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N Besides facing overarching pressures of catastrophic climate events and failing government they must deal with the normal challenges of human diversity labor community love loss survival – and pure evil Third Wind pulls us through numerous twists and turns to its conclusion which far better than many endings these days satisfies rather than disappoin

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With Third Wind novelist Roger Gloss has fashioned a deeply thoughtful story that captivates us on several levels It confronts important contemporary themes head on looming climate change and a federal government co opted by corporations and big money that has demonstrated a clear lack of interest in serving its citizens But than a mere polemic Third Win

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D is also a richly plotted tale dense with memorable characters and events Ten years in the future a handful of survivors from all over America partner with a village of poor Native Americans in the high desert of central New Mexico to deal with climate change on their own terms by building a self sustaining community and bringing wind power to the regio

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    A thought provoking bookI enjoyed seeing hope bloom from what starts out as a seemingly hopeless situation in “The Third Wind”The story begins in the not so distant future after the US economic infrastructure has or less collapsed Tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy which caused emergency and social services to be critically under funded have made coping with the multiple natural disasters resulting from climate change impossible to deal with for both state and federal government agencies As a result shortages famine and plagues have started breaking out all across the nation without much chance of being remedied Resources like gas power and the internet have nearly evaporated This book makes you think How would you make a strategy for survival in a modern world where power gas and communication were slowly being completely wiped out? Mr Gloss does a great job showing us how one man's plan unfolds and that in those circumstances the best option for survival might be to develop self sufficient communities that are protected from an increasingly desperate and dangerous worldThe book is told entirely from the first person perspective of the main character Martin He is a level headed modest soft spoken engineer who gives the reader a trustworthy perspective from which to see the new reality take shape Twists and turns unfold as we discover the relationship between the characters and they realize they can’t make the same assumptions as they did before about each other in the face of a crumbling United StatesI enjoyed learning about the technology of wind turbines and seeing into Mr Gloss’ imagination of how a small community might build and operate one to provide power for their own use It was interesting to see how the characters bonded under the strenuous circumstances It certainly makes you appreciate the little things in life like hot coffee and a cold beer – and music too There is a touching scene where some people bring music back to the community in an effort to bring joy into all their lives It was one of my favorite sentiments in the book that even when focused on survival a happy community is a strong community I would recommend this book for anyone who has some flexibility in their ideological viewpoints as well as lovers of adventure stories about survival in the modern age

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    Third Wind represents for me the culmination of an exciting four year effort After publishing my first novel in 2009 I set out in my second book to stretch my capabilities and further develop my talents as a serious writer With Third Wind I had several significant goals 1 confront head on in a very serious way the themes of climate change and a dysfunctional federal government that no longer serves its citizens; 2 research and write intelligently about wind energy a subject in which I had no prior experience; and 3 weave these “big picture” themes into a captivating story rich with believable memorable charactersWhen confronting controversial issues there is always the risk of getting preachy or turning off readers who might not agree I have tried to avoid that by weaving the themes into the plot and characters From this moment on it is for readers to decide whether I’ve succeeded I invite you to plunge into Third Wind I’m confident you’ll find the experience worthwhile

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