Zimbabwe

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    I read Dinner With Mugabe The Untold Story Of A Freedom Fighter Who Became A Tyrant but I have this book in the shop Does anyone know if it is worth reading as well or it's all or less in Dinner?White journalists have a really bad perspective on Zimbabwe citing all the evils Mugabe has commissioned but never mentioning the even worse ones of Cecil Rhodes when the country was called Rhodesia I wonder how this book will treat these two supremely evil governors not to mention the vile Ian Smith?

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    This review contains spoilersIn the middle of the book Peter Godwin describes why he has written it“I am bearing witness to what is happening here – to the sustained cruelty of it all I have a responsibility to try to amplify this suffering this sacrifice so that it will not have happened in vain”And yes that is basically what the book is about A long litany of abuses – murder rape torture and beatings up that have been inflicted on the opposition party and its supporters by Robert Mugabe's thugs during and after the 2008 elections The opposition party – The Movement for Democratic Change is headed by Morgan Tsvangirai He and his two closest allies take refuge in South Africa after the election – it is just too dangerous for them to stay in Zimbabwe But the persecution of members of his party continues with a vengeance It is being called ‘smart genocide’ or ‘politicide’ Dr Francis Love who works for The Counselling Services Unit in Harare describes it this way“Politicide is the practice of wiping out an entire political movementand now the murders here are accompanied by torture and rape on an industrial scale committed on a catch and release basis When those who survive terribly injured limp home or are carried or pushed in wheelbarrows or on the backs of pick up trucks they act like human billboards advertising the appalling conseuences of opposition to the tyrannyAnd in their home communities their return causes ripples of anxiety to spread “The Movement for Democratic Change had won the Zimbabwe election without a doubt but Mugabe and his party ZANU the Zimbabwe African National Union had the results distorted via vote rigging – deliberate miscounting the disenfranchising of opposition voters by polling station officials and in some wards the results were just swapped In other instances they simply subtracted a digit from the MDC vote And then after all that trickery and double dealing Mugabe had his supporters conduct hideous attacks on members of the MDC party especially those who had held positions as officials in the partyAfter the bloodshed of the 2008 elections in Zimbabwe the UN attempted to impose various sanctions against Mugabe The proposal before the Security Council included an arms embargo a travel ban and a financial freeze on Mugabe and a dozen of his top officials believed also to have been implicated But it was vetoed by China Russia Vietnam and LibyaSurprising developments were taking place though Behind the scenes in South Africa an organisation called the South African Development Community persuaded Morgan Tsvangirai to return to Zimbabwe and form a government with Robert Mugabe This was to be called the Government of National Unity Mugabe was willing to do this because he realised that his grip on power was tenuous unless he had Tsvangirai on board and Tsvangirai did so in the belief that the alternative was civil war In the event Mugabe stayed on as President Tsvangirai was made Prime Ministerand that is that state of government todayGeneral notes about Mugabe and Zimbabwe Zimbabwe used to have the highest standard of living in Africa By 2008 only 6% of workers had jobsLife expectancy has fallen from sixty years to thirty six years It has the world highest ratio of orphans Mugabe is absolutely committed to blaming all Zimbabwe’s ills on the West – particularly it’s ex colonial power Great BritainMugabe is now 2013 89 years old Many would argue that Mugabe’s supporters are military rather than political in outlook and that Zimbabwe is to all effects a military dictatorship His four closest followers are General Constantine Chiwenga head of the army; Emmerson Mnangagwa head of the Joint Operational Command; Gideon Gono the Reserve Bank chief; and Augustine Chihuri head of police It is easy to ask why Mugabe still has any support at all In fact he still has an almost “messianic reputation” as a liberation leader In 1963 he was jailed in Rhodesia for 11 years for subversion After release he fled to Mozambiue and joined the guerilla war against white Rhodesian settler rule although he was never a soldier as such He is still seen by many people as an heroic figure as a veteran liberator in Zimbabwe getting its independenceMugabe decided to have a shrine build to himself at his home in Zvimba Planned to be the size of a football field it would house such mementos as his clothes copies of his speeches photos and letters”The ‘land issue’ breaking up farms owned by white farmers was about so much than land It was about breaking up the million strong voting bloc of black employees who worked on the farms and who had voted for the MDC Movement for Democratic Change Magabe wanted to shatter that bloc”Re farming nowadays Maize production is the lowest ever since land reform began Tobacco is down from two hundred and forty million kilos to fifty million From six thousand five hundred productive farms in 2000 there are now only four hundred leftDiamonds are one of the few remaining sources of wealth in Zimbabwe and Mugabe and the army need to control them to finance their ‘political machine’ “Legally the diamond rights belonged to African Consolidate Resources who took them over from De Beers but in 2006 the police chased them away and they haven’t got back since despite High Court orders Mugabe’s ministers moved in and were soon making personal fortunesEstimates put the potential haul as high as US12 billion a year””The same Western powers that Mugabe demonizesare the principal doners of food to his people These towers of grain are all that stand between Zimbabwe and full scale famine”Both Catholic and Anglican churches have had buildings illegally confiscated and their preachers prosecuted since coming out against MugabeOne third of the Zimbabwean population have said to have fled the country Whilst in Johannesberg in 2008 the author witnessed the most terrible attacks on foreign migrants – especially Zimbabweans After 10 days of attacks the South African president sent in the army to restore peace It is estimated that there are now over three million Zimbabweans in South Africa A lot of African leaders supported Mugabe – especially the then South African president Thabo Mbeki The only country that didn’t was Botswana In 2008 Zimbabwe was also being ravaged by Cholera The author stresses that this is entirely preventable and is the result of poverty – due to the collapse of clean water supplies sewage systems and the lack of good health care “But no according to Magabe’s current information minister – Sikhanyiso Ndlovu – it is a ‘serious biological chemical wara genocidal onslaught on the people of Zimbabwe by the BritishCholera is a calculated racist terrorist attack on Zimbabwe by the unrepentant former colonial power which has enlisted support from its American and Western allies so that they can invade the country” The cholera epidemic affected 100000 people killing 4000 of themOther ills that beset Zimbabwe include Aids starvation and collapse of the health care system There was also hyperinflation Wikipedia update In 2009 Zimbabwe abandoned its currency As of 2013 Zimbabwe still has no national currency; currencies from other countries are usedMost of all the book is a testament to the terrible sufferings of those who were attacked and persecuted after the 2008 elections It is also a monument to the incredible courage and tenacity of the politicians and their supporters in the Movement for Democratic Change who stood their ground and refused to be cowed by the terribly bullying by Mugabe’s mobsters The author too put himself in a lot of danger in order to hear people's stories at a time when most foreign journalists had fled the countryA tough read but excellent

