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    I was given the opportunity to read just this past week I won't say too much as to prevent the spoil of any surprises of the book and there are the perfect number of I can complain only of one single thing THE END A part of me wanting to cry turning the page seeing those words I fell in love with each of the main characters for different reasons each There is so much meaning and for me personally I found even some inspiration in the ways the characters Gwen especially lives her life There is the absolute perfect amount of each emotion; the way each plays out is just perfect Love and happiness but not a cheap fairy tale Violence and sexual content but not to disgust or turn down I very anxiously await the release of not only Yearning Devotions but also each upcoming book from this lovely author If you don't have this on your list to read I highly recommend doing so and cannot wait for the release and to share the story and thoughts with others

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    Read reviews | Find Me on Facebook Yearning Devotion took me my total surprise I will be honest; I was a little hesitant to read a romance novel involving ff and ffm situations I was happily surprised that Yearning Devotion had an actual story to it and not just hot sex scenes written for shock value than entertainment like many erotic novels are but the scenes are still SUPER SEXY H O T WowzersI was right away hooked with the storyline and the characters Gwen is a 27 year old fashion designer student who rides the subway to workschool every day when she spots “Mr Green Eyes” Cole a business man who Gwen finds very intriguing This is a first for Gwen who was held captive for five years as a teenager by two men who raped and beat her repeatedly until she ran away Gwen is completely turned off by men and even has a girlfriend McKayla who the two have a very loving but sexy relationship Cole is a first for her and she is interested but scared at the same time by ColeCole Gwen have a flirtatious relationship and soon a sexual relationship with one hot steamy scene involving Gwen Cole AND McKayla Gwen who has her guard up with men learns Cole is hiding something and her trust is lost in him Gwen and Cole’s relationship is like a rollercoaster ride with highs lows over a year’s time They have a real connection that isn’t just sex Cole really cares for Gwen and at times he doesn’t even want to have sex with her he wants to get to know Gwen as well Yearning Devotion was a really great mix of sex story Even the ff scenes were written well and though steamy it was also part of the story and there is reasoning behind Gwen McKayla being together trusting one another They are both broken women who have been hurt by men their entire lives They have a real loving relationship I will be curious to see how Gwen can maintain a relationship with McKayla Cole it should be interestingThe book is on the shorter side but I did not feel like I was cheated out of a story it was the perfect length and every detail was given The story was very well developed and emotional then what I had been anticipating The book does end on a cliff hanger with Gwen’s past coming back to her I really want the next book in the series like NOW Yearning Devotion totally surprised me I recommend the book to those who enjoy erotic romance novels but are also looking for a story not just sexI give Yearning Devotion 35 Stars Book provided by the author in return for an honest review

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    FAN FREAKING TASTIC OMG this is one series I will re read over and over again because I was so captured by the writing and the characters and the strength of the main character Gwen I read a lot of erotica and I have to say that I absolutely love the fact that the author went there with FF and FMF To me this shows she has balls of steel and I was not disappointed in the least bit when I started reading this book and could not put it down until the end Then the end left me screaming at my kindle because I need the next book like PRONTOGwen has had a rough life She grew up with no parents and living in foster care and then living on her own where she had to do whatever she had to do to survive She ended up being abused and used as a sex slave She finally gets the strength to fight back her captor and when she runs she decides she will start a new life As she struggles with homelessness and starvation she eventually meets McKayla and together they take care of each other Gwen has her secrets and her past will not define her because she decides she will move on and have a happy life So she goes to college and she works and she hangs with McKayla Then her life takes a change for the better when she meets Cole Lord Cole is all shades of gorgeous and he has captured her heart but she is scared to let him in because of her past But Cole is determined to break down the walls she has up and together they find happinessBut happiness is short lived because one her captors she fled from has found her and he is going after her with a vengeance With her past coming back to haunt her can sheCole and McKayla be safe and stay together? Man what a nail biting story that had me on the edge of my seat I need book two like ASAP

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    Oh my God To be honest I starting reading this book with no expections I had no idea what the story was about I started reading at 1230am Thinking I would read a few pages before I went to bed Boy was I wrong 5 12 hours the book was down and was up until 6 am After that I needed about an hour to cool off The characters story line and background captivated me I could not put it down for anything I fell in love with them felt compassion for what they went through I can't remember a time when I was so enthralled with a book I didn't even read those best seller books as fast as I did this one Only disappointment was the end I didn't want it to be over I cannot wait until the next one comes out to find out what happens next This woman Gwen is a remarkable character who has over come amazing hurdles And the adult content was amazing I would def recommend having someone close by to help relieve some built up personal tension otherwise I would def recommend a cool down period I can not rave enough about how much i loved this book

