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The Chalk Line Killer

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Hey are messages The police have to follow the clues and work fast to catch the killer before another victim dies.

Review The Chalk Line Killer

Ines appear messy and unsophisticated until it becomes clear that the messy chalk lines are not messy after all t.

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The Detective Cole Sullivan SeriesPeople are being murdered The police have no idea who the killer is The chalk l.

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    The Chalk Line Killer The Detective Cole Sullivan Series 2 by Russell Warnberg is a crime thriller in the classical style A spree of bizarre killings with a chalk line drawn around the victims by the killer leads Cole Sullivan and his team into a dark world of sociopathic monsters where the caustic and poisonous touch of revenge has cast its players in roles where murder is easy and where empathy and guilt are not scripted The story plays out in several towns and cities drawing in police and detectives who must work together as the blood lust threatens their lives and the lives of their loved ones This is good old fashioned crime fighting Sherlocking the trail of blood and scraps of clues while holding the reader to the very end of the novel to find out what will happen

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