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Breastfeeders Anonymous

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NgFactual information about ALL aspects of breastfeedingLoads of personal notesGorgeous photos28 Breastfeeding Myths bustedAnd FAs answered by professional lactation consultant Joy AndersonBreastfeeders Anonymous is the good bad and ugly truth of what human lactation is really about.


If you want to breastfeed read this bookAside from the actual experience of birth many pregnant women are anxious about whether or not they'll be able to successfully breastfeed their baby Many of these women conseuently do not succeed at breastfeeding as they do not have enough inf. Men on a Mission do not succeed at breastfeeding as they Seeing the Light do not have enough inf.

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Ormation about the realities of early breastfeeding andor they are not offered enough support during the days of establishing breastfeedingBreastfeeders Anonymous arms pregnant women and new mums with real life experiences and information giving them the ammunition to succeedIncludi.