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Stung personally and professionally by an ill advised affair PR guru Jillian Matlock has rented an old Victorian with a promising garden in Virgin RiverShe's looking forward to cultivating something other than a corp. 35 Starsview spoile

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Colin Riordan came to Virgin River to recuperate from a horrific helicopter crash the scars of which he bears inside and out His family is wonderfully supportive but it's his art that truly soothes his troubled soul. 45 Wild Man Creek S

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Orate brand Both are looking to simplify not complicate their lives but when Jillian finds Colin at his easel in her yard there's an instant connection And in Virgin River sometimes love is the simplest choice of all. Oh my Colin and Jil In the Grip yard there's an instant connection And in Virgin River sometimes love is the simplest choice of all. Oh my Colin and Jil

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    Superb Made me bawl like a baby at the end I got an ARC of this one from NetGalley and I plowed through it in one day haven't done that with a book in a looong time After reading Promise Canyon and adoring it I doubted that Robyn Carr could top it or at least eual it But she did This one is in the top three of my favorites of the series the others being Virgin River and Temptation Ridge There's just something about those Riordan men This is Army Black Hawk helicopter pilot Wild Man Colin Riordan's story second oldest of the Riordan brothers Colin 40 was in a copter crash severely injured ended up in rehab then became hooked on painkillers and was caught trying to buy pain meds on the street Luckily with his brothers' help or interference as he sometimes sees it he got the help he needed but now he's out of the military unable to fly any and has retreated to Virgin River brother Luke's place for some RR while he figures out his next move Colin has an incredible talent for painting wildlife it may beome a career when he's done with flying and he rents a cabin in the woods so he can snap some pics of wildlife which he then references when he paints One day while painting out in a meadow he meets up with Jillian Matlock 32 a former PR exec for a software company who's in VR on sabbatical from her high pressure job Jill's getting over a humiliating breakup with a boyfriend who used her in a terrible way shattering her trust and judgment in men and practically wrecking her career Jill's renting the old Victorian mansion that belonged to Hope McCrea with plans to use the extensive gardens to grow heirloom fruits and vegetables just like the great grandmother who raised her did If things work out in the next 6 months maybe Jill will start her own businessJill and Colin hit it off as friends Neither is looking for a relationship Colin keeps telling himself that 'girl next door' Jilly is not the type he usually dates but the time they spend together he uses her property when he wants to paint outdoors the they are attracted to each other They finally decide to act on that attraction although both are up front about their affair only being for a set amount of time Colin is heading to Africa in September to photograph big game and to check into a flying career there he's not ready yet to give up the adrenaline rush he gets from flying and Jilly has only 6 months in Hope's house before she has to decide if she's going back to her old job or will forge a new path So the affair starts with an end date in sight and Colin and Jilly make the most of their time together Jeez were they hot together and sooo perfect for each other too And their first time up on the roof? Scorching Of course you know they're going to fall in love but will either admit it? Will either be willing to change their future plans?Oh my did I enjoy this one It just pushed all my buttons First of all I just adored Jilly Rarely does Robyn Carr give you a perfect heroine in fact a lot of readers have issues with some of her heroines but Jilly was just a generous spirit totally unselfish she wants Colin to have all that he thinks he needs smart a real go getter a sometime uirky sometimes funny charmer I just loved how she really got to Colin Now Colin he had his moments where I wasn't thrilled with him he was kind of prickly when it came to older brother Luke handing out advice to him; he was used to doing things his own way and I wasn't sure if he had it in him to be unselfish and put somebody first besides himself He had a lot of growing to do But make no mistake he adored Jilly and showed her time and again spoiler aheadBut when he left Jilly at the end of the book to go to Africa just like he said he would I felt like he was leaving me I just about died right along with Jilly How could he leave? But have no fear RC made the right decision to have him leave You knew the devastated Jilly wouldn't stay down for long And you knew eventually Colin like his brothers predicted would come to his senses Oh but the agony that RC puts the reader throughend spoiler The author hints that Jilly looks like this well known actress Besides this main plot Ms Carr gives us some very worthy subplots toowe find out who is the father of young ex Marine Denny Cutler This plot and the character of Denny gets a few chapters in the book Denny is a great character and I hope one day he gets his own bookone of the older inhabitants of VR seems to have Alzheimer's disease We get to see how the town reacts and what the family does about it We learn about Jilly's sous chef sister Kelly and learn what she's been hiding about her love life from JillyThe Riordan family and Jilly attend Aiden's wedding in Chico Colin and Jilly have some hot moments in their hotel room before the wedding We see the extent of the sibling rivalry and lovehate relationship between Luke and Colin Luke has a few busybody moments which remind me of Jack SheridanWe briefly meet the hero widower Lief for the next book in the series Harvest Moon and wonder how any woman will be able to put up with his bratty teenage daughterThis book was just about perfect for me The only thing I wished for as I was blubbering through the last chapters was of an ending While I loved the very emotional finale I was dying for a bit of an epilogue Perhaps I'll get what I'm looking for in Harvest Moon? Other than that minor disappointment o u t s t a n d i n g 5 BIG stars

