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Lawrence arrives in Cheshire to discover not only a son but also two daughters along with a strong minded woman who fascinates him from the moment of their first encounter Aoife Kennice the children’s caregiver is a woman impervious to Adam’s usual tricks and ruses as one of England’s most infamous rakes But this overconfident lord is about to do battle A fight Adam must win–a fight for the heart of a woman worth knowi

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The Deepest Love Is Always Unexpected His American HeartsongLawrence Lowery has been the dutiful elder son his whole life but when his father Baron Blakehell arranges a marriage with the insipid Annalee Dryburgh Lowery must choose between his responsibility to his future estate and the one woman who makes sense in his life By Society’s standards Arabella Tilney is completely wrong to be the future Baroness–she is an Americ

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An hoyden who demands that Lowery do the impossible Be the man he has always dreamed of being A Novella from the Realm Series His Irish EveWhen the Earl of Greenwall demands his only son Viscount Stafford retrieve the viscount’s by blow everything in Adam Lawrence’s life changes Six years prior Lawrence had released his former mistress Cathleen Donnell from his protection only to learn in hindsight Cathleen was with child

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