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The Hawkline Monster A Gothic Western

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Richard Brautigan The Hawkline Monster New York Simon and Schuster 1974 First edition first printing Octavo 216 pages The time is 1902 the setting eastern. i am willing to give second chanceseven if i am angered or bewildered or hear


Oregon Magic Child a fifteen year old Indian girl wanders into the wrong whorehouse looking for the right men to kill the monster that lives in the ice cav. A Gothic WesternReally Pretentious much What were you Brautigan one of tho

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Es under the basement of Miss Hawkline's yellow house What follows is a series of wild witty and bizarre encounters The book was originally published in 19. How many gothic westerns are there I read this long ago and remember it fond

  • Hardcover
  • 216
  • The Hawkline Monster A Gothic Western
  • Richard Brautigan
  • English
  • 01 July 2019
  • 9780671218096

About the Author: Richard Brautigan

Trout Fishing in America He died of a self inflicted gunshot wound in 1984

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    i am willing to give second chanceseven if i am angered or bewildered or heartbroken i am always willing to take stock of circumstances offer up the opportunity for redemption and allow someone back into the warmth of my heart we should all be as emotionally charitable as me just don't fuck up a second timei read this brautigan novel with trepidation that motherfucker burned me before are you distressed that i have already used variants of the word fuck twice in the first fifty or so words?then you will probably not like richard brautigan read this instead i love the angry southerner's review of this teeheemaureen assured me that this was a good brautigan book unlike the brautigan to which i had been exposed in the past if i had the correct facial muscles i would have raised a single eyebrow at her but i cannot do anything cool so instead i grunted she was in canada and so could not hear mebut i'm game so i made greg get this for me from the library princess neither does her own taxes nor leaves her own library rental paper trail and it was not at all badpretty enjoyable in fact i was doubly concerned before reading because remember when robert coover wrote his version of a western; Ghost Town? i did not love that book at all usually his schtick works for me but i remember being annoyed by that one this one also does a sort of western mash up decorating the traditional western theme with some furnishings from the gothic genre big isolated house subterranean caverns unnameable force of eeeevil well pretty nameable actually it is called the hawkline monster as a matter of factbut it's got some ionesco lunacy and a lot of fuckin' also teenaged prostitutes and a giant butler and an umbrella stand made out of an elephant's foot also some fuckin'it is a little icky of course as artifacts from the seventies will be in the attitudes towards the interchangeability of women as sex partners and icksome group sex but it is also a fast and perplexing read where people suffer memory loss and blend into other people sort of and things are all a bit eerie but funny i don't know how to explain it it is like watching a bunch of clowns in cowboy hats and eyeliner having an orgy who can find the words?i am going to magnanimously let greg read this book before he returns it to the library maybe he will find a better way of describing itbut for me i will say welcome to my heart brautigan watch your stepcome to my blog

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    It just howls and pounds on the iron door that's between the ice caves and the laboratory We've kept the door locked ever since our father disappearedWhat does it sound like? Cameron saidIt sounds like the combination of water being poured into a glass Miss Hawkline said A dog barking and the muttering of a drunk parrot And very very loudI think we're going to need the shotgun for this one Cameron saidand maybe a bigger boat while you're at itThis is a freaky acid trip of a gothic western Judging by that description I should have found it delightful but mostly I found it pretty damned dreadfulThere is a plot so there's thatTwo hired guns take on the task of killing a monster that lives under a house Lots of sex and weird stuff ensues There's a climax well several if you count the sex and an epilogue Brautigan's work seems a precursor to Bizarro fiction only it's no where near as good as most of the Bizarro stuff I've read His dialogue seems stilted and the situations while imaginative tend to churn around aimlessly for far too long There are some funny bits and I never completely lost interest hence my very weak three star ratingButall of my reading life Brautigan has been painted as some sort of literary god Truthfully I found him not only ungodlike but pretty mediocreAnd yetI will give his fans the benefit of the doubt I'll read another I have plenty of his books In hardback first editions no lessYou see my father was a Brautigan fan Since he is deceased and I can't ask him why I asked my husband who has also read most of Brautigan's booksMe Why?Him Everybody kept saying what a great writer he wasMe So after the first one you kept reading them to see which one was the worstright?Him WellI thought they might get better but they didn'tThere you have it Now I understand how we've managed to stay married for 23 years

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    Whatever Richard Brautigan wrote his writings despite their deceptive simplicity possessed some hidden magic And so it is with a playful gothic tale The Hawkline Monster“They did not look tough or mean They looked like a relaxed essence distilled from these two ualities They acted as if they were very intimate with something going on that nobody else could see” These are the heroes – the goodhearted killers for hire“When they were a hundred yards away from the house the air suddenly turned cold The temperature dropped about forty degrees The drop was as sudden as the motion of a knife” And this is the seat of evilThere is an allusion to Thanatopsis a mysterious and a little bit mystical poem by William Cullen Bryant in the book“Where rolls the Oregon and hears no sound Save his own dashings – yet the dead are there And millions in those solitudes since first The flight of years began have laid them down In their last sleep – the dead reign there alone”Probably it was one of the stimuli to write this uniue gothic fable where everything right from the start and straight to the end defies every rule of every genre

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    Just like I always say whiskey solves everything

