Summary ¾ A Choice of Anglo Saxon Verse

A Choice of Anglo Saxon Verse

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Presentation of the many important fragments riddles and gnomic verses that survive from the seventh to the twelfth centuries with facing page verse translations These poems are the well spring of the En I was not r The Meri Scott Show (London Loving Book 2) important fragments riddles and gnomic verses that survive from the seventh to the twelfth centuries with facing page verse translations These poems are the well spring of the En I was not r

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A Choice of Anglo Saxon Verse contains the Old English texts of all the major short poems such as 'The Battle of Maldon' 'The Dream of the Rood' 'The Wanderer' and 'The Seafarer' as well as a generous re This is a n

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Glish poetic tradition and this anthology provides a uniue window into the mind and culture of the Anglo SaxonsThe volume is an essential companion to Faber's edition of Beowulf translated by Seamus Hean Beautiful a

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    To anyone whose familiarity with Old English literature like mine barely extends beyond Beowulf this would surely be a useful book; but beyond that it is an enlightening and even entertaining one Hamer's selection is varied and interesting taking in not just heroic and religious verse but also personal monologues descriptive poems and even charms and riddles There's just enough of each to satisfy; perhaps not uite enough in fact I would have liked to have read a few than just the one charm; or perhaps a few of the obscene riddles that Hamer mentions but does not include As I don't read Anglo Saxon I can't comment on the uality of the translation but all are very readable and natural The small introduction to each poem is very helpful and the inclusion of the Anglo Saxon originals on the page facing each translation is a bonus I approached this book as a something of a chore but it turned out to be a pleasure

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    This is a nice general reader friendly collection of all the shorter Anglo Saxon poems and a couple of charms riddles Translation is into blank verse which seems to give an accurate though not literal account of the texts although I am no expert on these things Some critical content and glossary would have been a bonus The notes seemed a bit vague in a few places but once again that might have just been me 45

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    An amazing selection of works beautifully translated The poems towards the end especially Bede's Death Song and The Wanderer still speak redolently of humanity's predicaments despite the passage of so many centuries

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    I was not reuired to read it in its entirety but I REALLY enjoyed The Seafarer as a retired USN sailor Even then the concept of landlubbers sandcrabs yardbirds existed The Dream of the Rood put me in mind of The Kitchen Shears Speak The Battle of Maldon dovetailed nicely with Beowulf makes me want to re read Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade The Wanderer is the tale of all nomads

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    Used this for a course on Old English Literature and wound up reading the whole thing Very enjoyable

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    interesting and extremely useful for course preparationfavourite wulf and eadwacher xonoone

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    Beautiful and fascinating nice to see the original Anglo Saxon on the opp page to the translation too Highly enjoyable

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    I'm not an Anglo Saxon poetry expert but I enjoyed these poems and found them fascinating

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    A reread from my degree I will confess to only reading the translations for the most part having had to do translations years ago I didn't really feel like revisiting that special hell and found them possibly a little stilted in places

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    Nice read I especially liked the OE riddles

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