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And Then Came Love

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An their curious relationshipWith so much honesty all round it might well have succeeded and as Matthew had hoped love might have grown between them eventually if Stella could only escape from the memory of Charles Heyward the symbol of her former life. This was the least Harleuinny Harleuin I have ever read The hero is a bumbling oaf one of those self made millionaires who are loud brash and proud of it The heroine is your basic Posh Spice Think of pairing up the ueen of England with the King of ueens and you'll get the picture I know the author wanted to highlight the differences between the social classes of H and h but they came off as caricatures rather than real living breathing peopleThe main conflict between the h and H is over his sister the live in housekeeper from hell Honestly all those tedious domestic disputes over cabbage and potatoes grew to be a bore Neither the h nor the H made a genuine effort to make the marriage work Things come to a head when h's posh ex comes for a visit and h humiliated her boorish husband in a most unforgivable manner The H then goes to another woman for the night and taunts h about it Things REALLY disintegrate from thereI love marriage of convenience stories but there was no chemistry or love between these two never mind romance It was an absolutely dismal read

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They were an ill assorted pair Stella Percy cool aloof lady of leisure with every uality needed to live a life of luxurious elegance except money; and Matthew Armstrong bluff honest Yorkshire who believed in calling a spade a spade but had plenty of 'bra. This is one of those stories that he cheated but wait he didn't but did he The main characters came from very different backgrounds a socialite and a factory owner; add a disapproving mother a spoiled brother a malicious sister in law OW and OM and you know they have a rough road ahead of them I found them to have no chemistry due to cheating both emotionally and physically and the constant bickering

Free read Ú eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ô Roberta Leigh

Ss' which he was proud to think had all been earned by his own hard workFrom the first he had made no secret of his attraction to Stella and when she accepted his proposal she was at least honest enough to admit that it was for the sake of his money So beg. Ok You know all of these people needed therapy Badly

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