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    Seeing what people will go through to vote torture incarceration rape murder starvation houses and farms razed children and elderly parents beaten to coma or death around the world even when they know the election will be stolen the regime they oppose will come after them for voting against the dictator and that their decision to go to the polls is often than not a symbolic gesture based in principles and ideals really brings into sharp relief how sad and pathetic the abysmal turnout is in US elections

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    Brilliant book on the tragedy that is Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe Peter Godwin a native white Zimbabwean sneaks back into the country in 2008 even though as a foreign journalist he is banned The book is written like a memoir with Peter visiting many old friends throughout the terror torn country It is very difficult to read than 10 or 20 pages at a time as the torture and rape and cholera and AIDS and poverty tend to drown one in horror Godwin and his friends manage to keep their fighting spirit and often their good humor desire being beaten down again and again I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Africa

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    Peter Godwin a white Zimbabwean is a very talented writer This book recalls his visits home in the aftermath of Robert Mugabe's stunning defeat by the MDC candidate in 2008 Refusing to cede power Mugabe and his loyal followers launched a campaign to kill and torture their opponents Since becoming Prime Minister in 1980 and President in 1987 Mugabe has destroyed the economy by stealing or jambanja'ing farms education previously 92% literacy highest in Africa and culture This book presents a stark and brutal picture of an African despot who has amazingly managed to avoid the civilized world's wrath

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    Till I bought this book my knowledge of Zimbabwe was limited to the fact that it had a national cricket team one among the twelve cricket playing nations in the world A legacy left by the British as it did to other colonial nations The moment I started reading the book it was so depressing that many a time I wanted to uit reading it midway This is a horrible account of the reign of terror unleashed by Robert Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe This a first hand account of the human rights violations rapes tortures beatings and executions unleashed by Mugabe supporters and partymen on their own people who opposes his rule or the opposition party members thus tightening his grip on the country and its economy I never thought such horrors were prevalent in the country The author travels all over Zimbabwe and puts his observations into writing talking to the people most of them Mugabe's rivals or opposition party members The only grouse was that the entire 350 pages were devoted to the horrors and tortures inflicted on the people most of them descriptive which makes you cringe Would have liked if the author also delved a little into the life of Mugabe Also the book ended abruptly which left a lot uestions to be answered Warning Please do not read this if you are faint hearted owing to the tortures inflicted in minute detail

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    This is my third book by Peter Godwin in just under two weeks and it recounts the recent history in Zimbabwe during and after the 2008 elections Godwin's work is unprecedented for his deep political insight and unparalleled local knowledge which he obtains even at great personal danger This book is not for the faint hearted and I struggled sometimes to read through some of the details of the way Mugabe and his internal forces tortured murdered and disposed of so many of his people However it is a must read and a testimony to all of the ignominious actions that this tyrant murderer dictator carried out to the detriment of his own people Godwin's writing is seamless and keeps you engaged to the very end despite the difficulty of the topic Personally I think he is one of the best journalism writers I have recently discovered His personal love for his own devastated country is the overriding force and strength behind this powerful book For anyone who is passionate about African politics and the recent history of Zim this is unmissable

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    Peter Godwin is a white Zimbabwean who clearly loves his native country He returns after the 2008 presidential elections because he expects to join with his fellow citizens in dancing on Robert Mugabe's political grave But what he finds himself doing over the next three months is bearing witness to Mugabe's brutal crackdown on the opposition who have clearly defeated him at the ballot box but to whom he refuses to relinuish power Godwin documents the systematic terrorizing of men women and children through murder torture imprisonment and arson by government forces Through it all he documents also the steely determination of the Zimbabwean people to claim their political right to dissent and representative government Gripping

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    If you need a good cry or haven't yet solidified your hatred of Uncle Bob Mugabe read this book Godwin is a very very good writer This book is heartbreaking Will the old bastard never die?

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    In 2008 there was a “democratic” election in Zimbabwe which apparently defeated its long time leaderdictator Robert Mugabe Mugabe however wouldn’t accept it so while there was to be a re vote Mugabe’s people hunted down and tortured andor murdered people known to be voting against him The white author who had been born in Zimbabwe and was now a journalist elsewhere decided to head back and talked to Zimbabwean people to bear witness The book followed the author as he travelled across the country to talk to the people There were a lot of people and much of the book particularly the first half focused on telling the stories of those who had been tortured Because there were so many people I sometimes found it hard to follow – is this a new person or is this one of the people already mentioned? Some of the other parts were a bit dry for me It’s horrible everything that happened but I found much of the book though not all a dry read unfortunately This book is copyrighted 2010 so I looked up Mugabe The man at 90 something years old now is still alive and sadly still the leader of the country

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