REVIEW Ú The Karma of King Harald King Harald Mysteries #1

  • Paperback
  • 306
  • The Karma of King Harald King Harald Mysteries #1
  • Richard Audry
  • English
  • 22 January 2019
  • 9780985019624

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The Karma of King Harald King Harald Mysteries #1

Richard Audry ☆ 1 REVIEW

When springtime arrives in picturesue New Bergen so do the tourists and antiuers This year though there are some new unwelcome visitors Extortion Arson And murderRight into the middle of this deep doo doo step restaurant manager Andy Skyberg and his big mutt King Harald The. Dogs possess around 220 million scent receptors in their nose as opposed to me I only have 5 million King Harald a mutt of suspicious lineage uses every one of his 220 million receptors sniffing out blood in little New Bergen Then he kindly lets the boss his boss Andy Skyberg do the legwork to find out the how and why of the displaced blood New Bergen is a uiet little God fearing village where the very colorful residents can document their Swedish and Norwegian heritage much accurately than King Harald who is clearly a mutt Andy whose wife ran away with a Pilates coach is doing his best to start over wanting only the love of a good woman and a faithful dog or a faithful woman and the love of a good dog Either way Andy is content working for his sister in the best restaurant in town and in his downtime paint A simple life without any drama thank you very much Nice guy Andy just wants no complications but it seems such a life is always just out of his grasp because of thesewell these these murders where King Harald shows up at the crime scene which of course drags Andy into the mix The center of the trouble seems to be New Bergen native and old college date Trudi Bock a New Ager who is bringing new ideas to the city whether the old biddies want it or not And gasp selling those devil worship crystals to the young Oh my And of course all these troublesome killings are due to Trudi’s new ideas Small town uirky characters bounce around Beaver Tail County with some reeking chaos that only King Harald’s snout can find and sniff out Andy’s help of course comes in handy but Andy’s juggling his deputy sheriff girlfriend while fending off Trudi trying to locate a lost ebelskiver recipe and trying to find out who is reeking havoc in New Bergen Tapped as “A Canine Cozy” The Karma of King Harald is a fun really fun read Plenty of well placed laughs even around the bloody parts


Amiable canine has suddenly developed a knack for sniffing out the crimes that seem to cluster around New Bergen's newest downtown merchant Andy’s old college flame The evidence is overwhelming that someone wants very much to chase Trudi Bock out of townor worseThrow int. Protagonist Andy Skyberg recently divorced and seeking the amity of traditional small town living has returned to his seemingly bucolic home town Assisting his twin sister in her café allows him the freedom to pursue not only Deputy Sheriff Cass Conlin but also his avocation as a painter He in turn is being pursued by old college sweetheart and thrice married New Age guru Trudi Bock who has set up shop in New Bergen much to the chagrin of a few of the town folk The supporting characters in the piece are an eclectic group who have long standing relationships and a plethora of opinions about each other and feel no compunction about expressing their feelings Needless to say that the social dynamic in the town of New Bergen is such that the easy peaceful laid back life Andy envisioned waxes and wanes much like the moonHis dog King Harald is a gregarious wanderer possessed of an insatiable curiosity and a nose for trouble With a likable protagonist and a dog that actually behaves like a dog as he sniffs out murder and mayhem THE KARMA OF KING HARALD presents a uick read that is as entertaining as it is satisfying What could have been as cloying as one of those teen idol lines of perfume is instead a well done smoothly paced and engaging cozy mysteryJust as the real King Harald of Norway is described as charming warm and sympathetic by his people so too are these ualities abundant in Richard Audry's furry four footed detective and his trusty ownersidekick If your looking for a light hearted way to being the New Year this book should be at the top of your reading list

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O this mayhem one legendary but lost ebelskiver recipea gimlet eyed church ladya van full of federal agentsa crusty socialista feisty lady copa beloved iguanaan amorous ex girlfriendand an overabundance of rosemaling And you have all the fixings for The Karma of King Harald. Review THE KARMA OF KING HARALDKing Harald Mysteries #1I'll read anything containing dogs fiction or non fiction and cats and wildlife Particularly impressive in Richard Audry's King Harald Series is his valuation of Harald the oversize mixed breed with a mind and nose of his own Harald is no cartoon cutout no two dimensional standby no figurehead canine Harald is a character in his own right who rates his own special scenes of which he is the undeniable star Additionally Harald is characterized from inside out; he's canine yes but he is also a character in the narrative and a participant in the story lineI also enjoyed the author's delineation of small town life with its foibles and generosities grudges and blessings The characters are vivid and realistic The one surprise for me is that I found some aspects a little edgy for a cozy there are some instances of offstage animal cruelty and terrorizing acts However this did not detract from my enjoyment and I found this a re reader

About the Author: Richard Audry

Richard Audry is the pen name of D R Martin As Richard Audry he is the author of the the King Harald Canine Cozy mystery series and the Mary MacDougall Historical mystery series Under his own name he has written the Johnny Graphic middle grade ghost adventure series the Marta Hjelm mystery Smoking Ruin and two books of literary commentary Travis McGee and Four Science Fiction Master