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Die Anarchie der PhantasieGespräche und Interviews

characters Die Anarchie der PhantasieGespräche und Interviews

Ssbinder's most important interviews essays and working notes nearly all presented here for the first time in English They are an indispensable record of the self understanding and self stylization of this major artist one of the most influential cultural figures to emerge from postwar Germany Fassbinder's essays and other writings commanded a degree of public attention rarely achieved by film makers in the United States His articles appeared in major newspapers such as the Frankfurter Rundschau and Die Zeit where they both influenced the cultural scene and intervened in the acrimonious debate. However you feel about Rainer Werner Fassbinder as a director and I hap

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In Rainer Werner Fassbinder's A Year of Thirteen Moons the camera watches the prostitute Red Zora as she watches Fassbinder in a television interview The actress is Ingrid Caven the director's former wife and the woman with whom he claims to have his most important elective affinity At once provocative and revealing the scene illustrates Fassbinder's interest in blurring the boundaries between art and life between fiction and autobiography His public comments like his films and plays were occasions for aesthetic experimentation rich in irony and drama The Anarchy of the Imagination collects Fa. I haven't read this in a long time but his name brings back memories of

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S on terrorism and anti Semitism that swept West Germany in the late 1970s and early 1980s Whether Fassbinder is reflecting on his own work or writing about fellow film makers whether he is describing his discovery of actress Hanna Schygulla or speaking out in favor of political film making his perspective is radical subjective and challenging The writings in this volume are not only about films but about love longing dependency repressed wishes and dreams They are an essential part of Fassbinder's legacy the remarkable body of work in which present day German reality finds brilliant expressio. 'Me niego a cortejar al público renuncio a suspirar por ue me uiera au

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    I haven't read this in a long time but his name brings back memories of his intelligence and just the force of his personality that comes through the page and of course through his films I remembered when he passed away I was very sick in bed with a flu and I read he died in bed while watching a video tape of the TV show Dallas Which struck me as I was sick in bed the perfect passing for FassbinderI discovered his works by accident I went to the first night of a very long retrospective of his work at the Fox Venice Theater I can't remember what the first film was but I had to go see of his work the next night And then the night after that Basically I stopped my life to see every film at the time by Fassbinder I went to see his films alone It was probably the most intense film going experience in my life Many years later I talked to various people and a lot of them had the same experience at that very retrospectiveFassbinder had that it factor

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    I was just looking for this book I remembered I gave it away once in love; and thas why love no good

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    The Anarchy of the Imagination is by no too large a praise a must own for fans of Mr Fassbinder and those seeking to maybe make a movie one day This is the type of book that should exist for every fascinating director but sadly does not interviews spanning the years wherein discussions of his movies politics and social views can be found and these same themes and topics likewise show up in the many articles Rainer Fassbinder wrote this includes an article on Hannah 13 Moons charges of anti semitism Douglas Sirk's movies If you feel that you already know this man well already or would rather not read something nearly as bleak as the movies I still think there's enough in this book for you and if you'd like to know about his work the movies he loves and why he loves them as well as the ones he hates and want to know about the life and work of one of the three best German filmmakers this book is going to be delightful More books like these please

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    However you feel about Rainer Werner Fassbinder as a director and I happen to feel that among his many many films are some of the greatest ever made this collection attests to the fact that he was an incredible thinker and writer a man for whom living and challenging the very institutional repressions that make living so terrifying were one and the same If for no other reason buy this book for Fassbinder's essay on Berlin Alexanderplatz which he adapted into a fifteen and a half hour television film masterpiece and his Two Monologues and a Text on Despair his non masterpiece but still fascinating adaptation of Nabakov's novelDestruction isn't the opposite of what exists Destruction is when this concept no longer exists when it doesn't have any meaning any when it has a reality that makes it disappear What people invent then that would be exciting

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    'Me niego a cortejar al público renuncio a suspirar por ue me uiera aunue eso sea lo más importante del mundo para mí ue me uieran' Una de las recopilaciones de ensayos entrevistas y notas de trabajo de Fassbinder más importantes publicadas en castellano Entre curiosidades y claves de sus principales proyectos ordenados cronológicamente se cuelan reflexiones sobre las películas de otros autores la política alemana del momento o reflexiones vitales ue de alguna u otra manera ya aparecen expuestas en su trabajo De entre los textos seleccionados destacan especialmente la sinopsis larga de 'Un año con trece lunas' el propio análisis de su trabajo con Hanna Schygulla ue acaba dibujando un interesantísimo semblante de una de sus actrices fetiche así como el arranue de su carrera y la formación del Antitheater y un tierno cuestionario escolar ue cierra el volumen

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    In your opinion what effect can films have on society? What can a filmmaker do for society? He can do a lot Entertain Tell stories in such a way that the moviegoer is entertained and afterwards is no stupider; he can make various things clear to him or make him want to get various things straight for himself he can express fears For others If no one does that we'd withdraw into the kind of silence in which sooner or later you become a moron Film can give the moviegoer the courage to continue expressing things taking a position on them and making it known I do feel that film as a medium can be effective in all sorts of ways And it's always a means of entertainment and should remain that too Like literature which is also supposed to be fun or music uite aside from the effect it can have

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    The curation felt a bit fanboy ish there're than one lists of 'favourites' for example and an admittedly adorable Generic Fan Magazine type uiz etc Which I think he would've enjoyed laughed at and seen as indicative of the sort of mindless social process that people learn to uestion via good art Still obviously necessary reading for anyone looking for insights into the man's creative process andie belief system because they're nearly one and the same for him which is probably why he could be so consistent in his output I made plenty of notes in the marginsStill plenty of interest for straight up film fans including an outlinetreatment of Thirteen Moons before it was written that is extraordinary to read

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    When reading the interviews you can almost hear the trite answer someone else would give to the press junket uestions even as Fassbinder explodes the universe in another direction The As are indeed the best part of this hodgepodge collection but his anti tribute to Hanna Schygulla is nastily respectful in a mesmerizing way and his spellbinding story In a Year of 13 Moons may be better than the movie itself His rants and raves of other movie directors make you wish he stuck to what he knew best himself

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