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    I read this for Round Table Book ReviewsI admit I wasn’t a 100% sure of this book when I started reading it but once I had got into the actual story I really liked itThe main character Gwen has been through hell and is finally turning her life around She is with someone and they love each other support each other completely They understand what each other have been throughThen Gwen meets a man who could change her lifeThis is a rather good story very easy to get into It is an Erotic book so I wasn’t expecting some of the sex scenes but it was very hot sexualThe characters are very easy to like and you can’t help wishing the best for them The all work really great togetherThere is humour great sadness in this story my heart really went out to Gwen but she is a strong ladyThe exciting twist although not unexpected considering had my heart in my throatI am looking forward to reading the next instalment now

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    I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis one just wasn't for me It was a nice steamy story with interesting characters but I couldn't get past the editing errors the troublesome dialogue or the disjointed flow of the plot itself I think with a lot editing and a little attention paid to the details this could be a much better read but as it stand now its just not for meThank you to the author for allowing the the opportunity to read and review

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    Oh my hotness This is an erotic read with depth The past that both Gwen and McKayla go through and come out supporting each other is heart wrenching I love the unconditional love and bond between these two And Cole oh hello mister hotness Great read and I can't wait for

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    I was lucky to receive and ARC for an honest review This will contain spoilersHoly shit That is what comes to mind when I think about this phenomenal book that I just finished I laughed I cried and I got really turned on This book is amazing and I loved it from the first sentence to the very lastIt starts with blood Lots of blood She was about to be attacked and her attacker had thought she had grown complacent he left keys and his pocket knife on the kitchen counter She hid the knife in her shorts and when he attacked her and slammed her face into a wall and broke her nose she slid the knife out of the shorts and stabbed the guy in the neck and slid as hard as she could to his other ear She dropped the knife grabbed his keys and RAN10 Years LaterWe meet Gwen Black Who takes the subway into the city with music in her ears Music is her lifeline She got her GED and was in her first semester in Fashion Design While people watching on the subway she finds Mr Green Eyes As she made it to her stop she gets off the subway and as she is walking and not paying attention she trips over her own two feet Before she hits the ground she feels big hands on her arms and she was pulled up against a really hard chest As her rescuer asks if she is ok she turns to see who the deep voice belongs to and looks right at Green Eyes She gets a little lost in those amazing eyes of his Then she realizes that she he spoke and she snaps out of her trance He introduces himself as Cole Cressley As she gained her confidence she winked and gave him a smile thanking him and never giving her name The next morning she sees him on the subway again they talk for a but she still never gave him her name Later that day on her way home she ran into him again Finally telling him her name they start talking again this time it kind of hits close to home for Gwen and she gets a little upset Cole seeing that she was upset wouldn't let her go with out at least calming her down and invites to take her for some coffee They sit and talk getting to know each other with out really getting to know each other As she realized she was there a while she says she needs to leave and he kisses her good bye Gwen has an internal freak out and runs to a cab and leaves without saying anything As soon as she is in the cab she pulls out her phone and calls her girlfriend McKayla As she reaches McKaylas apartment she goes inside and McKayla knows just what she needs McKayla helps her relax by giving her an amazing orgasm in the shower After the shower they talk about Gwen's day Gwen tells McKayla about the kiss and realizes she has liked it Which scares her cause she didn't think she could ever have feelings for a man and she doesn't know what to do with it The next morning Gwen is on the subway again and drawing a new design in her sketchbook Cole comes and sits close and they talk he asks about her drawings and she shows him one that she isn't to embarrassed to show people He thinks that they are fabulousAfter the subway she heads to class then to her job where we learn she works for Finest Companions which is a high end escort service Gwen doesn't enjoy sex with a man cause after being held in captivity for 5yrs she thinks its just something else you do Her clients pay a little for her services She has a date with a 50yr old man who takes her to a black tie party Once they get there She learns the party is hosted by Cole in his apartment He doesn't know the reason she is there After Gwen makes it home from the party she can't seem to get Cole out of her head she changes out of her fancy gown and into a really tight dress and heads back to his apartment Once there she knocks and he doesn't answer As she realizes she is being foolish she goes to get on the elevator and doesn't realize he opened the door As he says something to her and she turns around He asks why she is there and she doesn't really know why and says that She looks him over and realizes his chest is bare and he is only wearing basketball shorts HOT He invites her in and makes her left over food After feeding her he takes her to bed and they have great sex Afterwards they are so tired she decides to stay the night Waking up to a crash the next morning she hears a woman screech asking Cole who this woman is the lady says she is his wife Gwen is taken by surprise she looks to Cole who is looking at her lap She slaps him hard and grabs her dress and leave Completely heart broken she goes to McKaylas and looses it Cries in her cheerios Completely devastated She ends up depressed and drinking a lot She realizes after a while she needs to fully open up to McKayla and tells her all about being held from the time she was 12 to the time she was 17 and raped beaten and starved repeatedly She miscarried 3 babies and the final straw that made her get up her resolve and kill one of the bastards that where holding her was the fact that she was pregnant with her 4th baby So she escaped and became homeless The fact that she was so malnourished she lost baby number fourAfter fully opening up she felt so much better that she decided it was time to uit at the Escort agency and get her life back on track She remembers she was given a card for a top design company in the city So she calls and found out if she uits school and takes the job she will learn a lot and it is only contracted for a year and after that year if she wants to leave she is welcome to stay on as an assistant or she can start her own line and they will help her with that After a year goes by she is at fashion week about to show off her new line she gets nervous McKayla who is now a model helps her calm down As her show went great she goes out to bow and sees familiar green eyes in the audience After pulling it together she finishes out the show While at dinner to celebrate McKayla takes Gwen out to celebrate the success At dinner McKayla sees Cole and tries to warn Gwen but he is already in pursuit Coming up to the table Gwen wouldn't let him explain and walks past him Over the next few days she keeps seeing him everywhere Finally as she is leaving the bathroom at the gym she runs into another guy He tried hitting on her and after she kindly tried to say no thanks he wouldn't let up Before she knew it he was up against a wall and the man holding him there was Cole Cole explained he needed to talk to her Gwen but she didn't want to hear it Gwen got offers for jobs by a few companies after the success of her show Even the company she worked at as an assistant She showed up for her appointment and found out that the lady who was to interview her was out sick so that woman's boss was going to do the interview As she is escorted back she enters a huge office and waits for the interviewer to turn around It turns out to be Cole He is the CEO and Owner for MHKR She sees the look in his eyes he has a flat look and he is sooo cold towards her like he never met her beforeAs the interview progresses it doesn't get any better As she realizes she is fed up with his attitude she gets her composure about her and decides to grab her portfolio and leave As she is about to get to the door she feels arms wrap around her and she freezes He explains that he doesn't know if he can work with her and not touch her After he explains the situation with his now ex wife and where he has been for the last year she realizes cant resist him any and they have hot passionate sex against the wall of windows He tells her he is picking her up for dinner that night and she was going to explain everything to him so there were no secrets between them At dinner that night she told him all about her past He accepts her cause he realized that he fell in love with her a long time ago That night he stays at her apartment with her and McKayla The next day he goes to work and Gwen gets a call about the job she interviewed with Cole and was offered a position with his company She happily accepts After that call she gets another really chilling call from the brother of the man she killed 10yrs prior He threatened her As a few days go by she hasn't heard anything and assuming he moved on she never tells Cole about the call To celebrate her new job Cole took her out to dinner As they pulled up to the restaurant she gets outta the car and freezes instantly Cole realizes the problem and looks up in front of them stands a man from Gwens past Cole asks if she knows him All she can say isYESThis book was phenomenal I really can't wait for book 2 all I can say is Chapter 9 is worth reading this book alone That is one hot and steamy chapter I hope y'all enjoy this book as much as I did

