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Ronald Reagan is an American success story From modest beginnings in a small midwestern town to a distinguished career in films and television he lived the American dream; as governor of California and as the century's most popular president he embodied and revitalized the American spirit Now in this dramatic and revealing memoir Ronald Reagan recounts b. I had barely turned two years of age when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as the fortieth President of the United States He will always be my standard for what a president should look and sound like because he was the first one I had Still I am a moderate liberal and have many criticisms of Mr Reagan's domestic policies Here are the pros cons and final assessment of this fascinating memoirsThe ProsMr Reagan earned his moniker The Great Communicator He is a natural storyteller and there were many passages I read where I could practically hear him reading to me The pace is uick and unlike Bill Clinton's My Life Reagan wisely refrains from name checking everyone whose hand he ever shook on the campaign trail An American Life is organized thematically rather than chronologically meaning it's fairly simple to follow any one subject through from its origins to either its conclusion or at least its state as of the writing of this book Given the sporadic nature of diplomatic progress a purely chronological account would have been a nightmare to read Reagan's language is very simple and accessible and he freuently cites his own expansive journal entries as well as letters written to and from Mikhail Gorbachev among others The most successful part of the book is that Reagan in his own words makes a legitimate argument for his perspective on things As a child of the 80s I saw the world very differently than did my president It was nice to read for myself why he felt the way he did about certain issues and what his intentions wereThe ConsThe book feels comprehensive unless you pay enough attention or happen to have knowledge of events outside the scope of the book The first 200 plus pages are dedicated to Mr Reagan's life prior to becoming president They often touch on his family but it appears that by the time he was convinced to run for governor of California his family all but disappears from the narration It very subtly suggests an image of a man who became increasingly insulated from the rest of the world; everyone except the First Lady and his Secretary of State I would have liked to read him at least acknowledge some of the unintended negative conseuences of his policies such as the reduction of funding to help mentally and emotionally disturbed poor stay in treatment centers and this is absent entirely In fact Reagan does not seem interested in or perhaps even capable of admitting to anything negative how else could the man who was president at the time of the first identified case of HIVAIDS go an entire 726 pages and not mention it at allAs a Democrat I was also disappointed to read Mr Reagan's characterization of my side of the political spectrum For a man whose legacy is built on his ability to relate to opponents as people and to work on building support through emphasizing humanity it is remarkable to read the absolute disdain he held for his political opposition in Washington He mentions Democrats several times but never does he discuss any kind of effort at cooperating with them He doesn't even try to suggest that they rebuffed his overtures they're simply working entirely to defeat his every well intentioned act as president and he takes his case to the people to put enough pressure on them to get his way How could the same man that dedicated himself to establishing historic arms reduction agreements with the USSR not do to get along with his own governmentThe Bottom LineI have come away from An American Life feeling that I better understand Mr Reagan's motives as president I no longer regard him as uncaring hiding anti poorracistrich old white man ism behind the rhetoric of conservatism and states's rights I believe now that he did not intend any of the at times cruel conseuences of his presidency For those who were already fans of Mr Reagan this book is a given For those like me who were not I still recommend taking the opportunity to read his side of things I haven't abandoned my ideals but I have asked new uestions of them and that is the essence of An American Life

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Dy In a moving passage President Reagan also speaks frankly about the assassination attempt on his life and its effects on him and his family An American Life is a richly detailed definitive account of a great and historic presidency and of a uniue American Life from the man who restored America's confidence and strength and shaped the future of the worl. A strong 3 stars with points off due to the length of the book and some repetition Overall a good primer on historic events which I was too young to follow as they were happening The direct excerpts from letters and notes does help extend the credibility Reagan Smash

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Oth his life and his beliefs with uncompromising candor and his familiar wit He discusses his decision to run for president historic meetings with Mikhail Gorbachev and other heads of state his frustrations in dealing with an often hostile congress his unshakable faith in the American people and the enduring love for Nancy who will always be his First La. The Great Communicator has done it again An American Life takes the reader from his birth in Tampico Illinois to the return to California with mission accomplished Ronald Reagan earned the moniker The Great Communicator for his ability to reach an audience An American Life proves that he could do it in ink too His writing is direct easy to follow and engaging The theme of the book is the optimistic world view of the Reagan we knew There is little introspection Reagan knew what he believed and told it with gusto Many of the stories are ones with which we are familiar This book is the Gipper's exposition of his belief in family values and the individual The readers are drawn into the issues which defined the Reagan AdministrationAs a freuent traveler in Reagan's native region in Northern Illinois I found the narratives of his youth in Galesburg and Dixon and his years at Eureka College to be particularly interesting The reader follows Reagan to Iowa and on to California The sections on Reagan's years in Hollywood give the reader an insight into the movie world The chapters on Reagan's involvement with the Screen Actors' Guild focus on his opposition to Communist domination of the industryReagan's years in California politics are related with may of the stories we have heard such as the student protesters who entered his office to tell him that his generation could not understand them because he did not grow up with the modern conveniences to which he replied that his generation had invented themReagan tells of his conversion which began with the General Electric tour in the 1950s from a liberal Democrat to a conservative Republican and from a reluctant candidate to an enthusiastic agent of destiny From a reluctant governor Reagan matured to a candidate who sought the presidency not to be somebody but to do somethingIn the sections on his presidential years Reagan goes through the issues such as tax reductions the military buildup Supreme Court appointments Middle Eastern diplomacy and Soviet relations The exhilaration of the return of hostages contrasts with the pain of the return of bodies and disasters such as the Challenger Reagan's dealings with the Soviets pulled his car up and down the roller coaster of emotionsOther than that this was a slow and tediuos read

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Ronald Wilson Reagan was the 40th President of the United States 1981–1989 and the 33rd Governor of California 1967–1975 Born in Illinois Reagan moved to Los Angeles in the 1930s where he became an actor president of the Screen Actors Guild SAG and a spokesman for General Electric Reagan became involved in politics during his work for GE and switched from the Democratic Party to the

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