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    Originally posted at wishes are granted and if you’re lucky dreams can come trueCassandra Parker is a busy girl working hard for her company and lusting over sexy David Michalek one of the consultants working in her office Her wicked cravings for him are kept neatly under wraps until that is a mysterious package arrives containing not just a bottle of perfume but also a genieCassandra then finds herself plunged into three dreams past present and future where she is the star of the show and David or Davids in the plural are her suitors The dreams are hot and raunchy take her to Heaven and back and leave her wanting the real thing even But life isn’t a dream and an evil contemporary is making Cassandra’s life almost unbearable pushing her to snapping point and beyondI enjoyed the premise of this story very much it’s nice to come across something a little different in the erotic romance genre The dreams were a great addition to the novel they meant that the action got started even before the couple could figure out the crinkles in their relationship I liked how the author doubled and tripled David in the dreams – very naughty great fun A nice excuse to act out some fantasies tooThe dialogue was sharp all of the conversations with meddling Amber had me clenching my fists – wicked woman The genie was sweet – nice that it was a woman – and enough part of the story to be functional but not THE story the plot was definitely Cassie focused Sex scenes were steamy I liked the last one the best but that was probably because David really did if for me too I could see why Cassie had got her panties in a twist over him – PhewA good novel nice characters realistic but magical enough between the sheets action to stoke the fire and a lovely ending

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Three Wicked Wishes Love in a Bottle #1

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WhimIn the real world though office politics take a malicious turn leaving Cassie wishing than ever that her dreams could become reality Then she discovers she isn’t the only one with a fantasy or threeProduct WarningsThis book contains a magic potion a meddling genie a good woman with a bad girl imagination and a hot hunk of man who looks just as good in the armor of a medieval knight as he does times three wearing nothing at al.

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Good things come in threesthe naughtier the betterLove in a Bottle Book 1Cassandra Parker has a secret she’s in love with David Michalek the sexy consultant she’s assisting on a major project for her company She also has a rule no office romancesThen she finds a magic bottle and a genie who promises to make all her X rated fantasies come true in dreams set in the past present and futureAs Lady Cassandra she is swept off her medi.

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Eval feet and out of her gown by tournament champion Sir David of Micheline who proves he is as much a master of the sensual arts as he is of the martialAs party girl Cass sexy twins David and Mitch double team her with their challenge to decide which brother is the better loverAnd as exotic galactic Princess Kazzandra she learns that nothing is hotter than having triplet consorts Davyd Davon and Dev eager to answer her every erotic.