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    What an interesting read A woman who considers herself to be mentally fit falls in love with a man who is charming and attentive to her and then learns the man is considered dangerously mentally ill That sounds very heavy but this is actually a very playful book It's not disrespectful of mental illness but it just allows this relationship to happen The feelings I had while reading the novel ranged from amused to discomfited Each scene feels nearly normal in action and tone and scene and yet as you get deeper into the scene you realize it really is not normal at all What people say is slightly off What they observe is random and not pertinent to the story What is reported by the writernarratorpov character is always a little off not suare but skewed somehow In terms of the reading experience it reminds me most of Jane Bowles but it is really uite uniue I'm very glad to have read it

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    35 StarsIn this very uirky story Dr Ruby Okada a psychiatrist meets a handsomely attired man in a tweed jacket at the elevator of the hospital where she works Attractive and charismatic with a Scottish accent she takes him for a visitor A whirlwind romance uite out of character for Dr Ruby Okada seems to follow this chance encounter when she finds herself head over heels in love with Bob Stephenson Like many before her she comes to find out that he isn’t exactly who she thought he was many months later First he was not a visitor but a patient of one of her co workers Foremost apparently there’s a good reason for his patient status Humiliated after all what kind of a psychiatrist can she be if she couldn’t even see the signs she resigns around the time her tummy begins to swell with the growing evidence of their mutual love Opening up a new practice solo in a building that Bob Stephenson’s family has owned and lived in for a few generations She remains determined to fix Bob Or is it Archie? Archie B Billingsly? It’s a mystery who he really is With a somewhat peculiar and unpredictable cast of characters other than the many men who share the same body with Bob this may be the most original love story I’ve read Pub Date 11 October 2016 Many thanks to Bellevue Literary Press Edelweiss and to author Richard Wiley for providing me with an advanced copy

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    This is one of those books that refuses to be pigeonholed Not a read you can skim through What made the book interesting for me were the many characters Some of whom occupied the same body Relationships are unclear Missing pieces make it difficult to piece things together Or even feel reliable as new information keeps changing the game This won't be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed it as I'm particularly fascinated with Disassociative Identity Disorder formally known as multiple personalities Thank you to the publisher for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    I really need to think about this before I rate it I'm torn

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    Not bad just underwhelming the most interesting characters are sidelined and the story doesn't venture far from the description on the back

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    Frankly I read the book because of the name How could I not? Lovely prose; a bit of unnecessary vulgarity; beautiful character development

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    Bob Stevenson is a clever engaging kaleidoscopic romp into a world that feels fresh and newly created complete with a cast of engaging uirky characters draw you in Author Richard Wiley unceremoniously dumps into the middle of this world leaving you breathless and running to catch up It’s not unpleasant but rather giddy and wild and so you must say yes okay and dive into the middle of the tumultRuby Okada is a psychiatrist who meets an affable if off beat Scottish bloke at the elevators of the hospital where she works The ensuing conversation is so original and inventive it sparks from the page Four pages later she’s pregnant and resigning from the hospital and you’re still running to catch upYou do You will But you have to hang onThe characters in this book are not only three dimensional but four uirky and human and fun There’s the lovely Ruby who keeps expanding to bursting until the child is finally born; the delightful Gerard who has Down’s syndrome and is as tall as he is wide coming euipped with wondrous and fitting expressions; Ruby’s friend and colleague Bette who is as down to earth as Ruby is airy; the lawyer and British gent Utterson derived as are many of the characters you will meant from Robert Louis Stevenson Ruby’s father an avant garde artist and of course BobArchie and his long parade of Stevenson characters such as Jekyll and Hyde and the amalgam Henry Hyde as well as Long John Silver and a personal favorite of mine young Jim Hawkins from Treasure IslandThis book is bursting with literary allusions that will take you back to your childhood and make you feel smart because you remember them; and it’s filled with wonderful heart warming characters that burst from the pages and wild incidents that leave you breathless You turn the pages to see what will happen next to this crazy cast of colorful people tossed into this rushing river you’ve dipped intoAnd herein lies the problemBecause as enchanting as this creation is as grateful as you are to have been swept away by this zany fever—you start asking yourselfand?Packed into this little book—and it is little – smaller than most paperbacks and a mere 219 pages is an enormous hunk of humanity—and not without the woes – much like Dickens’s ghosts and abandoned children For BobArchie Billingsly we learn comes from a lifetime of pain Ruby fell deeply in love with Bob – but Bob is gone—disappeared somewhere inside Archie’s madness Or is it madness? Is it dissociative disorder—once known as multiple personality disorder or is it an elaborate escape mechanismAs clever and inviting as Wiley makes the characters and the incidents and the allusions I wanted finally to see the human story He is uite successful with this as regards Gerard But he skims past the love story of Ruby and Bob One moment they are engaging in perhaps one of the best written first conversations I have ever read and the next it is seven months later and she is pregnant without a job and abandoned Huh? They spent three weeks together I would have liked to have seen felt tasted known that love Without that—I don’t know uite what to root forThe same holds true for BobArchie We are given an idea of a lonely abusive childhood But who was Bob? Who was Bob in love? And who is Archie? I don’t want to do a spoiler – but we spend a long time to come to an inevitable end—and I was left certain but unmoved Glad but without a pulse uickening Having said that – buy this book It is worth the journey Beautifully simply written Fun wild crazy A journey back to the best of your childhood And with characters—both Stevenson’s and Wiley’s you will never forget

