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Trepreneur in uestion sends two henchmen out to make sure the past stays in the past And the lethal pair dispatched have some awkward secrets of their own Four stories two mismatched detectives trying to figure it all out and twenty four hours in which to do it Dalziel and Pascoe are about to learn the hard way just how much difference a day makes. Another great entry in the Dalziel Pascoe series The action takes place over the course of one very eventful day I love how Hill always keeps this series fresh and worth reading

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It starts with a phone call to Superintendent Dalziel from an old friend asking for help But where it ends is a very different story Gina Wolfe has come to mid Yorkshire in search of her missing husband believed dead Her fiance Commander Mick Purdy of the Met thinks Dalziel should be able to take care of the job What none of them realize is how ev. One of the things I love about this series is how Hill keeps the relationships fresh and how the mysteries do not seem to repeat in tone or nature Don't get me wrong there are certain moments that you know will come certain catch phrases or catch phrasing that will be there eg the fatness of Dalziel the education of Pascoe the ugliness of Wield but they don't bother me as much as constantly hearing of Nero Wolfe's eighth of an acre of yellow silk pajamas did And unlike in other series I've read the characters really do grow I can't remember another series in which the sidekick in this case Pascoe has almost outgrown the master it's a little like what they're trying to do with the Inspector Morse series now that Colin Dexter has stopped writing and MorseJohn Thaw is dead But in that case is feels like trying to repeat the original while here it feels like natural growthAs with the LynleyHavers mysteries it's not always Dalziel front and center Here Pascoe's almost an interfering parent figure to Dalziel's teenager with Ivor having a larger role than usual and Hat and Wield almost totally off stage One of my friends didn't like the lack of time together between the Unholy Trinity as they're known and while I'd like to see of them I think the book is still very strong and it's only my sentimental attachment that wants that relationship to shine They mystery itself is relatively predictable resolving itself into two different problems The solutions weren't completely telegraphed always a good thing even though Hill gave the characters one day to figure it all out What puzzled me is that the 24 hours in which to do it seems dust jacket nonsense as there was nothing in the book that suggested that if this wasn't solved that uickly something worse would occurThis is a far filmable book than the previous DalzielPascoe mysteries but I really hope that it doesn't get made and not just because I think the roles have been miscast It's the arc of the relationship between Dalziel and Pascoe that will get lost having skipped a few episodes and that's a pity

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Ents set in motion decades ago will come to a violent head on this otherwise ordinary summer's day A Welsh tabloid journalist senses the story he's been chasing for years may have finally landed in his lap A Tory MP's secretary suspects her boss's father has an unsavory history that could taint his son's prime ministerial ambitions The ruthless en. Reg does 24 The ever playful Reginald Hill comes up with yet another spin on the slightly surreal and delightful adventures of Fat Andy Dalziel and his unlikely sidekicks know all Pascoe who uotes Latin at him and granite faced Wieldy who can break a suspect just by looking at him This time we have a minute by minute account of an extraordinary Sunday in Mid Yorkshire which begins with the improbable prospect of the Fat Man attending Morning Service in the Cathedral the last time he was there he was playing God in the Mystery Plays and experiencing a Bach fugue The metaphor of the fugue is kept up through the day with a string of bits of stories chasing each other until they disappear up their own arseholes as Dalziel would probably put it Or something like that anyway; to say about those bits of stories would give too much away but of course they all collide in the end As blackly funny as ever

  • Hardcover
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  • Midnight Fugue
  • Reginald Hill
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  • 03 July 2019
  • 9780061451966

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Reginald Charles Hill was a contemporary English crime writer and the winner in 1995 of the Crime Writers' Association Cartier Diamond Dagger for Lifetime AchievementAfter National Service 1955 57 and studying English at St Catherine's College Oxford University 1957 60 he worked as a teacher for many years rising to Senior Lecturer at Doncaster College of Education In 1980 he retired from

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