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  • 09 August 2018
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    It was a memoir about the priest's life as a libertine and how he out of some kind of divine inspiration decided to find God Now he was a hopeless reformer heaping condemnation on others who lived the same depraved hedonistic lifestyle that he had once headily partook in I so wanted to love this book than I did The premise of a priest formerly a libertine falling in love with a courtesan? Sign me up for this forbidden love trope I was also excited because this author seems rather obscure and I thought this would be one of those 'indie hidden gems' that I would fall in love with The writing style is nice and especially had lovely flow in certain areas This story had that 'inspired' feeling I like Maybe my expectations were not synced with what this story ultimately ended up being or maybe my hopes were too high I've been really excited about this book since I first discovered it romances with priests are hard to come by There were certain scene transitions that seemed rather abrupt and reminded me that this wasn't a traditionally published author In this case I really think this manuscript being sent to a great editor that 'gets the author' 'gets the story' would help flesh out this story There were moments that seemed like they should have been so much dramatic even drawn out than what they were In certain areas the story fell flat for me This was a beautiful love story though I think the characterization of Catalina was done well The erotic scenes were full of passion were sensual I can tell that was what the author was wanting to pull off and she excelled there This may be a case of my expectations not being met With Benedict's past as a libertine I was hoping for from his backstory One thing I appreciate about this book It was mostly from Catalina's POV One thing I dislike about modern contemporary romance is the freuent dual POVs The author spoon feeds the reader the male POVs to explain away his actions and make him seem likable So I'm not saying I necessarily needed Benedict's POV I think I just was hoping for from his scandalous pastmaybe have it interact with the plot ? sigh34 stars This author is apparently working on a fantasy book and I will definitely be trying it I like her vision So many other people loved this book I suppose I would recommend it to people looking for a romance with a priest

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    5 heart of gold Hero Stars Why would God have made man with hearts if not to love? Senses if not to feel? To be touched? To be kissed” He leaned his face into Catalina’s rich auburn locks “To experience the most intimate secrets of one soul to another in the thrill of whisper” Like Feathers of wings were the unconditional touches of love and devotion of Father Benedict The very Hero of this spiritually crafted story telling This author can write with soul Her crafted words are written with meaning and purposeleaving a feeling of mystic and forbidden atmosphere in an era that was ruled by Church and proprietary and anything against it was seen as great sin When I reached the end of this book I experienced a sense of wonderment and a touch of spirit that lingered with me for a long time and probably will last for some The very essence of this spirit was portrayal of the Hero A fully restored man of many faces a priest with haunted past reformed rake with a heart of gold and integrity A stoic man with little words but big with actions that spoke of courage nobility morality and virtue I was uite taken by this Herothe unconditional level of love he gave the heroine was truly a treat to watchHe literally was ready to die for her and give up his life for her further I was captivated by the growing romance between both charactersit was slow burning and the chemistry was very strong They were like two magnets unable to escape the pull Ha our Hero the noble priest has turned in to a passionate lover hiding a body of sin under that priest vestment of his Man I was spellboundall that muscle and powerwhat a combinationstoic and silent power just waiting for the right woman to unleash it and free it Heroine did just that I wish his POV was flesh out there was barely little of itnot enough to truly appreciate his glory fully and cherish his characterput it kindly he was my shining star in this book that kept me going and inspired great emotions that turned in to admiration for his character I wish to have met someone like him in my life to love me as passionately and unconditionallyHeroine on the other hand was not as likableit took me half the book to warm up to her I did not liked her manipulation and insincerity at the beginning of her acuaintance with the Heroshe wanted him to fall by way of succumbing to desire and her but at what price? She did not loved him at the time and I felt resentment for her games playing with human emotionsBUT she redeemed herself the author provided me enough reasons to believe in her sincerity of love for the HeroWhen her contract with her benefactor ended she left him with no hesitation even though he insisted she stay I must not forget that the times were very unfortunate for feminism and women had very little choice as to accept their faith however horrifying that faith may be She already developed feelings for the Hero Benedict and craved him she showed a deep level of devotion and care for himshe wanted no one but him and could do anything to protect himin the end I believed in her love for the hero and that she would love him eually as passionately as him Hell I have fallen in love with him myself In the end love was their salvation and was strong enough to conuer their demons and brought a new beginning to their life I would have love to have epilogue and see how they progressed as years passedwithout it it felt incomplete but just maybe the author will write a continuation storybut at the same time I would not want their beautiful love to be spoiled for anythingSafe Gang there are some themes that you may find upsettingview spoilerHeroine is a courtesan that is abused physically and mentally by her benefactor lover there are scenes of rape and murder in self defense and one with the Hero performing self mutilation in the wake of his desire for the heroine as self punishment for that desire No OW but heroine maintained the relationship with her benefactor whilst separated from the Herothe OM was horrible and heroine had a contract with him and could not leave him before the end of that contract hide spoiler