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    A Gothic Western?Really? Pretentious much? What were you Brautigan one of those writers who said ‘I write so and so books but with a so and so twist’? I mean seriously give us a bre — oh Hey so yeah a gothic western Spot on Who knew one could be so apt in labeling their work My apologies Well doneHaving A Go at One of Those Superficially Clever Show offy but in reality rather hokey and stilted and at bottom irrelevent Mash up Comparative Descriptions That Critics Tend to Enjoy ImplementingImagine if Cormac McCarthy and Kurt Vonnegut travelled back in time to assassinate Jesse James only to find that Mary Shelley had already travelled forward in time and was using his body for scientific experimentation and Robert Louis Stevenson was probably somewhere near like in the basement with his chemicals hearing bits and pieces eh forget this It does have in common some of the comic simplicity of Vonnegut dreary dialogue involving cowboys sort of like McCarthy and indeed a science gone wild gothic aspect not entirely unlike Frankenstein but those are just some things that came to my mind viz it doesn’t smack of a rip off at all It’s easy to read elegant in its lack of verbose adornment and it is wonderfully entertaining Main Characters and About ThemCameron counts Greer fucks Cameron fucks too though Cameron and Greer also both kill people Miss Hawkline fucks Magic Child fucks Miss Hawkline and Magic Child also both want to be rid of an evil or at least highly inconsiderate entity that dwells beneath their house Cameron and Greer also both want to kill this entity because they will get paid But sometimes both Cameron and Greer and both Miss Hawkline and Magic Child would rather fuck or eat than kill the entity Cameron counts everything; shots fired hoof clops clopped silverware If there are amounts of things he’ll count them When he is counting the amount of times someone does something he always anticipates it to be done 1 time He expects to count to infinity all the time There is no expectation of a cut off point for Cameron and numbers are everything The House What Surrounds it and What is Contained Within itview spoilerMultiple chimneys of billowing smoke make the Hawkline house appear as a mini factory of industrial dread Frozen ground surrounds it on account of the ‘ice caves’ beneath it Chemicals cum shadowlight cum monster inadvertently originated by professor cum elephant foot umbrella stand Seemingly inconvenient than dangerous such a creation can cause reality not to fit its definition In the end we have confirmation of what we all know already; whiskey solves all problems hide spoiler

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    I grabbed this one because it said Gothic Western on the cover It was a really odd one The writing is simplistic but has a bit of a hypnotic uality I'll read Brautigan if I happen across them

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    My first experience with Richard Brautigan was not a positive one I disliked A Confederate General from Big Sur Karen a similar bad Brautigan reaction to her first book but she was convinced to give him another try with this book and I was given the task of taking it out of the library for her She read it and gave it four stars Since it's my job to return it to the library and because she asked me to I give Brautigan a second chance It was ok I found it enjoyable and it read uickly and I didn't break out in any hives from Brautigan's hip counter cultureness There is something very 1970's about the book and the sex aspects of the book are a little creepy in the way that decade excels in just the thought of being conceived in that decade makes me feel a little ueasy sometimes no wonder my generation grew up to be stereotypical asexual slackers in the early 90's too much ickiness back in our formation I feel like I've read this book before though I can't remember what books it was But the whole détournement of the Western and the of the myths of the American West you know the cowboys and indians and shit like that I know I've read before The only person that I can confidently say I've read who also did this though was Ishmael Reed but there must have been others The theme is interesting but not really ground breaking or anything that gets me very excited I can imagine in the 60's 80's when this theme was worked on uite a bit was a exorcism of sorts for authors and readers who had grown up immersed in the myths of the American West John Wayne and Gunsmoke I only know the images and the scenes in movies about the post war time but this is a time when little boys wanted to be cowboys and dressed up like cowboys with plastic six shooters I think these books are in a way the expression of grown ups still reeling from finding out that their childhood dreams had a different reality then they had believed I could just be making shit up though I liked this book well enough but not enough to make me want to venture into the dangerous childish nihilism that I imagine most of Brautigan's other books to be seeped in Bonus rantMy own personal favorite détournement of the American West whitey's relationship with those that were here before we got here comes from the very un Situationist Rush Limbaugh He railed against the 'liberal' myths of conuest you know the killing of in upwards of a million Native American's in the name of Manifest Destiny on the day before Thanksgiving last year In a rant that sounded suspiciously like a Holocaust Revisionist saying six million Jews couldn't have been killed and anyone saying that there were that many killed are falling for a Zionist conspiracy he was ranting and raving about some number that Ward Churchill had for the number of Native Americans killed Limbaugh ranted about the number being inflated liberal nonsense and then he had this gem I wish I had the actual transcript to uote verbatim even if we had killed I'm making this number up I forget what number Churchill stated and Limbaugh disputed 20 million Indians that is nothing compared to the number of Americans have killed by the introduction of tobacco to pale faces He added that he doesn't think that this means the Indians deserved to be killed off but that they weren't the innocent victims they are made out to be Ha What a subversion of narratives for political purposes

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    A miniscule oddball masterpiece Essentially functioning as one extended deadpan joke The Hawkline Monster is a strange story told straightforwardly Structured in Brautigan's characteristic fragmentary chapters which average about two pages and sometimes contain little than one singular thought the plot begins with contract killers Greer and Cameron being approached by a stranger named Magic Child She has a job for them come to Hawkline Manor a house in eastern Oregon but near nothing of note and kill the monster that lives in the ice caves below the house The wholly original voice Brautigan creates depends in large part upon the originality of his story which in large part depends on its weirdness In the book this weirdness takes two forms which alternate first the setting and circumstances are inherently weird as if they have always been that way and the characters simply accept them for being weird; second additional weird circumstances pop up along the way and the characters call them out for their weirdness There's something inherently satisfying about the off the wall creations Brautigan comes up with here but you'll also be reading for their comedic payoff Some of the laughs come from the audacity of the story's twists and turns and some come from the ways in which he gets out of the situations he puts his characters in And though the book can be read in one sitting I found myself extending it for five days because I didn't want it to end I can't remember the last time a book made me slow down to finish it If there's any higher mark of praise you can give a book I don't know what it would be

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    How many gothic westerns are there? I read this long ago and remember it fondly

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