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Feted to Die

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Got a guilty secretDetective Inspector Andy Constable and his irreverent colleague Sergeant Dave Copper must try to make sense of the whirl of gossip rumour and secrets circling the peaceful English village of Dammett. Very good read The first in a series of nine novels featuring Inspector Andy Constable and Sergeant Dave Copper I’ll be reading the rest of them

SUMMARY Feted to Die

Who killed celebrity clairvoyant Horace Cope at the annual fete at Dammett Hall Did rival Seymour Cummings spot trouble ahead Did magistrate Lady Lawdown take justice into her own hands Or has her daughter Laura Biding. An okay mystery but tries too hard to be funny at every turn from the names of the main detectives Constable and Copper to the famous author of a series about Carrie Otter Carrie Otter and the Half Boiled Pants to the stereotypical gossipy tea shop owner and pub landlord All the suspects have secrets and the murdered victim certainly was a slimy creep who deserved what he got Constable seems okay Copper gets on my nerves This is the first book in the series which shows a bit of promise and is a uick read so I'll try the second book and see if things improve


Worthy Throw into the mix a celebrated author a dodgy solicitor and a sponging relative and Constable and Copper really have their work cut out'MURDERER'S FETE' WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN 2012 UNDER THE TITLE 'FETED TO DI. This book is called Feted to Die as far as I can see but the description here matches what happens so it must be the same bookThe plot was uite well done the sort of Inspector Alleyn type of investigation where you don't bother with police stations or lawyers for the suspects but keep them in one place The characters were uite believable and the motive not too badBUT the character names The story was played straight albeit with a Carrie Otter sub theme but the characters' names were all puns An astrologist called Horace Cope an apparently straight up girl called Laura Biding a JP called Lady Lawdown you get the idea It was amusing when I noticed it but I really didn't see the point

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