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    I read book one and really enjoyed the Phule character and is use of money to fix all problems Actually the way he used it to circumvent the system that tried to keep a decent man down I also like how even if the story concludes at the end of the book they don’t just jump to the next adventure without some wrap up of the last book It’s a welcome change from many books and it is done well here These stories are just a lot of fun to read with some enjoyable characters

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    Robert Asprin books must be read for their fun factor and not for well reasoned story telling For example in the prior book in this series Captain Phule and company were ordered to guard a casino resulting in Capt Phule being taken hostage In spite of this lesson in personal security this book begins with a suspected spy and possible assassin getting to Phule even though Phule is in the most secure part of a casino surrounded by 100 trained legionnaires Every story line is developed until the author gets tired of them and then they are retired in the most convenient way possible For example and small SPOILER a rival casino owner is doing everything in her power to make Phule's life miserable including sicking the IRS on him 50 pages later the IRS shows up at the rival casino owner's doorstep conveniently arresting her without any indication that Phule even pointed them at the competitor These books also haven't aged well For example an obnoxious government guy is described in such a way that the reader is supposed to picture Fidel Castro but this is never made clear and further we get from 1991 the less such obscure references will translate Plus all the discussion of the wonders of capitalism are pretty naive given things like the wealthy funding the supposedly grass roots Tea Party to reduce their own taxes Bottom line This book was fun than dumb so I don't regret reading but it was dumb enough that I won't re read it

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    This book takes up where Phule's Paradise left off And it hits the ground running with several problems heaped upon Cpt Jester's head at once Not only that but Gen Blitzkrieg is still trying to destroy him and the company is shipped off to another world with problems waiting for themBy this time most series start to taper off as the author runs out of ideas but Asprin and Heck seem immune to that problem The uality and fun are still there and I enjoyed it immensely

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    Between the publication of Phule's Paradise and A Phule and His Money were apparently 7 years and a brutal bout of writer's block You can tell because things have changedFirst the good The overly ethnic voices for the PoC characters are gone Sergeant Escrima no longer speaks in broken English Sushi talks like a regular guy Chocolate Harry talks exactly like the other bikers we meet So whatever happened there whether it was the changing times time enough for Asprin to change his tune or a co writer talking a little sense to him Who knows? It's a good thing and good for AsprinNext the bad The book doesn't uite feel the same This could be that the books were written 7 years apart or far likely I read the first two as a pre critical kid and this one 27 years later as a hyper critical adult I'm a different person now so no wonder the books feel differentThe structure problems that were evident in the first book are back this time and they brought friends The first half and change of the book is sort of cleaning up after the last one as the villain from that book unleashes a variety of gambits to bring Phule and his people down That's than enough for one book had it been handled right The Legion is known for its recruits having checkered pasts Had each of the major characters gotten one problem we'd have a whole book As it is Phule CH and Sushi all have something to deal with and as is usual for these books it's resolved pretty easilyThen we head to a planet to put down a rebellion It's refreshing that this ends up being a struggle between rival amusement parks but this is only for two chapters and again it's resolved without any real cleverness on the part of the protagonists And then there's a coda chapter in which all the lingering problems magically go awayThat's a huge problem with these books Lower stakes can be fun and are often appropriate for comedies which this allegedly is The laughs in this installment are few and far between so that doesn't justify it The issue is I never get the impression that anything is really on the line for these characters Whenever they come up against a jam Phule's limitless wealth bails everyone out This book wisely put that into uestion in the final 2 chapters but still but then threw it out the window The point is this needed to be funnier to justify the low stakesMy rating is taking account my lingering affection for the first two books in the series I'm beginning to think that gasp these were written for the age I was when I read the first two and not the age I am now So with that in mind these are good for middle schoolers as long as you let them know that generous billionaire weapons manufacturers are a myth

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    Pure FunA Phule and His Money continues the adventures of Captain Jester and Omega Company Having successfully rehabilitated Omega to the ire of his commanding general Jester and Omega are reassigned from their job protecting a casino from the criminal element to preserving the peace on a world recovering fro lm civil war This might sound like a military novel but it really is something entirely different Think of it almost as a sitcom with a military company providing the cast of charactersAspirin subverts a lot of expectations In a book like this the reader would likely expect the protagonist’s best laid plans to go awry and then some set of circumstances that emerge later to provide the solution While that happens to some degree Captain Jester usually carries all of his plans to a successful completion The fun comes with the journeyYou can’t take this book too seriously Enjoy it for what it is and you’ll find an endearing cast of characters you will want to revisit time and again

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    Back to form The robot double part is a little strained but otherwise is just as fun as the first with complex characterization as the series has progressed The solutions are creative as always and the new Chaplain with his interestingly deep pocketed religion adds some great color to it

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    Strange off beat sci fi based series about a random company of misfit troops under a cmdr who is one of the richest men in the known galaxy that seem to always come out ahead in their missions to restore order through their basic criminal cons Great long running joke

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    Started out mildly amusing but became increasingly dull I enjoyed the first two books in this series but this one was very lackluster I came very close to giving up on it and to be honest I don't think it was worth finishing

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    Still funWhile not uite as good as previous entries in the series I spotted a few errors and the characters and pacing weren't uite in line with the first two book I still found this an enjoyable read

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    Starts off interesting then bogs down Everything gets silly and then perfectly resolved with minimal effort The strength of these books has been the entertaining cast of characters This book doesn't take advantage of that As a result it's mostly boring and unsatisfying

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A Phule and His Money Phule's Company #3

Read & Download î eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ý Robert Lynn Asprin

T unknown to the Zenobians they're getting two Phules for the price of one A robot double. Pure FunA Phule and His Money continues the adventures of Cap

Free read A Phule and His Money Phule's Company #3

When the planet Zenobia is invaded Captain Willard Phule is made their military advisor Bu. This book takes up where Phule's Paradise left off And it hit

Read & Download î eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ý Robert Lynn Asprin

Of Captain Phule appears out of nowhere And only the real Phule knows who the real Phule i. Strange off beat sci fi based series about a random company o

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 277
  • A Phule and His Money Phule's Company #3
  • Robert Lynn Asprin
  • English
  • 10 April 2019
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About the Author: Robert Lynn Asprin

Robert Lynn Asprin was born in 1946 While he wrote some stand alone novels such as Cold Cash War Tambu and The Bug Wars and also the Duncan and Mallory Illustrated stories Bob is best known for his series fantasy such as the Myth Adventures of Aahz and Skeeve the Phule’s Company novels and the Time Scout novels written with Linda Evans He also edited the groundbreaking Thieves’ World antho