REVIEW · ARTography Rendering Self Through Arts Based Living Inuiry

ARTography Rendering Self Through Arts Based Living Inuiry

REVIEW ARTography Rendering Self Through Arts Based Living Inuiry

Artography is a form of representation that privileges both text and image as they meet within moments of métissage But most of all artography is about each of us living a life of deep meaning enhanced through perceptual practices that reveal what was once hidden create what has never been know and imagine what we hope to achieve In this fascinating volume the twelve contributors explore the relationships beween the roles of artist researcher and teac


Her as they implement arts based educational research Each contributor uses her or his own artistic practices as integral or complementary practices to other forms of inuiry In each case the artist author examines an educational issue and through visual and textual means pursues theoretical and practical considerations In these explorations analysis and interpretation confront our assumptions bringing them to a place of intersubjective and intrasubject

Rita L. Irwin Ù 1 REVIEW

Ive knowing Each artist author engages with theory and practice art and text self and other artist and teacher In many respects two points of view are explored art as phenomenon and art making as method Using these points separately or together the artist authors explore the fullness of such inuiry for educational research Through an examination of these art based texts readers will come to appreciate educational practices in deeper and meaningful ways