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Fee begins by considering strategy as successfully applied by America OnLine an example that introduces many of the tools discussed in greater depth throughout the book From here he moves to industry analysis By examining the context for developing a strategy he points out uses of positioning and differentiation that enable a firm to weaken price competition and deter rivals from stealing customers McAfee's exploration of a product's life cycle proves an invaluable guide to positioning new technology in order to maximize the potential for future customersIn the centerpiece of the book McAfee lays out a how to manual for co

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Operation providing tactics crucial for setting standards lobbying the government and fostering industry growth Writing in a conversational manner McAfee also addresses such deep topics as organizational design and employee compensation and incentives More detailed discussions examine antitrust enforcement which is an increasingly important constraint on strategy as well as strategies for pricing bidding signaling and bargainingThis book is a fascinating examination of modern business strategy and its application in many different settings Students of business and economics as well as executives and managers will recognize

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Competitive Solutions is an entertaining and wideranging introduction to successful business methods applied to a variety of real world situations Rejecting the one size fits all premise that underlies so many guides to business strategy Preston McAfee develops the intellectual tools and insights needed to confront many marketplace problems Drawing on his broad experience as a consultant for major US companies as well as extensive research McAfee emphasizes cooperation pricing litigation and antitrust as vital to a firm's competitive posture and focuses attention on these elements than do most business strategy accountsMcA

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    The book covers a comprehensive set of topics for a basic MBA classroom in microeconomics or strategy The book is written in an engaging and fun style The lack of depth makes the book perhaps a little bit disappointing in practice using the book's examples in the classroom or in a business meeting reuires collecting information A good example of such approach is the book's treatment of auctions where we get a sense of the big uestions how should auctions be structured? what is bidders' strategy? but we need to get data to support the book's absolutely correct statements So the book is a good overview and each subject should be deepened with a case study and data

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    If you want to learn how to apply your knowledge of economics in the real world then read this book Seriously this is a favorite of my mine I highly recommend it Background I have a degree in economics from northwestern This book is great for beginner and expert alike