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    I LOVE a good book I could sit around reading all day long if real life didn't get in the way I am also VERY easily distracted This rings true with every time I pick up a book If the first couple of chapters don't pull me in I'll likely throw it aside well virtually speaking since I usually read books on my phone I don't care if it's my favorite person in the world who wrote it I will not rave about something I don't personally adoreLuckily for me I fell in LOVE with YD as soon as I started reading itAs you can tell by the back of the book the leading characters are a woman Gwen a man Cole and another woman McKayla Gwen is the main character and we are taken through her journey She had a very large part of her life be absolutely horrid yet comes out of it and takes to heart things she's learned during her ordeals We aren't given the full information until many chapters into the book and I think that helped the shock factor the first time around and the ability to feel even connected to her the second time around It's not often I feel the need to read a book twice in a short time period but with this book I did The second time around I think I fell even MORE in love with the characters if that's even possibleThe characters in the book are ones that I felt uickly connected to We've all had things happen to us and we all can feel empathy for those who have as well I loved that I was able to feel connected to than just the main character As the story progresses through my opinion on each character went all over the place I learned to not assume that one character is really a certain way because when is revealed that assumption proved to be the one I shouldn't have made I went through such a rainbow of emotions while reading that I couldn't put it down wanting to know what next?? I didn't expect some of the twists and turns and I was constantly kept at the edge of my seat Well maybe bed because I tend to do most of my reading while the rugrats sleep since it's so difficult to focus on anything when they're awakeI am not by any means against erotica books; however I also don't consider them my first choice when it comes to reading material I'm all for a good love story IF and only if it's not sappy I don't do sappy cheesy love stories You will NOT find Fabio with his crazy mane of hair on any of the books I like to read As for the erotica side there have been a few I've really liked in my time but majority I've read focus too much on the sex and not enough on there being an actual amazing story line with it Rachael Orman has done an AMAZING job with finding a happy medium while keeping the erotic side erotic using it to enhance the story line not just be the whole focus of the novel and including the awww love factor without overly doing it while still somehow writing a book with a strong plot and story line that kept me glued The sex scenes are extremely hot and steamy but if you're not into those you can very easily skip over the sex scenes and still have a fabulous story to follow without really missing a beat Without the sex scenes the book is still a wonderfully good read however I say read them and enjoy them ; I know it's triple digits here but phew everything gets even hotter when reading through those parts of the bookI had many uestions when I was reading through the first time and although many were answered there are still waiting to be answered which also leaves room for subseuent novels to continue to keep my interest There's so much growth and development that these characters can go through and so much I look forward to learning about them I didn't know if I should love or hate that YD left me with my jaw on the floor when I read those two words THE END I wanted to scream NO NO I'M NOT READY FOR THIS TO END WHAT NEXT? WHAT HAPPENS? but I knew it'd do me no good to wake up the rugrats and have no resolution to my frustration so I picked my jaw up off the floor and will just have to wait impatiently for the second installmentI HIGHLY recommend getting this novel I didn't include a lot of the info on the actual story because I personally can't stand when reviews have spoilers and I don't want to ruin it for you It's worth the read for sure