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    This was not my favorite Maybe because I thought that the romance between the two leads Jillian Matlock and Colin Riordan was a foregone conclusion so reading about how Jillian was being so strong and whatever made me roll my eyes Or maybe I just read too many of these books back to back and it put me in a mood Hard to know I love romance novels Absolutely adore them But I think I can pinpoint that right around this book or the next I started to see a slide in the series and I was pretty disappointed with the next couple of ones and then the last book in the seriesThere is honestly not much to say here except I thought the whole thing that brings Jillian to Virgin River was dancing towards absurd and her new chosen profession decides she will start to do an organic farm came out of nowhere and did not fit her at all Jillian is a Vice President for Corporate Communications for a software manufacturer and due to a workplace harassment issue is cautioned to take some time off while her bossmentor deals with it Yeah Like that would really happen I bring up Jillian’s job though because I had a hard time reconciling what she does with her later decision to start an organic farmI also think that Carr honestly rushed the resolution to Jillian’s backstory and I pretty much rolled my eyes at the guy who shows up and acts like an ass by the way since how did he get there why would he be stupid to do so based on everything that went before etc I think it was just a way to have Colin punch the guy or something I don’t know It just didn’t work with the story that I think Carr wanted to tellAlso I really have a hard time believing that in a matter of weeks that Jillian can just have an organic farm up and running Apparently Virgin River has magic soil And I really didn’t get why Jack Sheridan who is renting the house to Jillian is okay with her gardening as much as she is in a house she doesn’t own Hey I have rented homes before you can of course ask the homeowner about certain things but I have never lived in one place that was all yes of course you can grow whatever you want and totally change the groundsColin and his family drove me batty Maybe because Luke Riordan decides he will be the twin of Jack Sheridan and stick his nose in where it’s not wanted or needed I was also really tired of the women coming along to have sensible talks with these idiots It gets old after a while and I know that I was 100 percent sick of itUnlike in previous books I don’t think that Carr had much knowledge about paintinggardening Colin starts painting and apparently is such a great painterphotographer that he can sell his works for thousands of dollars Jillian is somehow going to turn her farm into a million dollar enterprise though she and only one other person works the grounds? I can’t even recall how many acres Jillian has but I maybe muttered BS a few times while reading thisWe have a reappearance of Jillian’s sister who will be in the next book and of course other characters we have become familiar with I totally booed the entire story line with Jack Sheridan and Denny Cutler It made absolutely no sense and then towards the end we have Denny throwing out a line about something that made me go wait a minute what? I think it was an editing error that no one caught but it bugged me endlesslyThe ending was too much and I really hated the whole woman who is grieving because she told her man to go off and do what he needed to be happy I was just really over both of them The romance was so so and I was happy that the book finally ended

