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    Just love Regina's books I won this ebook and had to sit down and read it imediately There are two stories in this wonderful book and Regina lets us know that the main characters have small bits in her prior books As soon as she mentions this I am intrigued and remember a little of there character The first story His American Heartsong is about Lord Lawerence Lowerythe elder son who will recieve the title of Baronecy upon his father's death His brother was promient in The Touch seris' In this story Lord Hellsmanlawerence rescues 3 ladies that get stuck out on the peaks with a broken carriage and with a bad rain storm brewing As a result they end up staying on his estate and the ladies family join them for the stay Now what makes this so appealing is that 2 of the girls are American and the 3rd girl is a daughter of a Lord As expected Hellsman is being paired with the English titled daughter but His heart has other ideas Love how the story progresses and how the main characters misunderstand each other and of course there is a villian or two to contend with The 2nd story is His Irish Eve again in this story the main character had a minor role in Jeffers mystery Phantom of Pemberly The heroViscount Staffordin this starts out as a rakeHe is an only son and will recieve the title Unbeknownst to him he has sired a son from a previous mistress of 6yrs prior His father demands that he go and get the child since he see's his son wasting his life and the child might be his only heir When Adamviscount Staffordarrives he finds that he has than one child and the cousin of thier mother is raising them and she is very intriguing To boot she's Irish and very fiesty As you may assume there is lots of tension between all The children do not want to be seperated and Adam only wants the son his father demanded There is all sorts of sexual tension and a few opsticles thrown in for good measure but with any great story the path traveled is worth it I absolutely throughly enjoyed these 2 stories and highly recommend reading

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    Ms Jeffers writes stories for some of her minor characters First in His American Heartsong we meet Sir Carter Lowery's from Jeffers's Realm series older brother Lawrence Lawrence Lowery is a bit of a stick in the mud a dutiful son and Sir Carter decides to shake up his older brother's life The entrance of a hoydenish American Arabella Tilney is exactly what Law needs to break Niall Lowery's hold on his oldest son and heir There is one disaster after another all leading to a perfect Happily Ever After His Irish Eve is the story of Adam Lawrence Viscount Stafford Jeffers often includes Stafford in her story lines generally as a walk through role The character has appeared in both the author's Austen inspired titles and in her Regency novels Heck Stafford even helps Sir Carter in His American Heartsong I fell for Adam Lawrence in The Phantom of Pemberley He was a major character in that particular book His Irish Eve tells Jeffers's readers what happens to Lawrence and his mistress Cathleen Donnell

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    Two wonderful novellas in one book I loved it Definitely a beach read Take it with you ladies

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His author Regina Jeffers

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Regina Jeffers an award winning author of historical cozy mysteries Austenesue seuels and retellings as well as Regency era romances has worn many hats over her lifetime daughter student military brat wife mother grandmother teacher tax preparer journalist choreographer Broadway dancer theatre director history buff grant writer media literacy consultant and author Living out