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Metallurgie extractive du cobalt

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As the title suggests this book focuses on the extractive metallurgy of cobalt which is rarely treated in a comprehensive manner as cobalt and cobalt compounds are typically by products of nickel and copper production The book is written in French Introductory chapters cover history mineralogy chemical properties as well as reserves and production statistics from Chapter Hydrometallurgie du cobalt is one of the main chapters that includes the leaching behaviour of the element with respect to the form of cobalt feed highlighting the importance of oxidation reduction reactions There are references to leaching kinetic models and relevant chemical thermodynamic con.


Mber of industrial flow diagrams are provided which is helpful Chapter is about the final uses for cobalt which is shifting with increasing application for cobalt containing batteries The Metallurgie Extractive du Cobalt provides a good overview of cobalt from the primary sources to end use with an emphasis on the metallurgical processing options of which there are uite a few It is most relevant to metallurgical engineers interested in process development I appreciated the insight provided into the African scene and picked up some useful references from the citations Dr James Vaughan Senior Lecturer in Hydrometallurgy The University of ueensland Australia March.

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Siderations along with a number of examples of industrial process flow diagrams Impurity precipitation and solvent extraction are also included in this chapter in a similar style with examples of processing euipment Chapter is a relatively brief chapter about cobalt compound product precipitation ending with a summary table ualitatively ranking eight process features Chapters and address the electrowinning and electrorefining of cobalt respectively Important fundamental and applied considerations are covered Chapter is on the pyrometallurgy of cobalt with some description of hydrometallurgical refining options at the end As with the hydrometallurgy chapter a nu.