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    45 Wild Man Creek Stars Sigh this series just leaves me smiling and wanting of these character of Virgin River Just 3 Colin Riordan Another Riordan BROTHER sooo right there I was all clapping hands and YAY’s I really thought he was going to be a little broken coming in to this story Because of everything he has lost and all he has been through Jillian kind of surprised me I liked that she just knew what she wanted to do the moment she touched that earth I kind of want to see her sister come to Virgin River to stay and find a man who deserves herHow it all came to pass from Denny and Jack and Colin to Luke being the one to help Jill when she needed it This book just has so many feels We did get a little of Rick and his Nan that part broke me up a little bit too Again Therese Plummer kills it with these narrations I can’t even tell you how happy hearing her voice come through my headphones makes me You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have it

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    Might as well shoot me because I'm going to say it againthis is my favorite book in the series I really mean it this time LOL It might have taken Robyn Carr 12 books to get everything just right but she succeeded in doing so with Wild Man Creek This is my favorite because1 The heroine Jillian Matlock is NOT a bitch She gets totally screwed around by her boyfriend and is forced to take a leave of absence from her joba software manufacturing business that she helped build from the ground up Going from a 60 hour workweek to not working at all Jill hasn't a clue what she is going to do; so she packs her bags closes up her townhouse and just starts driving Remembering a uaint place where she and her sister had stopped briefly the year before Jill heads to Virgin River She rents an old 3 story Victorian style mansion and needing something to take her mind off how badly she was betrayed she puts to use the teachings of her grandmother and starts tending the massive gardens2 The hero Colin Riordan is not the typical ex serviceman residing in VR He is not ready to settle down with a wife and have childrenhe is there only until his body has healed from a near fatal helicopter crash and his mind has healed from the dependency he developed for the pain killers Colin loves to fly and is determined to do so again Painting wildlife is his second lovea natural talent he has nurtured since childhood Setting up his easel paints on property he thought was uninhabited Colin realizes his error in judgment when he encounters a most unhappy inhabitant3 The relationship between Colin and Jillian is not encumbered by any past secrets or future expectations When they become lovers it is with the complete understanding that the situation is temporary for they both have dreams that as yet are unfulfilled They are compatible in every way however and bring out the best in each other They laugh together cook together share endless stories and experiences have over the top mind blowing sex andwellthat last compatibility is pretty much the icing on the cake Before long Colin and Jill are living together still fully aware that their relationship will be ending when Colin leaves for So Africa at the end of the summer just living each day to the fullest4 There isn't a secondary relationship taking up space When we encounter other Virgin River dwellers it is either at Jack's bar or a Riordan family get together This way Carr gives us the best of both worldsour focus stays on the main couple yet at the same time we get to find out what everyone else has been up to And absolutely no one is left out Jack Mel Preacher Paige Mike Brie Paul Vanessa Luke Shelby Rick Liz Cam Abby Sean Franci Aiden Erin Ian Marcie Noah Ellie Clay Lilly Dan the ex pothead Art Walt Muriel George Mrs Riordan The only side story involves the young man Denny and his tentative relationship with Jack Unfortunately that did not turn out as I had hoped5 The ending is absolute perfection I have listened to the audio books for the entire series and I am keeping Wild Man Creek on my ipod ueue permanently just so I can listen to the ending over and over again Possibly the best HEA everAlthough the series continues indefinitely I do think RC could have ended it right here Everyone I care about see #4 is in a good place in life and adding new characters will have the population of Virgin River bursting at the seams But I say all this before reading the next installment Harvest Moonthe book that who knows just might be my favorite of the series

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    35 Starsview spoilerI didn't like that Colin kept telling Jillian everything was temporary so she wouldn't get ideas or be hurt when he picked up and left for Africa If you get involved with someone and there's a deep connection you're gonna hurt when they leave even if they've spelled it all out beforehand Fortunately he came to his senses uickly and didn't completely screw up everything hide spoiler