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    This book was definitely different than any other book I’ve read It’s one of those books that you just don’t know if people are going to love or hate But I have to say that I really enjoyed it The prologue is what gets you It leaves your heart pounding and you want to keep reading just so you know of what is happening Gwen is a very strong and courageous woman Not many women could have survived what she went through and still be trying to make her life better She has so many walls up except for when it comes to McKayla McKayla is a sweet and caring girl She is a wonderful friend to Gwen and they have both been through a lot of pain So they help one another to heal and end up in love You definitely don’t choose who you fall in love with so I was just happy that they found each other and could help one another through the turmoil that they both endured My heart broke a lot for both girls because of what happened to them “Trust me I’m the worst about expressing what I feel with the right words I always seem to screw it up but I want to try for you I want to try to be a better person than I have been in the past because I want you to be proud to say that you are with me I want to be worthy of everything you have to give I know that I’m not but I want to try” Gwen to Cole Then comes along the most wonderful man Cole He is sweet and gentle with Gwen He breaks all of her walls and she is intrigued by him She develops feelings for him Along with his gentleness he is one of the most passionate men ever That is until you find out that he is married I seriously never wanted to smack a man so hard when it got to this part of the book I was so mad at him“I’ve wanted to do that all night” He said looking deeply into her eyes A smile in his eyes “I still remember the first time I kissed you just like that you know I had no idea how much you would come to mean to me back then but I knew that you were someone special that I had to get to know better You are so beautiful even through all the horrors life has thrown at you Not just your face and body although those are amazing but your soul You are still so caring and loving after everything and everyone was so hard on you You really are a little miracle” ColeI was so glad when things finally started to fall together for the girls Gwen deserved good things and when they started happening I couldn’t have been happier for her She sure did have a lot of drama going on; it was never a dull moment A year passes and things fall in place that is until she runs into Cole again I was beyond relieved to find out that everything that happened was such a big misunderstanding because I couldn’t help but love him “Even without this I really do like the idea that I will get to see you every day even though you bring out a different side of me that I’m not used to dealing with You make me a different man I’ve never cared to make someone happy I’ve never felt this sueezing in my chest when I think I’ve upset someone like I get with you When you smile at me or because of something I’ve done it makes my entire day better” Cole“I said nothing about moving on I think you are the ultimate challenge You are the challenge of a life time I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman like you You are incredibly headstrong stubborn and hard to understand while being beautiful passionate intelligent and tender than any woman I have ever met Trust me I have met many women and you are the only one that has ever captured me from the first moment you tripped over your won feet” Cole The ending just threw me for a loop; I was left shocked and just staring at the screen because there wasn’t any to read I can’t wait for the second book so I can find out what happens The beginning and the ending will both leave you wanting Arc received by author for an honest review

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Yearning Devotion Yearning Series #1

SUMMARY Yearning Devotion Yearning Series #1

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