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Go to There's just one problem Simon can't uite tear his eyes and heart away from sinfully sexy Cody Adams All alpha wolf Cody Adams wanted was one glorious week of freedom before his official bonding to a high class omega A last hurrah before taking on the responsibilities on his status and resigning himself to a mundane life o 35 stars


F perfunctory sex and duties Now with one week to rid himself of this low bred wolf Cody must reign in his temper and his heart before he does something else he regrets like falling in love It doesn't help that Cody's never seen an omega as captivating as Simon And when Simon turns out to be pregnant things get even complicated Rough worldFast paced and a bit of a roller coaster This world is not easy for Omegas Simon is alone in the world with a mean Alpha mom He has to run off when he gets his heat and when he meets Cody he doesn't want any attention Cody comes off a bit stupid really At least he has a good heart He has grown up priveleged and becomes disabused with his current way of life I loved watching him grow It was sad to see Simon and the other Omegas be grateful over small kindnesses This was a great story of love and personal growth

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Omega wolf Simon Malone never thought he'd wake up in the back of a car bonded to an alpha And certainly not one as strong willed and carefree as this one Now with a betrothal rapidly approaching Simon must find a way to break the bond before he loses what little life he has If he can't who knows what lengths this rich alpha will 35 Stars I get excited when I read a new to me author plus my favorite trope of mpreg not to mention seeing how this author writes her world 'Winter's Heat' is book one in Ruby Nox's new series 'Omega Boys' and I was inclined to think I was going to like it based on the description alone Simon is very easy to love and even though I had my reservations about Cody in the beginning he came around and this turned out to be a lovely romanceIn this world there appear to be alphas betas and omegas and the omegas can be shifters or human When an alpha has sex with an omega in heat it bonds their souls and the alpha will never be able to become aroused by anyone else The only way out of the soul bond is to kill the omega Pleasant huh Particularly since that seems to happen and is definitely what Simon expects Cody to do when he finds out they are bonded Apparently Cody skipped the class on omegas and their heats Cody is rather spoiled entitled wealthy a wolf shifter and betrothed to an omega from another wealthy family You can imagine his upset although I felt worse for SimonSimon is a wolf shifter and an omega He is as tiny in his human form as he is as a wolf He's grown up with an overbearing emotionally abusive alpha mother and when his heat starts six months early he's got to get out of the house and away from her fury He made sure he'd prepared himself as well as he could to keep unbonded alphas from scenting him Unfortunately as an omega he can't disobey a direct order from an alpha and Simon and Cody end up drinking too much which leads to drunken sex Because we've got one week before I have to be home One week to fix this or I get disowned That's a lot of inheritance but I might be able to deal You on the other hand will uietly disappear if my Dad finds out about youIt is remarkable watching the change Cody undergoes during the week he and Simon are staying in a motel trying to do research on how to break the bond It's very obvious after a bit to realize that as a young boy Cody's omega father had far of an impact on him than he has ever realized and he begins to re look at what his alpha dad has taught him Unfortunately for both of them Cody's dad comes looking for his heir and it looks like Simon is going to pay the ultimate price unless a miracle happensI really enjoyed this book There was some predictability but I had expected that so it didn't affect my liking of the story I wish the author had gone into detail regarding the world she built as I had to guess at a few things and I'm hoping she'll add detail in the next book I definitely adored Simon and Cody plus their happy ever after was uite lovely All in all if you're looking for a paranormal shifter mpreg story with a little drama some hot sex and a happy ever after then I can easily recommend this

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