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    A another great addition to this series These characters have become family to me I love being part of each new romance as it develops visiting with series characters in each book Realistic plotlines low angst romance with a little sizzle lots of emotion awesome setting all add up to great romance

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    Oh my Colin and Jillian have made it to my new listfavorite couples Another hit in the Virgin River seriesColin's story started in an earlier book Here we saw him post helicopter accident and drug addiction he got hooked on his pain medicine for a short time What a hunk of burnin' love Be still my heart this was one smokin' hot read The tension was good but when these two came together it was fireworks What happened to Jillian she was introduced in book 11 was awful but she reinvented herself and turned out a change was just what she needed Loved reading about the gardening and delicious meals freeze the leftovers As per this author's style the book covered than just two main characters We learned a lot about Denny We were updated on a few Riordan brothers got to see a wedding from a relationship in an earlier book Aiden and saw a glimpse of Maureen and George Nicely written Very entertaining and I can't wait for the next one in this terrific series

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    I really uite enjoyed this book I have to pick and choose Virgin River books carefully I don't read them all I'm not going to lie sometimes her heroines fall way short are really uite bitchy They are either really lovely or really not lovely I'm also not going to lie I really really don't like Mel Why on earth would Jack the perfect guy fall for such a cow She had about two tiny little bits of dialogue in this book and she managed to say something bitchy both times After that little mini rant I really liked this heroine Jilly a lot The hero Colin was a pretty good guy too although was a bit slow on the uptake took the whole book to finally get there idiot But it is a sweet romance

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    Another great hit in one of my favorite series I loved this book and to date my favorites in this series are the ones with the Riordan brothersThis 12th book tells the story of Colin Riordan Jillian Matlock And what a hot story The mystery behind young Denny Culter's visit is solved There is a wedding and as usual we get to catch up on past characters and see what is happening in their lives Ms Carr is a very talented writer and I love this series Each time I read a VR book I just want to go have supper at Jack's then put my feet in the cold creek and maybe stay for a long visit

