REVIEW Ù Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy

Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy

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Er first year at the academy she finds adventure friendship romance and betrayal in the most unexpected of placesCover art by Shem Nguyen I like this book It was a new story type The characters were all great I hope the author makes a follow up I would really like to read about Lisa Star's next 3 years at Solstice Academy


Oon she attracted the attention of the Solstice Academy a special school for children who can do things they shouldn't be able toDuring h This book wasn't bad enough to lose my attention but it wasn't really good either It seemed like it needed detail I probably would not recommend this book to anyone over the age of 14

R. Hunter Gough ´ 1 REVIEW

Mona Lisa Starkey had always been good at finding shortcuts But when she accidentally walked from Albuuerue to New York City in an aftern While I don't tend to enjoy young adult fiction unless it is outstanding John Green for instance this was at least entertaining and at times chuckle out loud funny It mostly reads like an airport paperback Harry Potter clone with interwoven threads of Avatar The Last Airbender; the combination of two different YA reluctant hero stories is what makes it fun I also found the main character enjoyable So often with a male author their female characters are wooden and stereotypical While reading Lisa Star I was put in mind of various young nieces and cousins in terms of social behavior and mannerism; well done It's a uick and enjoyable read bearing in mind it is YA fiction Nothing ground breaking or outstanding but still a good read and commendable effort

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  • Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy
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  • 13 August 2017
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