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Ecies such as the Anhanguera and dinosaur groups like the duck billed dinosaursEach dinosaur species is shown by its skeleton revealing what it looked like inside and out A full color computer graphic illustration shows each animal in its habitat For the dinosaur groups like the flying reptiles individual species are shown in large full color illustrations instead of just skeletonsSuccinct introductory paragraphs describe when and where each dinosaur lived and other interesting Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics & the Visionary Experience paragraphs describe when and where each dinosaur lived and other interesting

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Resembling a paleontologist's sketchbook filled with labeled watercolor drawings and descriptive notes Dinosaur Bones is an accurate reference to 40 dinosaurs marine reptiles flying reptiles and prehistoric mammalsThe book begins with a brief introduction to life before the dinosaurs and the appearance of amphibians and early land mammals Then 150 million years later the dog sized Ornitholestes dinosaur appears Chronologically thereafter double page spreads depict individual sp

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Facts The annotated illustrations highlight physical features and their purpose A human to dinosaur shadow comparison reveals the size and shape The Anhanguera for example had a wingspan of almost 15 feet but a body length of barely 8 inchesDinosaurs and prehistoric life are popular topics critical to understanding science and natural history For all readers as well as supplemental to school curricula Dinosaur Bones is an essential comprehensive guide to these peculiar animals

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    This book about Dinosaur Bones and Prehistoric Creatures is a bit busy with facts and may be too big or broad for 4th through 6th graders Junior high or middle school readers can find a Dinosaur or Ancient animal they are studying or doing a report on and get info on that particular animal Otherwise the information may be too numerous and overwhelming for some

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    Ik kwam voornamelijk voor de dino's maar de andere prehistorische dieren waren ook wel leuk om over te lezen Gelukkig waren nog veel dino's zoals ze horen te zijn zonder die belachelijke veertjes die ze tegenwoordig hebben Bah Het was best interessant om te lezen en ook om de skeletten te zien van mijn favoriete dino's Ook leuk dat er meer informatie wordt gegeven naast botjes

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