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The 1962 CIA invasion of Cuba by anti Castro exiles at the Bay of Pigs has endured as America's greatest overt covert flop The planning misexecution of the project has been covered until now mainly as a subtheme in memoirs general books about the JFK years Former Newsweek correspondent Wyden has gathered information from the Cuban exiles from within Cuba itself as well as from Washington sources to uncover the untold story; but essentials remain unchanged His access to Cuban sources has been suandered on eyewitness accounts of the battle so that we learn about the minute by minute proceedings than anyone could want This book starts a little slow with the technical data and the planning and the biographies of the individuals assigned under Eisenhower to hatch this invasion of Cuba The first 20% of the book uite frankly is a bit dull and difficult to read however the action soon heats upI'm not sure how much research went into this work but it is very informative and easy to read once the initial pages are finished It almost reads like a spy novel but we all know the seriousness of the Bay of Pigs invasion had on the credibility of the US and President Kennedy It provides a somewhat behind the scenes look at the initial planning by Eisenhower and Nixon and leaves a very good impression on the personal impact it had on President Kennedy and how he used its failure to make better policy decisions in the futureI would recommend it to anyone who would like to know a bit about the Bay of Pigs invasion and the decision making albeit poor that went into it

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Strenuously opposed the operation he concludes that groupthink assumed consensus prevented all these brilliant people by his reckoning almost anyone with a Yale background a position of power ualifies from realizing that the plan was a mess Therefore it could happen again Of course if all those bureaucrats lawyers academics weren't so brilliant the answer may lie elsewhere; not in why the Bay of Pigs wasn't stopped but in why it was started On that he's not much help Kirkus editedPlot at the CIA Escalation Reappraisal momentumAt the watershed The attack beginsInvasion Aftermath Conclusion It could happen againIndex May I say this is a very good book and also say I was so blogged down with all the persons and details that I had to slog through it Not a fan of military history still I wanted to find out about this ghastly event in our relatively recent history yes I remember it a littleand thus I admire the work for its research and completeness

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To know but little about the impact of the invasion on Cuba or Cuban attitudes toward the USA He's dealt with CIA reports that accurately gauged the level of Castro's popular support in Cuba but were bypassed by CIA planners in favor of less accurate ones foreseeing potential success These however are ignored while he gets into the old suabble over the operation's chances had Kennedy not canceled a 2nd air strike aimed at destroying the Cuban air force His obsession with trivial details like each person's garb at any given moment overwhelms any analytic potential Because Wm Fulbright was the only one in the know who A Must Read about the failed invasion of Cuba to overthrow Castro

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About the Author: Peter Wyden

Peter H Wyden born Peter Weidenreich in Berlin to a Jewish family was an American journalist and writerHe left Nazi Germany and went to the United States in 1937 After studying at City University of New York he served with the US Army's Psychological Warfare Division in Europe during World War II After the war he began a career in journalism during which he worked as a reporter for The

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