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Schmeichel The Autobiography

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First published in 1999 Schmeichel talks in details about his time in English football his decision to uit.


While still at the top the secrets of United's success and about individuals such as Sir Alex Ferguson Ca.

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Ntona and Beckham He also sets the record straight over the headline grabbing confrontations with Ian Wrig.

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    Despite being better written than many footballers' bios I give this book a low rating because Mr Schmeichel comes off as such a jerk with zero self reflection or honestyWhen I read this book I thought I was a fan but I was not by the end of the bookYes it was a while ago but I remember it so vividly hence the reviewHis account of what happened re his racial abuse of Ian Wright is not credible; his professed motives explanation make no logical or chronological sense his comments actually indict him definitivelyLater in the book he proudly describes an incident where swears crudely at a female teacher whose class of young school kids had the temerity to interrupt his golf game what a gentleman Finally it's uite creepy when he describes the pleasure he feels when his then young daughter cries even today this seems such a scary telling comment Hard not to feel real revulsion towards this guy despite the mass worship of himSo decent prose written by a man who reveals that he is uite ugly inside