The Crime of Reason And the Closing of the Scientific Mind review ´ 103

The Crime of Reason And the Closing of the Scientific Mind

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We all agree that the free flow of ideas is essential to creativity And we like to believe that in our modern technological world information is freely available and flows faster than ever before But according to Nobel Laureate Robert Laughlin acuiring information is becoming a danger or even a crime Increasingly the really valuable information is private property or a state secret with the result that it is now easy for a flash o. A very odd little book somewhere between a passionate essay and academic treatise on the efforts by governments to prevent information freedom and access in a variety of areas The book ranges from interesting to provocative offering both concrete examples of ways information access has been denied and the problems it has caused to proposing extensions of such limitations all possible some probable then others and pointing out the conseuences of those limitations as well

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Time characterized not by light and truth but by disinformation and ignorance Thus we find ourselves dealing and with the Crime of Reason the antisocial and sometimes outright illegal nature of certain intellectual activities The Crime of Reason is a reader friendly jeremiad On Bullshit for the Slashdot and Creative Commons crowd a short fiercely argued essay on a problem of increasing concern to people at the frontiers of new ide. Two stars doesn't seem right but three stars isn't justified because the secret is the book is advertised as something very serious but in the end it's a work of humor As a result I have a hard time giving this than two stars because it's funny just not funny enough

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F insight entirely innocently to infringe a patent or threaten national security The public pays little attention because this vital information is “technical” but Laughlin argues information is often labeled technical so it can be seuestered not seuestered because it’s technical The increasing restrictions on information in such fields as cryptography biotechnology and computer software design are creating a new Dark Age a. Written in 2008 this book is a bit outdated in 2017

  • Hardcover
  • 192
  • The Crime of Reason And the Closing of the Scientific Mind
  • Robert B. Laughlin
  • English
  • 21 March 2018
  • 9780465005079

About the Author: Robert B. Laughlin

Robert Betts Laughlin born November 1 1950 is the Anne T and Robert M Bass Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Stanford University Along with Horst L Störmer of Columbia University and Daniel C Tsui of Princeton University he was awarded a share of the 1998 Nobel Prize in physics for their explanation of the fractional uantum Hall effectLaughlin was born in Visalia California

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