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With a lot than nutritional needsDespite her fears Ginger falls hard for the immortal ueen of this nest and as the semester draws to a close she sees that protecting her family from the secret of her forbidden love is much harder than studying for fina disappointing ff review to come So Better Off Red follows college freshman Ginger as she rushes a sorority full of beautiful women discovers they are a vampire cult and falls in love with their leaderInsta love PWP just about sums it up Other reviews state that the story picks up towards the end but if I didn't catch it at 65% then noI'm giving it one star for the setting and characters College is a great time especially surrounded by these hot sorority sisters who fuck all day long Even though they don't do much else the sex is hotAnother star because I will admit to re reading that first lesbian orgy scene ;Unfortunately Ginger is a pillow princess and the sex gets repetitive which is why I stopped Not worth the 5 I paid for this

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Every sorority has its secretsAnd college freshman Ginger Carmichael couldn't care less She has important things on her mind like maintaining her perfect GPA No matter how much she can't stand the idea of the cliues and the matching colors there's somet “Better Off Red Vampire Sorority Sisters #1” is a fantastic audiobook with great characters an interesting story lots and lots of humor and lots and lots of erotic sexI’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this book until glancing through my bookmarks to write a belated review There are two books in the series but neither are yet available as audiobooksMC Ginger is 77% sure she’s a lesbian and plans her masturbation time around her roommate Amy’s schedule MC Camila is ueen of the local vampire nest and Camila is surprised that Ginger had been able to see her when she should have been invisible to humansGinger learns some secrets about herself and her family but spends most of her time lusting after Camila having orgy sex with other sorority pledges finding that Camila also lusts for her and taking care of that lustfreuently and creativelyThe narrator did a fantastic job and I highly recommend this entertaining erotic story with 5

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Hing about the girls of Alpha Beta Omega their beauty confidence and unapologetic sexuality that draws Ginger in But once initiation begins Ginger finds that her pledge is than a bond of sisterhood it’s a lifelong pact to serve six bloodthirsty demons Ya just gotta love this bloody book it’s excellent

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