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    45 stars for this gemThis is the second book i've read involving a priest as the MC and i absolutely loved it Forbidden love draws this reader in I'll admit i almost stopped reading during Catalina and Guy interaction i just could not stomach it After that i enjoyed every second of it I had hoped we would have of Benedict's POV but that didn't deter the book from being awesome either way

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    I was uite taken with this book I enjoyed it tremendously

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    I don’t normally read historicals with the exception of Diana Gabaldon but I had to read this because I love forbidden romance I was a little nervous that the writing would be complex or boring but this book didn’t bore me at all The writing is really beautiful and almost poetic sometimes The story is about Benedict a tormented priestAnd Catalina a courtesan with a heart of goldsuch an odd pairing but it worked so perfectly Benedict I loved him A former rake he joins the priesthood hoping to change his ways but instead becomes and lost when an inuisitor makes him his pupil view spoiler he doesn't last long before he kills the inuistor hide spoiler

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    Regina Eden's The Last Confession is a very entertaining book I’m not typically a reader of romance but by the end I was uite attached to the characters and caught up in their struggles The story takes place over a fairly long period of time and almost has an epic feel There’s plenty of nice historical detail and atmosphere but she never lets the story get bogged down in that sort of thing She mostly focuses on the characters their struggles and interactionsAnd the characters are definitely a strong point The hero and heroine are both very well drawn Sometimes I almost found their flaws frustrating which is probably a good thing Catalina a courtesan who falls for a priest is the sort of person who wants to see the best in everybody even when she shouldn’t Father Benedict is a former libertine who gave up his life of debauchery for the priesthood and then wrote a fire and brimstone book about how others should renounce their evil lives the same way he did By the time Catalina meets him he has mellowed a great deal for reasons that are initially unclearIt isn’t long before she falls for him At first it’s almost a game to her—she relishes the idea of trying to seduce a priest—but then as she comes to care for him she starts to uestion her actions Is she ruining his life? Is it wrong of her to tempt him?As for Benedict even though he’s a priest he’s still very human and very male Catalina is an extremely charming lady and in some ways I think she reminds him of his past as a libertine She brings out parts of his personality that he’s been working for years to lock away It’s clear that he deeply cares for her and that he can’t stand to be apart from her even though he doesn’t want to break his vowsUnfortunately because of their very different lives and because of the society they live in there’s no simple answers for these twoI won’t spoil the story further except to say that the author handles the tension well I think the ending may be a little rushed but I sort of liked it anyway for some reason Other than that the story is very professionally structured with peaks in all the right places She tugs at the heart strings a few times and she doesn’t hold back during the steamier scenes I’m uite certain that fans of historical romance will enjoy this a great deal and I highly recommend it I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest non reciprocal review

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    This is hands down one of the best romance novels I've ever read The dynamic between a courtesan and a priest is very interesting and complicated There are so many ways it could go wrong as in the case of A Notorious Countess Confesses where the hero was a hypocritical sanctimonious man who constantly judged and criticised the heroine for being a courtesan even though he himself had slept with countless other women in the past I wanted to see if there was someone else who could do this differently and Regina Eden gave me exactly what I wanted Throughout the book Benedict had never once judged Catalina about her profession He recognised her a human being just like him at a time when prostitutes were treated worse than dirt I really wanted to read from his perspective the conflict between his faith and his growing feelings for Catalina would have been very interesting to read The author did a very good job of examining the hypocrisy and the blatant double standards that were rampant during the early modern era And I loved how she made the hero rise above it when so many authors write misogynisticabusive heroes and say the hero is not at fault because his beliefs mirrored those in in his times As for Catalina while I was sympathetic to her character I had a hard time liking her in the first half when she set out to seduce Benedict simply to prove that he wasn't above passion But I liked her a lot once she gave up on the seduction and started to show other facets of her personality My only complaint is that the book is far too short The last uarter felt very rushed especially Catalina's time in prison or the fight between her and Benedict The ending too was very abrupt and a bit unbelievable Would the court really let a prostitute accused of murder and priest they deemed a heteric off so easily? I would have loved to read an epilogue to explain things further and give polished ending But well even with all that I loved the setting the uniue and well written characters and the sex scenes were pretty hot lol so this is a five start read for me P

