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The Chronicles of Conan Vol 1 Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories

review The Chronicles of Conan Vol 1 Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories

The most stirring and memorable Conan adventures to come along since those written by Howard himself Over the course of their 24 issue run together Thomas and Smith defined Conan for a generat The first volume of Marvel's 1970 Conan the Barbarian comic book with remastered color kicks off with the first 8 issues of the series Roy Thomas delivers the opening salvo of the Cimmerian youth who years for wine women treasure and adventure but not always in that order Barry Smith's Kirbyesue artwork opening the first five stories doesn't really pop until the sixth story in the collection Devil Wings over Shadizar though meriting attention is always excellent Howard story Tower of the Elephant which greatly benefits from the remastered coloring in this collection Thomas even gives a tip of the cap to Fritz Leiber's two infamous creations and rogues in Devil Wings over Shadizar with two of his own rogues Fafnir and Blackrat though Conan naturally dispatches of both uite handily Thomas loosely adapts Howard's The God in the Bowl with the seventh story in the book as The Lurker Within and near the end Conan sees the visage of his future nemesis Thoth Amon in the bowl at the House of Relics A nice beginning to Conan's adventures despite some rough pencil work from Barry Smith

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In the early 1970s Robert E Howard's Conan the Barbarian exploded on to the comics scene Writer Roy Thomas teamed with a young artist named Barry Smith and together the two mapped out some of The earliest stories are a little crude and sometimes the digital re coloring clashes with the Barry Windsor SmithSal Buscema artwork but it's easy to see why this became such a long running and popular series It's Conan The Barbarian so it's not gonna win any awards for complex character development or like positive portrayals of female characters but these are solid fantasy stories efficiently told and imaginatively illustrated

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Ion of comics readers and now those stories are collected in this series Featuring completely remastered color and text corrections and containing material not available for nearly thirty year As a kid I had a few of the Conan magazines but never any of the marvel comics run This book was my chance to check them out now as an adult Being a marvel fan but also a fan of Roy Thomas's work as editor at marvel it seemed like a good way for me to enjoy ConanThe art Is good in this book and Barry Windsor Smith looks to be having a lot of fun here The whole run in this volume is his which is nice Conan does not have the bangs that I prefer him with but he does have a peculiar helm with two horns coming straight off the front that I find endearing Also do to the time it was drawn he is not overly inflated when it comes to his physiue I enjoy this as it makes the visuals a bit life like and helped me get sucked into the story The coloring for this volume was completely redone and is super clean and pretty well handled There is a bit too much dithering and I don't think the art needed the 3D uality emphasized as muchThe stories Are very fun You don't get much in the way of character development but you do get a sense of adventure and bewilderment This series perfectly delivered in what it sought out to do which is entertain There are ancient cities and peoples lost to time only to be rediscovered by our hero and evil wizards who need to be stopped The solutions are often found via the end of a blade and the structure is a bit prone to formula but these don't manage to work against it for me It is not a something for everyone style of story telling even thought the great visuals really help deliver you into this world One thing I really enjoy is how we get some information about long lost cities or societies but not everything it lets the readers mind float around these places and fill in he gaps while raising fun uestionsOverall this is simple but very fun story telling that is perfectly suited to the comic book format

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Roy Thomas is a comic book writer and editor and Stan Lee's first successor as editor in chief of Marvel Comics He is possibly best known for introducing the pulp magazine hero Conan the Barbarian to American comics with a series that added to the storyline of Robert E Howard's character and helped launch a sword and sorcery trend in comics Thomas is also known for his championing of Golden A

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