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  • 07 May 2018
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    Don’t you just love it when you discover a shining gem of a book? I do The Astounding Antagonists is a fantastic read It’s a supervillainhero novel and there’s probably nothing that a hardcore superhero fan wouldn’t expect BUT Rafael Chandler has a knack for creating top notch characters and flowing dialogue and action guaranteed to win the reader over 25 years ago the Prisms which turned normal people into superbeings had landed all over the world Now Verdict Facet and BioTech spent millions tracking the remaining Prisms down and bringing them back to the USA A monopoly on heroism The blurb gave me the rundown of the main characters in the book but it didn’t prepare me for how much I was going to enjoy each and every one of them I really came to like these supervillains for their distinct voice and sense of humour or in some cases the lack thereof Motley was probably my favourite a 40 nimble thief she could crack some serious wit and I found myself cackling on numerous occasions Admit it nothing beats a book that is peppered with a good dose of humourTruly just take my word the supervillains are awesome What makes them even joyful to follow in this novel is the fact how they still have their past they still have their specific brand of moral code and importantly they had that important and valid internal conflict each of them which at times made them act in a surprising wayTake Baelphegor for example he’s like one of the most horrible supervillains out there Putrid is the word in fact with which people describe him and his actions and yet he made me go ‘awwww’ on a couple of occasions Seriously MindbenderAnd Dr Agon this super brainy inventor who has nothing but his gadgets to fight the superheroes is literally socially and emotionally inept and yet he LOVES his partner Gideon and he maybe in a way allows Helen Damnation to draw the moral lines in the sand which they will NOT cross as they take the fight right to the superheroes doorSpeaking of Helen Damnation Wow Yes to this character A hundred times yes And I am so sorry but I will not want to say anything at all about her because you need to READ her to love her I loved her Everything about her So hard Her background her strawberry smell her looks and even the way she spoke #girlcrush Now come on let’s go into outer space and fuck everything up like a couple of supervillains When we’re finished they’ll have to invent a bunch of new laws just to figure out all the crimes we committed The plot of this book is boom there’s a whole ton happening and all of it wrapped in plenty of action Truly the overarching mission of the book which counts the reader down to the ultimate face off in between supervillains and superheroes with the supporting side stories themed around love and friendship kept me amused from start finish It was rich In so many possible ways And guys when the line in between who was actually good or bad started to blur I was even investedCan you tell that I really enjoyed this book? 😀 It’s a bleeding gem of a read oozing all sorts of cool and high tech The entertaining purposeful dialogue and the sass that the author managed to surprise at the most perfect moments coupled with concise action scenes seriously tingled my bookworm tastebuds I highlighted so many so many many dialogue exchanges in this book I wish I could share with you because they are just so entertaining but I can’t I do not want to take away the element of discovery from youAll I can say is this if you like stories with superheroes and supervillains then this novel is simply one not to miss I swear you will regret it if you won’t read it To those of you who read Rafael’s Mask Beneath Her Face– remember how entertaining it was and what the characters were like? Well you will receive the same courtesy in The Astounding Antagonists– a solid solid solid novel

