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R a few years before joining the university under a differe.

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Nt name Now he returns to teach at Hogwarts HPSS Words 1061.

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After killing Voldemort Harry leaves the wizarding world fo. Religion and Violence killing Voldemort Harry leaves the wizarding world fo.

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    I liked the alternate defeat of Voldemort and how Harry pretended to be dead changed his name and then excelled in the wizarding world on entirely his own merits I also enjoyed the delicious irony of Harry now James interacting with Ron after years apart The romance between James and Severus waslacking It felt distant like there were deeper interactions happening behind closed doors that as a reader I didn't get to see and I don't mean that in a dirty way though missing out on that was a bit disappointing too As a character James was far confident then teenaged Harry described in the books an effect I accounted to age as well as having attended university; there was an element of polish and grace especially when fighting or duelling The writing was not incompetent though there were a few minor errors Few authors can pull off being very dialogue heavy and yet have the story still remain vivid but Phoenix Boy pulled it off

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