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    Unfortunately UnappealingJillian Matlock lived for her job as Vice President for Corporate Communications for a software manufacturer So much so that she had no time or energy for a social life beyond the office That's why she was dating a coworker and subordinate even though it was against company policy She had in fact been dating him for months until she walked into the office one Monday morning and found out that her erstwhile boyfriend wasn't interested in her he had just been setting her up for a sexual harassment suit that would get him loads of cash and her jobForced out of the company she loved and helped build Jill takes off to lick her wounds and get her head on straight and ends up in the small town of Virgin River where memories of childhood and a determination to work her way through her issues takes her life in a brand new directionWrapped up in his own problems and still slowly recovering from the helicopter crash that almost killed him Colin Riordan is in Virgin River to paint and get his body back into shape so he can get back up to the sky he so loves When he had set up his easel and paints in the empty field he found his thoughts were focused on the natural light not bears that would be newly out of hibernation Those thoughts uickly turned to bears though when the bushes started rustling Thankfully he'd come prepared and he pulled out the gun he had loaded up for just that contingencyInstead of a bear it was Jill pushing her way thorough dense undergrowth to stare up at him He almost shot her It's a good thing he restrained himself as her light laugh and indomitable spirit draw him to her like a moth to a flame Soon he can't stop thinking about her nor she him but their idyllic summer fling has an expiration date and when that date hits he'll be gone No matter how fond of her he grows or how much she comes to mean to himThis twelfth book in Robyn Carr's Virgin River series is my first experience with Carr's books and despite the wild popularity of the series I had some issues with this one in both style and content While the plot was okay conceptually the narrative had some problems There was a lot of repetition and readers are told again and again about things ranging from Jill's experience with gardening as a child to Colin's plans when he leaves to Jill's plans with the high end veggies and And when the narrative isn't bogged down with repetition it's overburdened by excessive exclamation None of the characters seemed to say or think things they say or think them as if everyone was either perpetually cheery or consistently emphatic Not only did that get old uickly for me as a reader but it stripped away much of the emotional range that rounds out characters making them seem rather two dimensional and superficial And exclamations were especially off putting in Colin's dialogue That's probably a personal preference though I like my big broody men to be big and broody and the exclamations just seem too darn chippyBeyond that I had a lot of trouble liking either of the main characters Within pages I knew I was going to have trouble with Jill not for getting taken in by the jerkwad boyfriend but for calling him again and again when she learns of his duplicity The lack of common sense and appalling disregard for dignity really bothered me I had higher hopes for a woman of obvious intelligence and competence Thankfully she improved but the improvements lead to other issues I'll mention laterThere was also little to recommend Colin as a romantic lead I found him arrogant self involved and abrasive when he dealt with his brother not that I liked Luke either for how he treated Colin and so very shallow in all other areas His constant assertions about getting back to flying didn't make him seem dedicated to me they made him seem oblivious and ungrateful for his many gifts And I'm sorry but when he was thinking about his sexual past I actually shuddered when I read thisHe had never had a shortage of female company that's for sure One of his favorite things was to wash lipstick off his favorite organ in the morning after showerSeriously? This is the character that is the romantic lead in this contemporary romance? A guy who plans to leave and reiterates those plans again and again throughout the book and who not only thinks with his joystick but devotes favorite pastimes to it? There just wasn't much that could be done after that to redeem his character for me Not that much was tried And that leads me to another bone of contentionThere was no growth in the characters and no conflict in the story to spur that growth either internal emotional conflict or external plot based conflict In fact beyond the issues that drove them to Virgin Creek to begin with absolutely everything goes exactly their way Jill decides to start gardening professionally and everything falls into place beautifully She's rich and a hard worker but come on the lack of any obstacles was boring And where was the angst over the past? It seemed like once she got to Virgin River and dug around in the dirt a bit she was completely unaffected by what had happened to herThen there's Colin He was horribly scarred physically and almost died in a helicopter crash was a drug addict for all of a month uhyeah and did time for buying on the streetbut he didn't have so much as a single moment of emotional trauma to get over before he got groiny with a woman who might be put off by the scars or his historyand didn't so much as a flinch before he flew again? Really? And he's such a good artist that the first art gallery he goes to agrees to sell his work and he makes over a thousand dollars right awayMaybe I'm jadedno wait I know I'm jaded but stillthe absolute lack of conflict for the main characters made them and their relationship hard to believe and impossible to relate to The only significant conflict between them at all ended up being the inevitable parting at the end of the summer and that wasn't enough for me to hold my attention through the bookThere was one source of conflict in the book besides Colin leaving but as it turns out it didn't involve the main characters at all There was a subplot with a couple of secondary characters that added a bit of complexity to the plot but it also served to highlight a tendency for characters to overreact in sometimes sweeping overemotional ways that weren't very appealing Denny the young man involved became a completely different character than he'd been portrayed to that point and I just found it to be a bit too much to be believedWithout a doubt the second half of the book was better for me than the first There was still a lot of exclamation in the narrative and the story bounced along on the no personal struggle highway but there were some highlights that were nice I did come to like how Jill and Colin were together as their relationship progressed and I enjoyed Jill's relationship with her sister when she came to visit I appreciated the supportive nature that Jill had when talking to Colin about the future and thought that she handled it better than I would have in that situation While I never totally warmed up to Colin it was uite obvious that he was a better person with Jill in his life and that was also a nice thing to seeUnfortunately the few rays of sunshine didn't do enough to warm my reaction to the book any higher than two stars Carr is obviously wildly successful as an author and with this series in particular You can't get to twelve books and not have amassed a loyal following For me though this book didn't have enough to keep me interested in the series and it had some things that turned me off the writing style entirely I was left with very little to no interest in anything else that occurs in and around Virgin River or to the characters created to be there Disclosure This book was provided to me free of charge through the com Vine program for the purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my ownFind this review and at One Good Book Deserves Another