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The hallways are a scary place for a new relationship with Eddie and the J's targeting Luke every way they c. These three little books were about love coming of Skin Privilege (Grant County, relationship with Eddie and the J's targeting Luke every way they c. These three little books were about love coming of

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Sit to Luke's house He leaves a message that could change the growing love between Cameron and Luke for ever. This was my least favorite of the 3 books in this s

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AnIt doesn't help one little bit when Ryan Kitchener the boy who attacked Luke when he was younger pays a vi. I hate having to wait between these stories I want

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    4 StarsAnd that’s a wrap on this sweet and emotional little trilogy of shorts In this final instalment of Luke and Cameron’s blossoming romance Luke faces his demons both past and present and ultimately takes a stand against his current tormentor I felt like a proud Mama when he stood up for himself and fought back against the bully It was an empowering moment and I wanted to whoop and cheer and then cuddle him in the aftermath I liked the way everything was resolved or at least how things were left on a positive and hopeful note I also really liked the supporting characters in this addition with Luke’s sister and bestie playing prominent roles I even appreciated the school principal and his handling of the situation Luke found himself in later in the story This series was a truly lovely MM themed YA read and I honestly couldn’t stop once I started I really enjoyed following Luke and Cameron’s story and only wish that there was of it

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    35 StarsA fitting end to this little trilogy It isn’t easy and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows but love is a powerful thing and it can bring joy as well as forgivenessAgain topical YA warts and all

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    These three little books were about love coming of age self discovery and forgiveness They were about stepping out of your comfort zone and empowering yourself to go after your hopes and dreams Two sweet boys falling in love and overcoming obstacles to be who they are together These three little books just made my heart swell with sweetness and love Adorable What you did in school today was one of the bravest things I have ever seen I don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of our freshman year you could have met someone else— I won't— But now at this very moment in time I love you so bad it hurts

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    Luke receives a letter from the boy who attacked her when Luke was younger In the letter Ryan the attacker tells Luke that he is sorry for what he has done Then few days later when Luke and Cam and Mitchell Luke's best friend and Megan Luke's sister are out together someone slashes Luke's tires It's all built up that when one of the bullies comes to give another threat to Luke he snaps This is the third story from Love Is In series an MM young adult series featuring Luke and Cam Honestly I don't remember much from the two previous stories hang head in embarassment but thankfully you don't need to remember the details to appreciate this oneI love how Luke's finally lets out what he has stored inside I actually applauds him for taking a stance over the bully While I'm not a supporter of violence but there is a limit to one's patience afterall I think Luke is so brave and so wonderfulI love Luke and Cam's relationship I hope the next story will tackle Luke's fear over actual sex since that one issue is hanging in the backdrop of this story

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    I hate having to wait between these stories I want and I want now Anyway poor Luke my heart breaks for him but I am so glad he has his mom friends and Cam I know things will get better for him but it's hard to read about all the crap he is going through now I just have to wait for the next one

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    I didn't think it was possible for this series to get any better but the third volume proved me wrong and I couldn't be happier Luke and Cameron are amazing together and when their relationship is really tested by bullies and an intrusion from Luke's past they need to be stronger than everLuke has stood up to the bullying for a while but dealing with one of the worst of his tormentors one who physically attacked him a few years ago and is now in prison takes a lot of courage It also brings back all his fears that Cameron who is far less willing to 'blend in' will be hurt by than words which is bad enough And he wants to avoid that if at all possible The choices he has to make are tough but he faces and makes them with his own uniue brand of courage determination and love and in the end that is what it's all aboutCameron is such a wonderful partner He supports Luke challenges him to stay true to himself and grows as a person while he is at it He clearly loves Luke deeply and will do anything to help him and to keep him safe He has his task cut out for him in this storyWhile this book the entire series really doesn't shy back from the realities of being bullied and coming out it does so in a sensitive gentle way which gives a lot of hope that things will become better Not just for Luke and Cameron who plan to soon go to college together but for all teenagers who are different and stand up for who they areIf you like stories where the main characters are challenged into learning and growing into better stronger people if you enjoy watching the first tender moments of young love exploring a partner and if you want to see how Luke and Cameron are doing you will love this book as much as I did I can only hope there will be another installment where we see the two young lovers at college That would be just awesomeNOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review

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    Beautiful Cam and Luke are both just the biggest sweethearts so forgiving and hopeful and brave This is such an inspiring series acknowledging the bullying and the teasing but doing it in the most amazingly hopeful wayThe only thing I'm left wanting at the end of this one is that every Luke out there could have a Cam and a Mitchell to stand beside themThat being said though I'm reminded of all the times Luke didnt have them with him and made some really tough choices on his own Good inspiring choices that make me wish we all could be so wise and forgiving

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    Very nice YA series I liked Cameron and Luke together Very responsible young peopleI would have loved reading about them going to college though

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    This was my least favorite of the 3 books in this short seriesBook 1 started out really sweet Book 2 was a bit problematic but I still liked it Book 3 just had problems without the cuteness that saved book 2 for meNice boys Luke and Cam but a little too much drama for meThis calls for a Jake picture to cheer me up

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    I love this series and I have been waiting for this story It was so worth the wait This was an emotional read and you really feel for all Luke is struggling to work through Cam was his usual amazing and wonderful self I loved Mitchell and Megan I loved the whole story Here's hoping we get to visit all of these characters again soon