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    The Astounding Antagonists is an entry into the sparsely populated field of superhero novels It skillfully blends common superhero tropes subverted tropes and obvious deep thought about the implicationsThe book focuses on the exploits of a group of supervillains who run the gamut from idealistic rebellion against the status uo to self interested greed The Antagonists present a varied group with complex motivations interpersonal relationships and behaviors Chandler has clearly taken the idea that everyone is the hero in their own story and run with it None of the characters are doing what they're doing simply because they're evil or for an undirected desire for power insert maniacal cackle hereWhen Doctor Agon a super intelligent inventor learns that the heroes are bringing a satellite online that will be able to track and target anyone on earth from space he launches a desperate scheme to bring it down before they can create an iron grip on the earthChandler has clearly done a lot of thinking about superheroes and is eually clearly very familiar with the source material Common archetypes from the pages of comics appear in the book Sometimes there are clear analogues Sometimes the trope is spread out over two or characters and sometimes two characters embody the same archetype in different ways Readers familiar with cape comics will recognize The Old Fashioned Do gooder The Comedic Villain The Rich Vigilante The Gadgeteer The SpeedsterWhere Chandler diverges from the traditional superhero plot is in the implications What sort of people would be given government sanction to operate a super team? How would vast wealth and fame affect the attitudes of the ones that have them? Especially if they're born to it? When there are no procedures in place for arrest evidence gathering and the like what would happen when it was time for trials and sentencing? What would that sort of privilege to be able to ignore the laws and dictates of society do to the behaviors and thoughts of the recipients?Conversely what sort of villains would dare to oppose a force like that? What would motivate someone to stand up to people that could kill you without charges or incarcerate you without trial? And lesser offenders what is their thought process? How do they get by?The book's only real weakness is that the heroes are too uniformly despicable While the protagonistsvillains are uite varied in their presentation and motivations the heroes don't really rise above the level of jaded cynicism I believe the book would have benefited from either eschewing the hero point of view entirely or by including some younger idealistic crusader who still hadn't sunk into the self satisfied swagger of the veterans This character existed on the villains' sideIt really is a great book and if you have ever had any interest in superheroes I highly recommend it

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    Rafael Chandler's The Astounding Antagonists is a superhero and supervillain page turner and so far the best novel I have read in the genre It's not easy to make a genre primarily associated with visual media come alive solely with words but Chandler does a beautiful jobThe first thing that hooked me from the very first few paragraphs is the strong characterization with interesting likeable believable and diverse characters Then we get to see a web of relationships established between them which will drive the plot throughout the book It was lovely to see lots of different types of protagonists with different ways of seeing the worldThe rhythm and writing style are excellent making it hard to put down the book or rather the e reader I kept wanting to find out what happened next I would be delighted if this was turned into a graphic novel or let's dream big a movie But I have to admit that losing direct access to the writing style in the process would be a down sideI also loved the way Chandler addresses his readers as smart well read and engaged He drops references to the classics of superhero comics and of Greek literature with eual aplomb and makes apologies for neither counting on the reader to follow along He plays on stereotypes without ever becoming heavy handed just to keep you from making unwarranted assumptions while you read As a result I was far freuently surprised by the plot twists than I had been by say Austin Grossman's otherwise enjoyable Soon I Will Be InvincibleIf I must pick weaknesses in the writing I'd have to say that a few likeable superheroes would have made the tension powerful The other potential flaw is inherent to the genre it's very difficult to describe the kind of wide spread free for all battles that are its trademark From time to time I had a little trouble visualizing this type of scene However those were in passing remarks while the strengths of the book were ever presentIf you loved Watchmen or Astro City I expect you will greatly enjoy this book In fact I liked it so much that I immediately started reading Chandler's other novel Hexcommunicated

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    I'm not sure what to rate this one It didn't really grab me the way some books have but at the same time there are a lot of books out there I've liked a lot less So I guess I'll go with three stars The story direction is reasonable A harsh look at the so called superheroes who run things from the perspective of their antagonists The writing is decent in most places although some of the scene descriptions are lacking and left me somewhat confused as to what actions were taking place At times it felt we were glossing over huge sections like where Agon's secret underwater base came from in order to dwell upon transitory feelings and who was sleeping with whom My problem I suppose is that I didn't really like most of the protagonists I liked Motley but the book is told from several points of view and hers is only featured perhaps 25 percent of the time The rest all managed to annoy me in one way or another To be fair the heroes are supposed to be annoying but the villains weren't much betterI would like to clarify here While the book is told from several perspectives the transitions between perspectives is handled uite well unlike some books I've read So overall it's a superhero book told from the perspective of the antagonists It's a bit of a bleak story and the action scenes can be fairly brutal There are a number of amusing pop culture references and some curious forays into history but I'm sorry to say that it wasn't uite as much fun as I look for in a superhero story I paid retail price for the Kindle version of this book my thoughts on it are my own They were neither solicited by nor compensated for by either the author or the publisher

