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Banned Books


Banned books Challenging Our Freedom To Read provides a framework for understanding censorship and the protections guaranteed to. I love this book that I borrowed through the inter library loan system so much that I tossed a cup of tea over it just so that I could keep it Well truthfully I did not spill the tea on purpose but I did end up purchasing it from the Library just the same The tea stains aren't too bad just on the edges of the pages and the back page where it stuck to the page in front I happened to be home for my half hour lunch break and didn't have the time to do a thorough clean up Anyway back to the book I am thrilled to now own it and be able to peruse it at my leisure I truly celebrate my freedom to read and it's totally fascinating to learn the reasons why books have been banned over the years As well as the great content the author has done an amazing job on the organization and layout of this book The overall size and size of the print make it very easy on the eyes and I like his use of red lines to delineate the entries


At we choose are supplemented by straightforward easily accessible information that will inspire further exploration P 4 of cover. I use this book so much it's getting worn out I've only had it since SeptemberIt's a great reference book to find out why when and by whom a book has been challenged andor banned

Robert P. Doyle ☆ 1 SUMMARY

Us through the First Amendment Interpretations of the uniuely American notion of freedom of expression and our freedom to read wh. I am a little frustrated with the reporting of data from the ALA This book was a wonderful resource but I wanted statistics and I had to sort through the thousands of entries and make my own I had contacted the ALA through their website asking for further statistical reporting about book challenges but never heard back

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