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ソードアート・オンライン9 アリシゼーション・ビギニング

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??年と出会う。「僕の名前はユージオ。よろしく、キリト君」 この世界の住人──つまり≪NPC≫である少年は、なんら人間と変わらない感情の豊かさを持ち合わせていた。ユージオと親交を深めるキリトだが、その脳裏にとある記憶がよみがえる。 そ?. Sped through in almost one day had to stop to eat shower and sleep Wish I hadn't finished it that fast because this new narrative arc is a blast XD I want to read the next one NOW The other novels in the main narrative series left me a bit meh with the exception of the GGOPhantom Bullet arc This one's powerful narrative mind boggling technology and new interesting characters and story captured my undivided attention I wish I could read Japanese to get on to the next novel right away Uhm yes just in case you hadn't noticed I'm a SAO fan P Seeing the Light get on to the next novel right away Uhm yes just in case you hadn't noticed I'm a SAO fan P


??は、子供時代のキリトがユージオと一緒に野山を駆け回っていた思い出。そこには、ユージオともう一人、金色の髪を持つ少女の姿があった。名前は、アリス。忘れてはいけないはずの、大切な少女だった。ウェブ上で最も支持を得た超人気エピソード?. Ok so this volume is soooo different from the previous volumes 1 to 8Because it's a hole new world and story If the previous volumes was telling you about SAO ALO and GGO now in this volume it's not And if i can describe about what i really like the most from this volume is the harem part of Kirito is not that much even almost nothing lol D I love itActually i'm not really like harem story even tho SAO is not harem novel and yeah I know it but it's like harem in some part for me Cmiiw but i really like fantasy with sci fi or technology and Reki Kawahara succeed to make me impress That's why i really like reading SAO The other thing is you maybe need some time to re read some part cuz it's telling you about some theories and it's really interesting btw You'll really like how Reki Kawahara write it to the story So so far if i can compare it to the previous 8 volumes maybe this volume is the best for me Can't wait to continue to read volume 10 D

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再び≪抜け出せないデスゲーム≫の幕が上がる。『アリシゼーション』 編、登場!「ここはどこだ?」 目を覚ますと、キリトは、巨木が連なる森の中 ──ファンタジーの仮想世界に入り込んでいた。手がかりを求めて辺りを彷徨うさなか、彼は一人の?. This book is a total change of pace from the previous books Like some parts of book #7 Mother Rosario Kawahara treats the story in a classical SI FI way going deep into fundamental uestions about the implications of the new technological developements new virtual diving machines new worlds the essence of the human conciousness that pleased me greatlybut the book is somewhat boring Or I should specify that it's really boring at the start This book is 23 a Prologue to a plot to be developed in the next 2 or 3 books so the elements and context to the story are presented really slowly The action at the end gets a really nice pace but then the book ends xD One realizes at the end that the plot is bigger than it seems and it's related with some big unanswered uestions from even the first book so I expect good things from the next books