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    The best capepunk novel since Soon I Will Be InvincibleI've read a lot of books in this genre in the past few years and discovered many gems among the dross but Chandler's is the first since Grossman's to give me this much of a visceral emotional and literary thrill His characters are so strong uniuely voiced understandably motivated and genuinely engaging I found myself fearing for their lives and well being with every turn of the page Well the villains anyway Chandler creates a root for the bad guys scenario that never seems like a cheat They aren't forced to save the day at the last minute nor are they motivated by some vague notion of evil or menace They are like Dante's Satan ultimate rebels out to bring down a status uo overlorded by a Justice League's worth of entitled a holes The writing is terrific funny moving and with surprising moments of depth and empathy for these slightly twisted underdogs the author truly loves Bring on the seuels

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    I just don't care any I don't particularly like any of the characters The heroes are all petty entitled shallow snots The villains are likeable but even then they have their own goals and have no problem manipulating the rest to accomplish them The author has a very strong 1% v 99% theme going where being rich and powerful automatically makes you bad and only the poor are deserving of anything I kept waiting for someone to scream occupy Wall street Eventually I just wore out

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    Really interesting liked the concepts of good vs evil but in way you don't expect it Characters grow on you they have good depth and are interesting Really enjoyed the style and I am not a huge comic fan

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    This is a super hero story told from the villain’s view point Doctor Agon a super inventory learns that the super heroes are going to be launching a satellite into space that can track everyone on Earth With the help of other villains he plans on stopping the little pompous twerps in their tracks With super heroes and comicsgraphic novels becoming so popular we are starting to see super hero stories And where there are heroes there are villains But what really defines a villain? What if they are the hero of their own stories? Are the heroes really heroes? This story makes you think twice about the typical villain Now there are a couple things that did annoy me about the story The whole political and economic views did make this story drag They just kept going and drug away from my enjoyment of the storyI loved the stories that twist the approach and make you think twice about the norms I previously read Renegades by Marissa Meyer and enjoyed that book I could see some of that in The Astounding Antagonists If you like the super hero stories you should check this one out You might enjoy it tooI received a complimentary copy of this book I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review

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    A well written well paced gripping superhero story Worth the read if you can overlook the amateurish formatting and obvious political slantThe Astounding Antagonists is a story about superheroes and supervillains only it flips the script on the usual take Heroes are self absorbed superbrats and vile corporate billionaires villains are socially sensitive rebels fighting an uncaring system of financial and legal oppression Well mostlyThe story is told from the points of view of several different heroes and villains It unfolds at a controlled but steady pace as the plot is developed until in true super story fashion we're immersed in an all out brawl for the fate of the planetI very much enjoyed The Astounding Antagonists and found it hard to put down The characters were well developed and interesting and the plot was compelling and moved at a fast but well structured pace It's a professionally crafted story let down only by a lack of professional presentation with poor interior formatting and rare but noticable editing issues Still if you're not bothered by the technical presentation I highly recommend The Astounding Antagonists

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    The superheroes have made the world safe They've also made themselves fantastically wealthy distorted all the laws in their favor and locked up or killed anyone else with superpowers They're jerks Basically the only thing that differentiates them from villains is good PR the public still loves them no matter how horribly they repress The situation feels uncomfortably like a logical extension of our own society's plutocratic and capitalistic tendencies which is surely Chandler's extentThe few remaining supervillains are a blend of ne'er do wells freedom fighters contrarians and retirees that just want to be left alone But when they learn the superheroes have a new plan to find and eradicate them they must band together Sort of It's not something they do wellThis is a story about the difference between being a hero and being heroic The characters are well developed and engaging and they have good chemistry together If you like superhero stories that are turned on their head or stories about a band of misfits fighting against impossible odds who doesn't? this is a story you'll enjoy It might even give you something to think about

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