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    Hard to believe but one of the worst books on mind or brain that I have read yet I can only presume that 1 Dr Joseph speaks English as a second language and 2 he had no one to help edit the book Once you've passed the cover you are past the best part of the book Almost no logical development to any segment of the book Innumerable figures of brain neuroanatomy but none with any explanation therefore extremely uninformative The main thesis I think was that different parts of the brain are responsible for their own levels of consciousness therefore the brain is a multiplicity rather than a singularity This point could have likely been made in an essay of several pages The rest of the book was so badly organized as to be almost pointless At 599 the book is way overpriced

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    Interesting I loved the section on dissociation leading to a sense of connection to the metaphysical My problem with this book was that it repeated itself A LOT If one cut out all the repetition it would be about 30 pages long

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uantum Physics and the Multiplicity of Mind

Summary ó E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Rhawn Joseph

Ams of consciousness and awareness associated with the left and right hemisphere as demonstrated by patients whose brains have been split and which are superimposed on yet other mental realms maintained by the brainstem thalamus limbic system and the occipital temporal parietal and frontal lobes Like the uantum state each of these minds may also become discontinuous from each other and each mental realm may perceive their own reality Illustrative examples are detailed including denial of blindness blind sight fragmentation of the body image phantom limbs the splitting of the mind following split brain surgery and dissociative states where the mind leaves the body and achieves a st.

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Ate of uantum consciousness and singularity such that the universe and mind become oneINCLUDES Includes I Neuroscience of Mind1 Neuroanatomy of Mind Overview of Brain Mind II uantum Physics Multiplicity of Mind Dreams Free Will 2 uantum Physics and the Multiplicity of Mind Split Brains Fragmented Minds Dissociation uantum Consciousness 3 The Neuroanatomy of Free Will Loss of Will Against the Will Alien Hand 4 Dreams and Hallucinations Lifting the Veil to Multiple Perceptual Realities IV Development of Thought Language Consciousness Multiplicity of Mind5 Development of Thought Consciousness Language Egocentric Speechand the Multiplicity of Mind 6 The Split Brain Two Brains Two Mind.

Summary ó E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ Rhawn Joseph

Six chapters 256 pages featuring the classic uantum Physics and the Multiplicity of Mind Split Brains Fragmented Minds Dissociation uantum ConsciousnessSYNOPSIS uantum physics and Einstein's theory of relativity make assumptions about the nature of the mind which is assumed to be a singularity In the Copenhagen model of physics the process of observing is believed to effect reality by the act of perception and knowing which creates abstractions and a collapse function thereby inducing discontinuity into the continuum of the uantum state This gives rise to the uncertainty principle Yet neither the mind or the brain is a singularity but a multiplicity which include two dominant stre.

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