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    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest and fair reviewThis book was many things Fascinating original somewhat confusing and incredibly well written I'm uite familiar with DID Dissociative Identity Disorder as I spent a decent amount of time in a Clinic that specializes in treatment of DID and DD Dissociative Disorder The story begins with Dr Ruby Okada sharing the elevator with a man as she's leaving the psychiatric hospital where she works She's immediately drawn to him inexplicably so She's compelled to keep talking to him to stay in his presence while not being able to put her finger on exactly why she's so taken with him or why he won't answer her when she asks who he is From there the story jumps to seven months later with Ruby pregnant with the man in uestion's child From there we learn that the man in uestion is known by many names and personalities The man Ruby fell in love with goes by the name of Bob but he also manifests the personalities of Archie B Billingsly Edward Hyde Long John Silver Dr Livesey and others The majority of the book he insists that he is Robert Bob Louis Stevenson no longer dead reincarnated I suppose His many personalities are at times hard to follow as their appearances are brief and almost unexplained I'm usually not a fan of books with flashbacks I find them jarring if they're not done well enough and honestly I just don't like them They annoy me But in this book I think flashbacks would have helped immensely It was confusing to follow Ruby's struggle to crack the case of who exactly the man she fell for and conceived a child with is without having any of Ruby's memories of the weeks she spent with Bob Even if they were just a page long I think it would have helped to know the man she is comparing all of the other personalities to It's hard to look for someone if you don't know who you're looking for That makes sense right? I thought the writing itself was wonderful The characters were well developed and the dialogue flowed This book is filled with complex characters and an incredibly hard to describe plot yet it was easy to read and uite fun I really enjoyed it There is the slightest hint of the magical that made this book special and I'm very glad I read it

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    I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review so here it is I've not yet finished it But as it came out today I thought I should say something about it I've only read about 20 pages it's a short book yet those few pages seemingly took hours to read Now normally I like to give a book a chance and don't allow myself to give up until after 50 pages but every time I think about going back to this book I shudder First off there is hardly any backstory things are just happening Of course these may be visited later but I'm just not willing to go through all these pages for that Another thing the big thing was the voices I hated it The characters don't talk like people It's all so programmed It's like the author was trying to make every interaction profound and it just wasn't I wanted to like this book I was so happy when I got a copy but I truly cannot finish it right now if ever So I have to give it a 1 Maybe hopefully it get's better; after all I'm seeing 4 and 5 star reviews But for what I read I just cannot justify giving it the benefit of the doubt and going with a middle rating and I'm pretty lenient about these things usually It just wasn't captivating and if I were to have met Ruby in real life I'd probably want to hit her every time she opened her mouth or any time she had a thought for that matter She was just so annoying The 23 pages I read were just so annoying

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    I received a free advanced copy of this book from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program in exchange for an honest reviewI hate to be the bearer of bad news but I didn't really enjoy this book It was okay and uite short so I was able to finish it before I felt like it wasn't worth my time And honestly it's short length is one of my complaints even though I wasn't fully absorbed into the book I felt that it was incredibly rushed and could have benefited from length Part of my discomfort with it was that so much happened in approximately 200 small pages It needed to be much longer to accommodate everything it did It also needed some extra explanation I thought The book began in medias res and hardly ever provided flashbacks or background information to allow the reader to know how everyone got thereI also felt that the author forced words out of his character's mouths that weren't fitting They often said things that were deep and profound and cryptic This is okay here and there but it was so freuent that the dialogue truly felt unrealistic to me much of the timeThe idea however is a good one and that was enough to keep me reading I wouldn't say this book was terrible by any means It just wasn't for me I probably won't pass it along either but there's a chance that I will encounter someone with whom I think it fits

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Bob Stevenson

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“A witty roller coaster ride of uncertain identity set against the gritty certainties of New York City In compelling unadorned prose Richard Wiley gives us a bewitching and ultimately moving tale” Caryl Phillips author of A Distant Shore and The Lost ChildDr Ruby Okada meets a charming man with a Scottish accent in the elevator of her psychiatric hospital Unaware that he is an escaping patient she falls under his spell and her life and his are changed forever by the t 35 StarsIn this very uirky story Dr Ruby Okada a psychiatrist meets

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Nd terrifying ineffable transformations Bob Stevenson is an ingenious tale featuring a uirky cast of characters drawn together by mutual fascination need and finally loveRichard Wiley is the author of eight novels including Soldiers in Hiding winner of the PENFaulkner Award for Fiction and Ahmed’s Revenge winner of the Maria Thomas Fiction Award Professor emeritus at the University of Nevada Las Vegas he divides his time between Los Angeles California and Tacoma Washingt Bob Stevenson is a clever engaging kaleidoscopic romp into a world t

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Ime they get to the streetWho is the mysterious man Is he Archie B Billingsly suffering from dissociative identity disorder and subject to brilliant flights of fancy and bizarre violent fits Or is he the reincarnation of Robert Louis Stevenson back to haunt New York as Long John Silver and Mr Edward Hyde Her career compromised Ruby soon learns that her future and that of her unborn child depend on finding the key to his identity With compelling psychological descriptions a Not bad just underwhelming the most interesting characters are sidel

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