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    OMG did I love it What a beautiful love story You can feel the love and passion between them I think this is what every woman dreams of I know I do I would love to find a man like Benedict who would love me like that but also to feel the same way towards him To feel so deeply for another person that you actually become one Beautifully written it left me wanting I felt like crying and didn't want it to end

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    A courtesan and a priest A story about religion and morality When does love cross the line? My mother used to say that the eyes were the doors to the soul the eyes held no secrets They told everything about a person love fear hate desire She always warned me to never let a man look at my eyes She said it brings out emotions too rampant for virtuous girls to know No man had ever caught Catalina Cosme's eyes That is until Father Benedict Mortimer crosses her path during her confession At first she may have gone all out to prove that even holy men can fall but all that changes when Catalina herself starts falling for the priest I found myself liking the high society mistress for her boldness Not only was she inuisitive she was an honest person I could only imagine the pain and agony that Benedict Mortimer had to endure whenever Catalina was near him taunting him daunting him challenging him A man of God but tormented by his own demons he finds salvation in the one thing that is shunned by society Catalina This book was brilliantly written and the narrative had just the right tone There were conflicts There was humour There was a plot Above all the characters were so wonderfully portrayed making me believe they were real Instead of just saying 'I loved this book' or that 'It's a page turner' I'd like to say that this is one of those stories that'll stay with me for a long long time Who would have thought of making a priest and a courtesan fall in love? Regina Mhairi did I could not put the book down even when I thought I needed a break or some sleep I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something different When or where does one draw the line? Apparently when it comes to love there is no line

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    I absolutely loved this bookIt's been so long since I have read a period romance I admitted to the author that I loved it so much I would run with my iPad avoiding my kids so I could sneakily read chapters in seclusionThis book was so well written it made me admit to my husband that maybe I should not in fact carry on with a writing career myselfThe way it was written often reminded me of my favourite author Catherine CooksonCatalina what a naughty little minx or kitty as one of her benefactors nicknamed her Although frowned upon in the story I fell in love with her character I was routing all the way for a happy ending for her because the life that she lead or the life that chose her should I say was unfair I loved Father Benedict's character too As much as Madame Poisson and Poppa did hahahaha He sounded like a fine specimen of a man both physically mentally and emotionallyBottom line this was a good read Towards the end some parts got a little predictable and I was almost disappointed but then there was a nasty little twist that left me satisfied as someone got what they deservedAgain beautifully written detailed but not boring at all and will stay with me for a long timeA love story to remember

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The Last Confession

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Ade and the love she was never allowed to experience blossoms for the man beneath the clothAlthough Benedict offers to be her new and anonymous patron he denies himself the temptation of claiming her body in exchange But desire may prove to be stronger than resilience and the salvation he believes he had long ago lost may be closer than he realiz This is hands down

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Ecomes her greatest challenge yetThe former pupil of a Grand Inuisitor Roman Catholic Priest Father Benedict Mortimer is a man haunted by the horrifying sins of his past and the same kindhearted priest whom Catalina found refuge in when she escaped an abusive benefactor As their unlikely friendship forms Catalina’s aim for seduction begins to f I don’t normally

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Librarian Note See Alternate Cover Edition HERE Paris 1663 Mentored in the enchanting world of the courtesans beautiful intelligent and outspoken Catalina Cosme has her pick of any man the city offers But no man has ever captured her interestuntil she lays eyes on Father Benedict Mortimer Determined to prove that even holy men can fall Benedict b It was a memoir a

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