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Im Frühling sterben

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To write down his memories Walter dies however leaving nothing but the barest skeleton of a story on those pages leading his son to fill in the gaps himself rightly or wrongly with what he can piece together of his father’s early lifeThis then is the story of Walter and his dangerously outspoken friend Friedrich Caroli seventeen y imagineI had


The lunacy of the final months of World War II as experienced by a young German soldierDistant silent often drunk Walter Urban is a difficult man to have as a father But his son the narrator of this slim harrowing novel is curious about Walter’s experiences during World War II and so makes him a present of a blank notebook in which Let me start

Ralf Rothmann ☆ 1 REVIEW

Ear old trainee milkers on a dairy farm in northern Germany who are tricked into volunteering for the army during the spring of 1945 the last and in many ways the worst months of the war The men are driven to the point of madness by what they experience and when Friedrich finally deserts his post Walter is forced to do the unthinkabl Well bollock